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Presentation - EURO RSCG + IBM - Cannes 2010
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Presentation - EURO RSCG + IBM - Cannes 2010


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Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. B2B gets social Ben Edwards, VP Digital Strategy & Development, IBM George Gallate, Global Chairman EURO RSCG 4D Matt Donovan, Chief Strategy Officer Euro RSCG North America Sander Volten, Managing Director, Euro RSCG 4D Netherlands Chris Hayes, CMO Euro RSCG 4D Netherlands
  • 2. no social media gurus
  • 3. but business has always been social
  • 4. our belief: social media is a b2b accelerator
  • 5. flow • The opportunity • Our belief and thinking • How IBM uses social media • How can an agency or business prepare • Your questions
  • 6. The internet spirit (& opportunities) of the 90’s and early 2000’s
  • 7. In that spirit of sharing, this is a compile from Earnest, a B2B agency which presents the research of many
  • 8.
  • 9. Source: Forrester Research, Inc.
  • 10. Source: Forrester Research, Inc.
  • 11. Source:
  • 12. Source:
  • 13. our belief: social media is a b2b accelerator
  • 14. “The first person who crossed the Andes was not an ‘Andes specialist.’” Nigel Dessau, senior VP and CMO of AMD
  • 15. 1. AWARENESS 2. EDUCATION (create awareness) (create interest through information) Radio Print Outdoor ONLINE Direct Mail Television & Response 4. IMAGE 3. DIRECT RESPONSE (maintain brand) (cycle of trial, purchase and repeat) Source: MSDW Technology Team, June 1999
  • 16. Source:
  • 17. social media is a b2b accelerator #eurorscg4d 1. rebirth of the enterprise #eurorscg4d 2. marketing’s day of reckoning #eurorscg4d 3. creative revolution #eurorscg4d
  • 18. social media is a behaviour X b2c social X b2b humans2humans Source: Adam Pretty/Getty Images
  • 19. Source: “Who Cares Wins: The Rise of the Caring Corporation”, Havas, June 10, 2010
  • 20. social ages courage advantage outrage engage Source: With apologies to @davidjoneshavas
  • 21. putting social at the core: social business design
  • 22. social at the core of IBM Source: IBMer Christian Caelsson
  • 23. Source:
  • 24. Source: Forrester Research, Inc.
  • 25. the social age ideal: the real time enterprise
  • 26. Source:
  • 27. integrating force Corporate voice Corporate HR Realm PR Realm SOCIAL External Internal One voice from within out Advertising Employee Realm Marketing Realm Brand voice
  • 28. “Towards a new profession”
  • 29. think outside the funnel constituency awareness sale advocacy “Feed the funnel” “Fuel the Fans” Awareness. Attitudes. Next Consumer. Advocacy. Behavior. Customers.
  • 30. from managing a set of tactics… …to managing a network of conversations
  • 31. today Brand MARKETING Stakeholder Employee PR HR SA S LE LE S/ CR SA M Prospect Customer
  • 32. the new marketing molecule Brand MARKETING Stakeholder Employee PR HR SA S LE LE S/ CR SA M Prospect Customer
  • 33. you can map it
  • 34. you can profile it
  • 35. you can visualize it Source:
  • 36. You can monitor, measure, optimize and act on it
  • 37. Source:
  • 38. less tweet, more ted
  • 39. marketing through your internal experts conversation pathways SME motivation, empowerment outreach SME train & nurture the brand maintain simmer the expert SME feedback POV spark new dialogue & encouragement knowledge provide value conversation what we want what we to say uniquely know marketing SME relationships constituent relationships net new relationships social eNurture optimization experience outcomes & campaign metrics content active iterative listening organic search visibility expert topics context content: What ‘they’ want to time+place+message • video talk about influencers • text matching • topics environments/spaces • forums (private/public) the market private & public • events conversation
  • 40. The knowledge exchange marketing (creation) point of view SMEs community content PULL PUSH manager manager influencers conversation marketing (listening)
  • 41. find your social voice
  • 42. Spectrum of trust and guidance employee social media engagement social only only all everyone media sites marketing approved employees does their blocked engages employees are own thing social engage deputized media Source: @bhc3
  • 43. listening
  • 44. “Listening for leads” Source:
  • 45. the end of the creative campaign… …the birth of ‘alive marketing’
  • 46. “alive marketing” real time adaptive experts content experience social iterative
  • 47. Source:
  • 48. opportunity in each relationship Brand Stakeholder Employee Prospect Customer
  • 49. new playing field
  • 50. inspire each other
  • 51. involve everyone internally
  • 52. involve everyone externally
  • 53. transform existing
  • 54. be innovative, together
  • 55. avaya: the 58 character, $250,000 sale
  • 56. our belief: social media is a b2b accelerator
  • 57. Innovation and social media Ben Edwards Vice President, Digital Strategy & Development
  • 58. what change do you want? • Management • Employees • Shareholders/owners • Markets • Perceptions • The board • Government/regulators • Competitors • Analog to digital • Business performance
  • 59. “Change comes through consistent communication” Sir Nick Scheele Former President and COO, Ford Motor Company
  • 60. “Controlling information is like trying to control a conversation: it can’t be done and still be genuine ” The Cluetrain Manifesto Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger, Rick Levine
  • 61. great brands make deliberate choices
  • 62. the rise of the employee-generated intranet Source : A smarter workplace (August 2009 PowerPoint – no link)
  • 63. IBM values Social Computing The Authentic Guidelines Enterprise
  • 64. “If you unleash all this energy, opinions, and hope, you better be prepared to do something in response.” Digital is… Palmisano, Chairman & CEO, IBM, Harvard Business Review Interview Sam
  • 65. InnovationJam • More than 150,000 people from 104 countries • 4.6 million page views • 46,000+ ideas • 67 clients, business partners and academic institutions worldwide • 12,690 family members
  • 66. jam outcomes Real-time Simplified Intelligent Translation Business Utility Services Engines Networks 3D Internet “Digital Me” Smart Electronic Branchless Healthcare Intelligent Health Big Green Banking for Payment Transportation Record Innovations the Masses Systems Systems System
  • 67. social computing guidelines • “It is very much in IBM's interest—and, we believe, in each IBMer's own—to be aware of and participate in this sphere of information, interaction and idea exchange: • To learn… • To contribute…”
  • 68. IBMers on… 75,000+ 17,000 internal blogs 1,000,000 daily page views 60,000 200 IBM channels 80+ as IBM 39,000+, 500 groups 40,000+ 378,000+
  • 69. the IBM digital strategy 1. Lead how forward thinkers engage with experts and expertise to make the world work better. 2. Design a digital system that engenders trust and accelerates forward thinking and action 3. Iterate
  • 70. what are the characteristics of the IBM digital system? 1. Domain agnostic 2. Platform agnostic 3. Expert and constituency centric
  • 71. jams open possibilities for change — new ways of working across industries, disciplines, and national borders  First industry-wide virtual  Over 150 companies with  Results: Redefined the Supplier collaboration event to address the participants ranging from OEM relationship challenges facing the North CEOs to middle managers (background on auto supplier American supplier industry and engineers jam)  CEO sponsored to identify  Over 1/3rd of Nokia participated  Results: Nokia-wide ideas to realize the company’s from 40 countries including restructuring to focus revenue new strategy with it’s new factory workers, sales teams, growth in expanding AP values as the framework R&D and manufacturing consumer markets (background on  The World Urban Forum  HabitatJam was the largest  Results: 8k+ ideas netted down (WUF) was established by the brainstorming ever on urban to 70 – all presented and United Nations to examine sustainability bringing together adopted at the WUF3 rapid urbanization and its not only NGOs, politicians and conference as it official impact on cities, economies academia – but the slum platform and policies dwellers whose lives were (background on habitat jam) directly impacted by this body  CEO sponsored to generate  Over 1/2 of Lilly participated  Results: Greater adoption of new practical ideas to help drive from 40 countries including values program, and hundreds of and realise the new values into factory workers, sales teams, ideas, one example in SCM the company. R&D and manufacturing packaging saved $14M (background on
  • 72. Social aggregation at Impact 2010 • Aggregates social media conversations related to the event topics and themes • Expands IBM’s presence, footprint and recognition in social media • Encourages IBMers to begin creating and sharing more content publicly as they see their contributions more visibly featured and associated with IBM’s brand
  • 73. Social aggregation at Impact 2010 • Identifies and facilitates connections between forward thinkers (IBMers and external SMEs) who are actively discussing SP topics and themes in social media
  • 74. Long Term Aggregator
  • 75. IBM & Social Eminence • The Chairman’s launch speech of ‘Smarter Planet 2’ was an opportunity to build the Social Eminence of IBMers as well as their knowledge of ‘Smarter Planet’ • At the same time we wanted to use the speech to increase engagement with SMEs and forward thinkers amongst the public
  • 76. Social Engagement Map The Landscape External & Alumni Non-engaged Engaged SMEs/Influentials SMEs/Influentials IBMers Non-engaged Engaged Non-SMEs External & Alumni Non-SMEs
  • 77. 2010 - Cross-industry guidelines needed • Work in concert with C-Level officers of like-minded, influential companies. Leverage their influence and standing. Work across industries and corporate functions to create “how to” manual:
  • 78. 2010 - Cross-industry guidelines needed • Prove business value for social media and recommend how to make employees experts • Provide guidance for: • Governance • Risk management • Enabling employee base to “speak” externally for the company • Dealing with regulation • Results measurement
  • 79. preparing for social acceleration five areas of focus Sander Volten, Managing Director Euro RSCG 4D
  • 80. many companies jump into social media Companies Jump Into Social
  • 81. yet most companies fail to plan properly
  • 82. being social requires a new set of listening skills
  • 83. many companies like the idea, but only dip their toe
  • 84. for others, it’s a one way conversation
  • 85. five areas of focus 1. laying the foundation 2. conversation guidelines 3. follow a social model 4. selling it internally
  • 86. one: laying the foundation
  • 87. laying the foundation some starting points 1. Advertising is messaging, online presence is publishing -- social media is about conversations. 2. We’re a guest in consumers’ conversations. 3. Conversations can be held in pictures, videos, and opinions. 4. Demographics are less relevant in Social Media. The conversation determines where we go. 5. Close collaboration between Public Relations, Marketing, and Customer Service Departments is key to success.
  • 88. laying the foundation know your social brand • What is your company currently doing in the social space? • Employees • Product Team • Field • Support • Customer Service
  • 89. laying the foundation know your customers demographics psychographics
  • 90. laying the foundation and, your competition
  • 91. laying the foundation and, assign responsibility • Social Media Manager
  • 92. two: some conversation guidelines
  • 93. some conversation guidelines act fast • Each day, hundreds of conversations may pop up about your brand. • This requires flexibility and response. • Remember, conversations onilne can be permanent and snowball quickly.
  • 94. some conversation guidelines be open and transparent • Make people aware that you’re an employee of the company. • This will establish trust, credibility, and expertise.
  • 95. some conversation guidelines stick to the facts • Do not respond to opinions or give your own opinion. • Present the facts and back them up by linking to information of sources in- and outside your company.
  • 96. some conversation guidelines tell the truth • Covering up facts and being untruthful can have big consequences in social media.
  • 97. some conversation guidelines show you care • Be positive in your responses. Don’t hide your enthusiasm and pride for your company
  • 98. some conversation guidelines take your time • Appeal of social media comes partly from its real- time-ness; when you submit your response it’s published immediately. • Double-check your message. Can it be interpreted incorrectly?
  • 99. three: social models
  • 100. social models organic coordinated ‘honeycomb’ centralized Source: Altimiter Group
  • 101. social models how a centralized model works in practice Social Media Conversation in Manager monitors your market? Drive referral or amplify advocacy? YES NO Response appropriate? YES Specific knowledge NO necessary? Marketing PR Customer Service Social Media No responds responds responds Manager responds response
  • 102. social models and, share your model with others
  • 103. don’t say anything you wouldn’t tell your grandmother
  • 104. four: selling it internally
  • 105. selling it internally engage stakeholders • Executives: • Approval to move forward, budget, allocate resources • Try to engage execs (c-suite) • Communications: • What new skills will they need to learn and unlearn? • Employees: • Educate, arm, and support them • Legal: • Protect employees and company by co-creating policies and guidelines 119
  • 106. selling it internally show ‘em how it works
  • 107. selling it internally how ready are you? social readiness score
  • 108. how not to do it – Dow Chemicals
  • 109. visit B2BSo.Me let’s go to the panel…