Social Media for Business (21st Feb 2012)


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Slides from a 1hr lecture I gave at the University of Leeds on 21st Feb 2012.

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  • Thanks for taking the time to read this Gillian :o) Slideshare is a GREAT way to share information about you and your business. If you've got any Word documents/PDFs (i.e. promo materials) or PowerPoint presentations you should upload them to Slideshare. Once there, potentially anyone in the world can view them and you can also embed the Slideshare viewer into your Facebook Page (or website/blog if you have one).
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  • Just made an account on here so guess there's no excuse now to be more creative! :-)
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  • Hi Paul, love this, very endearing and gives a great sense of how social media has evolved and it's domination in such a short time! Less than half of our lives and we're still young! That's what I keep telling myself anyway lol. Trying to use social media for my business and still bamboozled and not sure I'm using it effectively, I have my Get Wellness facebook page , twitter seems to bring the best leads for the minimal time and have now connected with a few companies who have been a big help from just a retweet, as for blogging that's another grey area I want to try but don't have an understanding of the concept so have avoided it. I'll definitely follow you on twitter too and appreciate any tips I pick up! Cheers Gillian
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Social Media for Business (21st Feb 2012)

  1. 1. Social Mediafor Business by @lordlancaster #slwleeds @ShellLiveWIREUK
  2. 2.  Introduction Social Media for Business Social Media for You Questions? #slwleeds @ShellLiveWIREUK
  3. 3. Introduction: Who am I?…but also a Geordie Husband & Father ‘Big Mouth Baldie Blogger!’ @ShellLiveWIREUK
  4. 4. Introduction: Who WAS I? Student at the University of Leeds, doing Geography BSc(Hons) between 1995-1998 – 14yrs ago! Unemployed (6 months) Tech Support for Sage (UK) Limited (2yrs) Web Developer for British Airways (1yr) IT Contractor / Unemployed (12 months) Project Worker for Generator North East (2yrs) DJ / Producer, Club Promoter, Label Owner (5yrs) Project Manager for PNE / (3.5yrs) @ShellLiveWIREUK
  5. 5. When I was at Uni (1995-1998)… I used to write handwritten letters to my long-distancegirlfriend Lisa who is now my wife & still has them at home I made 1 or 2 phone calls a week and had to queue for ashared payphone in my halls of residence ‘The Internet’ or ‘Information Superhighway’ as it wasoften called was just starting to become used widely oncampus (I thought it was just a fad)! Mobile phones and SMS were just starting to be popular @ShellLiveWIREUK
  6. 6. When I was at Uni (1995-1998)… There was no Wikipedia (founded in 2001) There was no LinkedIn (founded in 2002) There was no MySpace (founded in 2003) There was no Facebook (founded in 2004) There was no YouTube (founded in 2005) There was no Twitter (founded in 2006) There was no such thing as ‘Social Media’… …although had launched in 1994! @ShellLiveWIREUK
  7. 7. Social Media for Business?In 2012, EVERYTHING in business is online (or moving there)and ‘Social Media’ is considered absolutely essential inevery new product or marketing campaign. Why do businesses like Social Media? Why do you, as a consumer/customer like it? Can you give me some examples of how you use it todecide which products or services to use? How many Social Media tools can you think of? @ShellLiveWIREUK
  8. 8. Social Media tools? Facebook Twitter YouTube / Vimeo LinkedIn Corporate Blogs Discussion Forums Customer Reviews (e.g. Amazon & TripAdvisor) SoundCloud / AudioBoo Foursquare @ShellLiveWIREUK
  9. 9. Shell LiveWIRE gets Social! @ShellLiveWIREUK
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  11. 11. Shell LiveWIRE gets Social! @ShellLiveWIREUK
  12. 12. Shell LiveWIRE gets Social! @ShellLiveWIREUK
  13. 13. Shell LiveWIRE gets Social! @ShellLiveWIREUK
  14. 14. Shell LiveWIRE gets Social! @ShellLiveWIREUK
  15. 15. Shell LiveWIRE gets Social! @ShellLiveWIREUK
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Social Media for You?The boundaries between work and play are becomingincreasingly blurred. Not necessarily Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.Technology is more fun and user-friendly than ever before.You literally have the world at your fingertips (if you have asmartphone, tablet or other mobile device).Connections, reputation and personal brand is everything! @ShellLiveWIREUK
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  19. 19. “You are the CEO of your career!”Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder & Chairman, LinkedIn @ShellLiveWIREUK
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  26. 26. Questions?Either now or contact me on Twitter@lordlancaster (I’ll always reply to an @mention)Some of you might also be interested in my blog can always find me on the Shell LiveWIREwebsite, Discussion Forum, Facebook or Twitter) @ShellLiveWIREUK