Flea and Tick Control for Cats
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Flea and Tick Control for Cats



Flea & tick is the most common problem among pets. This presentation will guide you about the Flea and Tick medicines of Cat and Kittens.

Flea & tick is the most common problem among pets. This presentation will guide you about the Flea and Tick medicines of Cat and Kittens.



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    Flea and Tick Control for Cats Flea and Tick Control for Cats Presentation Transcript

    • Flea and Tick ControlBy: CandaVetCare www.canadavetcare.com
    • Flea and Tick Control for CatsFlea & tick is the mostcommon problem amongpets. These external parasitescan cause extreme discomfortand serious illness in Dogsand Cats. So flea and tickcontrol treatment is veryimportant step for your pets.So, Use this medicine andmake your pets Flea and TickFree. www.canadavetcare.com
    • Flea and Tick Control Products for Cats Advantage Multi (Advocate) Advantage for Cats Capstar for Cats Program Plus for Cats Revolution for CatsFrontline Plus for Cats www.canadavetcare.com
    • Advantage for CatsAdvantage flea treatment is for the fast effective control offleas for cats. Advantage for cats kills 98%-100% of existingfleas within 12 hours of administering the medication, and willstop fleas from biting your cat within 5 minutes of applying theproduct. It also helps reduce flea allergy dermatitis on catsafter they have been bitten by fleas, providing relief andcomfort for your pet. www.canadavetcare.com
    • Advocate for CatsAdvantage Multi also known as Advocate is a monthly topicalspot-on treatment to control fleas, heartworm, gastrointestinalworms (hookworm, roundworm and whipworm), sarcopticmange, demodicosis and ear mite infestation. Advantage Multi(Advocate) spreads rapidly over your cat, killing 98-100% of adultfleas within 12 hours of application. www.canadavetcare.com
    • Capstar for CatsCapstar flea treatment program for cats and dogs is used forthe rapid relief of flea infestations. Capstar provides cats anddogs with effective flea control, killing fleas within 30minutes of administering the medication. Adult fleas beginto perish within 30 minutes following use, and 100% of adultfleas will be dead within seven hours, leaving your dog or catflea-free and comfortable. www.canadavetcare.com
    • Frontline Plus for CatsFrontline Plus for cats is an effective treatment for fleas.Administered in pipette form, the medication kills fleas byspreading over the surface of the cats skin in a 24 hour periodfollowing treatment. Because Frontline Plus flea treatment iswaterproof after 48 hours following administering, it is 100%effective should your cat get wet or be bathed. www.canadavetcare.com
    • Program Plus for CatsProgram Plus flea control medicine is used for the treatment offleas for cats and kittens. The medication works at the egg stage,and prevents flea eggs (pupae and larvae) from developing onyour cat. The Program for cat treatment is administered orallyeach month and should be given with cat food. www.canadavetcare.com
    • Revolution for CatsRevolution for cats is a topical once-a-month parasiticideproviding treatment against a broad spectrum of externaland internal parasites including fleas, heartworm, and earmites. Kills adult fleas, flea eggs and flea larvae in theenvironment. Waterfast only 2 hours after application.Prevents heartworm disease. www.canadavetcare.com
    • Wait! Read before you buyDo not use flea and tick Control for Cats after expiry date.The product is only for external use onlyUse as per cats and kittens age and weight.If overdose contact your veterinarian or veterinaryemergency room.Always read the instructions and follow them strictly.Always buy flea and tick products as per pets weight.. www.canadavetcare.com
    • ORDER NOW !Advantage for Cats starts from $ 25.99 Frontline Plus for Cats starts from $ 23.99Advantage Multi (Advocate) starts from $ 25.99 Program Plus for Cats starts from $ 42.56Capstar for Cats starts from $ 20.67 Revolution for Cats starts from $ 29.99 www.canadavetcare.com
    • Thank You !For More Details : Please Visit: http://canadavetcate.com Mail us at: customercare@PetCareSupplies.com Say hello : 1-800-788-2124 www.canadavetcare.com