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  • 1. Social Media, Digital PR &Personal Online Branding by @lordlancaster (aka Paul Lancaster) @plandigitaluk @lordlancaster
  • 2. Who is @lordlancaster? @plandigitaluk @lordlancaster
  • 3. Source: ‘Zarella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness’ by Dan Zarella @plandigitaluk @lordlancaster
  • 4. What is Social Media?‘Social Media’ is the term used to describe the 2ndgeneration of websites (or Web 2.0) which enablegreater interaction with users.Traditional websites required passive consumption ofinformation by the reader in a top-down approach.The ‘Social Web’ encourages the reader to contributetheir own content and ideas. @plandigitaluk @lordlancaster
  • 5. Which of these do you use?• Twitter - hashtag for today is #nclsocial• Facebook• YouTube• Flickr• MySpace• LinkedIn• Wikipedia• Discussion Forums• Google+ @plandigitaluk @lordlancaster
  • 6. Why use Social Media?• It’s free!• Gives you a voice (potentially global)• Shareable by default• Levels the playing field• Allows you to start something NOW!• Enables you to create a community• Stimulates debate• It’s fun & exciting too! ;o) @plandigitaluk @lordlancaster
  • 7. • An online ‘micro-blogging’ tool that enablesusers to post 140-character messages aboutthemselves and their business/activity.• Real-time updates on what’s going on in theworld, right now, as it happens!• ‘Tweets’ can be posted online via thewebsite, a smartphone app or SMS text. @plandigitaluk @lordlancaster
  • 8. @plandigitaluk@lordlancaster
  • 9. @plandigitaluk@lordlancaster
  • 10. @plandigitaluk@lordlancaster
  • 11. @plandigitaluk@lordlancaster
  • 12. @plandigitaluk@lordlancaster
  • 13. @plandigitaluk@lordlancaster
  • 14. TweetDeck(www.tweetdeck.com) @plandigitaluk @lordlancaster
  • 15. Examples• Shell LiveWIRE (www.shell-livewire.org)• PostOffice (@PostOfficeNE1)• NO EMAIL DAY (facebook.com/NoEmailDay) @plandigitaluk @lordlancaster
  • 16. Personal Online Branding• Who do you want to be?• What do you want to be known for?• What will you talk about?• How will you find your audience or ‘tribe’?• Which Social Media tools should you use? @plandigitaluk @lordlancaster
  • 17. Personal Online BrandingBe consistent!I use the same username of ‘lordlancaster’across all Social Media tools & websites I use.It’s memorable & denotes some authority.This has helped me establish myself as aperson of influence on certain topics. @plandigitaluk @lordlancaster
  • 18. @plandigitaluk@lordlancaster
  • 19. Recommended Reading• ANYTHING by Seth Godin! Sign up for his free daily blog emails at: http://sethgodin.typepad.com• ‘Engage’ by Brian Solis• ‘Marketing to the Social Web’ by Larry Weber• ‘Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness’ byDan Zarrella @plandigitaluk @lordlancaster
  • 20. Questions (now or later)?If you have any questions or feedback, please:Send a Tweet to me @lordlancaster or@plandigitaluk incl. the hashtag #nclsocialAlso, please Follow Me on Twitter & read myblog at http://plandigital.wordpress.comFinally, join the NO EMAIL DAY campaign! ;o) @plandigitaluk @lordlancaster