How Illegal
                                                       Thanks to the project of UNDP "Sustainable Mining Clean...
Locations of Illegal Dumps
        in Kratovo

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Leaflet English

  1. 1. How Illegal Thanks to the project of UNDP "Sustainable Mining Clean Up and Health Effects Pollution Management in Bucim and Lojane Mines" for the financial and technical support for project implementation Dumping and preparation of this brochure. Thirty years ago and earlier, most of the garbage Affects You thrown away in Macedonia contained natural sub- Project: stances. There was not much plastic or dangerous “Getting the Facts, Informing the Citizens” chemicals contained in the garbage. So if it was This project was lead by the Youth Volunteer Club thrown into illegal dumps or the river, there was “Volunteer Ecology Kratovo” much less negative pollution of the ground and water. Unfortunately, most of our garbage today con- tains plastic or contains dangerous chemicals. Plastic has made our life quite convenient. But plastic is made from oil and it contains chemicals that are bad for our health. Plastic will take 450 We would like to thank our data gatherers: years to 1000 years to decompose completely. Jordana Mаја However, it does decompose a little bit at a Mladen Toshe Merjan Jaime time, especially if it is in water. As it breaks Jessica Paul down little by little, it releases dangerous chemi- cals into the water or ground. Plastics contain endocrine disruptor chemicals, like phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA). Your endo- This project was implemented by: crine system controls your hormone levels. Endo- The Regional Center for Sustainable crine disruptor chemicals trick our bodies into Development-Kratovo thinking that they are hormones. These disrupting fake hormones can cause breast and prostate cancer, obesity, neurobehavioral problems, and reproductive abnormalities, cardiovascular dis- Partner: Regional Roma Educational ease, type 2 diabetes and abnormalities in liver Youth Association enzymes. It is time to get familiar with the environment we We would like to thank the Municipality of Kratovo for publishing live in and how we need to take care of the envi- Kratovo’s Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP). The informa- ronment. Please do not contribute to illegal tion from the LEAP provided the initial data that was essential for starting and completing this project. dumps. Use the proper dumpsters and cans and remember the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Regional Center for Sustainable Development - Kratovo Goce Delchev 24, 1360 Kratovo Telephone/Fax: 00389 31 481 542 Please see the report on our blog for E-mail: all scientific references. Kratovo May 2010
  2. 2. Locations of Illegal Dumps in Kratovo Illegal Dumpsites Size Near Argulishki Bridge and Burekov Bridge 330 m2 Significant Findings Merak Neighborhood 1550 m2 Looking for More Information? We found 7 sites where illegal dumping is taking place. These sites are all lo- Koshari Neighborhood 1829 m2 See our full report with cated by or in the rivers. The wild Near the bridge by the Bus Station 2394 m2 photographs at dumpsites are also contributing to the numerous points of garbage accumula- Karshi Bavcha Park 3076 m2 tion along the rivers. Near Jokshirski Bridge 4019 m2 Stara Musala 4993 m2