Instructions for each of the games


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Instructions for each of the games

  1. 1. Instructions for each of the games: General instructions: Near the fountain there is a place for the tickets. There, you can buy all the tickets needed for the games. Wonderland Playground: Ages: From 2-6 years old Tickets: 4 tickets: For kids (2-6 years old) 7 tickets: Adults At the entrance of this section, there is one lady that is in charge of the tickets. Any problems must be discussed with this lady. Parents can leave their children under the control of the staff; otherwise, they can stay with them. The staff is using a costume of fairies and goblins. They are trained for entertaining kids and taking care of them. If the kids want to enter to the pool, they need to have the permission of their parents. If they do not have bathing suits they can buy them in gift shops. Before they enter to the pool, they must take a shower with the help of thei parents of supervisord stuff. If kids want to play in the pool slide, they must be careful and do not throw themselves on it.
  2. 2. When they want to change their clothes, there are restrooms available for them Kids must have sneakers for their comfort when they are playing in the games. Kids must be careful when they are in the swings. Kids must not run when they are near the slides. Kids that weight more than 30 kg, cannot play is the swings. For the climbing zone, kids have to touch the bottom. If they touch the bottom they will receive a free day in the theme park (food is not included) Seesaw, can only hold up 2 people on each side. The standard carousel can only hold up 6 people per lap. Kids must not be in the middle of it for their safety. Unicorns’ town 8 tickets-> For infants (2-6 years old ) 10 tickets -> For kids (6-10 years old) 12 tickets-> 10-14 years old 14 tickets-> 14-18 years old 16 tickets-> Adults This place is for horseback riding with unicorns. These magic creatures are really nice and obedient. They are not harmful to visitants. There is a veterinarian that is in charge of the health of these animals. Kids under the age of 6 years must be accompanied by their parents. Kids that are older can go alone, and if help is needed they can ask for help of the supervisor of the area. Each visitor must use a helmet. Before going horseback riding, they must fill up the medical forms.
  3. 3. Each visitor can have 4 laps around the court. If anyone gets hurt they must go to the infirmary, where aid can be given. Fairy castle: This is a huge building. It has14 thousand metres. For entering you need to go by boat. Each boat can have 4 people as maximum . Tickets: 15 tickets-> 2-6 years old 18 tickets-> 6-10 years old 21 tickets->10 14 years old 24 tickets-> 14-18 years old 27 tickets- Adults On each section of the castle, there are two guides. When children get lost they can ask help to them. Rollercoaster For going on the roller coaster, there is only one fee for all ages. It costs 10 tickets. Make the line, and wait for your turn. Do not move into a place that you have not waited for. For entering, you need to be taller than 1.5 metres. Be careful with the seat belts. If they are not assured, do not sit there for caution. If you want to take some pictures while you are on the lap, you can pay 10 dollars for each photo. This cameras are set up for taking pictures when you are in movement. Goblin’s wars:
  4. 4. This place is only for boys. Ages: Everyone can go in TICKETS: 4 tickets: For kids (2-6 years old) 6 tickets: 6-10 years 8 tickets: 10-14 years Kids have to wear a warrior suit that is given at the entrance of this section and carry some swords. If kids want to be part of the Goblins club, they need to pay 10 tickets There is like an arena for the fights. Fights are with rubber swords, so they do not hurt kids’ body Fashion place: This place is only for girls 4 tickets: For kids (2-6 years old) 6 tickets: 6-10 years 8 tickets: 10-14 years Girls can choose the clothes that they want their fairies to wear. They can make teams for planning the fashion show. If help is needed they can ask the supervisor