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Social Media Monitoring for Business
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Social Media Monitoring for Business


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How to Build a Personalized Listening Capability for Your Company Using Free Tools and Services

How to Build a Personalized Listening Capability for Your Company Using Free Tools and Services

Published in: News & Politics, Technology

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  • 1. Social Media Monitoring for Business How to Build a Personalized Listening Capability for Your Company Using Free Tools and Services Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 2. Audience • Community Managers • Public Relations Professionals • Digital Marketers • Web Strategists • Product Managers • Students Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 3. The Conversation Funnel Conversations about All conversations you, your customers, your competitors 100 million+ blogs Your Business 100+ million US viewers 14+ million tweets day! 150+ million global users Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 4. Social Media Monitoring for Business in 7 Steps 1. Establish Objectives 2. Build the Vocabulary 3. Search for Conversations 4. Tag and Save 5. Filter the Conversations 6. Publish 7. Demonstrate the ROI Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 5. Establish Objectives • What do you want to achieve? • Cozy up to the competition • Amplify word of mouth • Set up Brand Ego Alerts • Engage prospects • Identify influencers • Develop relationships Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 6. Build the Vocabulary • Identify keywords by analyzing content • Use the Five Ws to gather information • Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? • Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool to analyze websites or descriptive phrases • Use Text Content Analysis Tool to find word frequency in text documents Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 7. Search for Conversations Use Your Keywords! Conversation Tools Tips Technorati use authority filters blogs Google blog search use advanced search blog comments Backtype often overlooked discussion forums Boardreader RSS feeds problematic twitter twitter search hashtags very popular videos YouTube use the sorting filter photos flickr try searching tags too See Unveiling the Influencers post by Brian Solis on PR 2.0 blog for more ideas Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 8. Tag and Save • Collect the social media you find in one convenient place • Tips: • Use delicious to bookmark content • Tag items using the keywords from your vocabulary • Explore other people’s bookmarks, too! Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 9. Filter the Conversations • Channel the social media stream to meet your needs • Use Yahoo Pipes to aggregate and manipulate RSS feeds • Tip: • Jumpstart your learning — search for Yahoo Pipes tutorials, like this one Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 10. Publish • Get your personalized social media updates easily and automatically • Subscribe using RSS • Email • Portals • Smart phone • Wikis Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 11. Case Study Erin works for a N@ndtech, a start-up bringing a storage device for SMBs to market. Her goals: 1. Identify top bloggers in SMB storage market 2. Learn perceptions and sentiment about N@ndtek and competitors 3. Share relevant social media conversations with her boss and co-workers Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 12. Building a Personalized Listening Capability Search keywords Tag delicious Publish Filter Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 13. Demonstrate the ROI • Tell the stories about how you helped move the “big dials” • “We found a potential new customer who just requested a demo unit.” • “Our video went viral and got 500K hits” • “Our website traffic jumped 25% after we started tweeting links to our pages” Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 14. Tips • Don’t be afraid to ask for help with tools— people are eager to share their expertise • Familiarize yourself with search engines, especially boolean operators • Start small with a few keywords pertinent to your business and objectives • Be patient and persistent—your hard work will pay off! Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 15. Next Steps • Measure the influence and reach of people you are listening to • Categorize and label conversations (fans, critics, competitors and so on) • Disperse information to the right teams • Advise - offer suggestions and resources • Coordinate and track social media activities Lou Ordorica Community Manager
  • 16. Thank You Got questions? Please contact me. Twitter: @lordorica Email: lou dot ordorica at gmail dot com Lou Ordorica Community Manager