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Lora Stanley Portfolio
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Lora Stanley Portfolio

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Here are a few samples of my work.

Here are a few samples of my work.

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  • 1. design portfolio enter
  • 2. V V contents Color Portfolio 3 Tangram Book Covers 4 Barbara Kruger Brochure 5 Keep It Covered 7 Simply Cotton Package 8 Coldplay Concert Poster 10 Design Ideas, Homepage 11 2008 New Years 12 Grow 13
  • 3. V V Hue, Value, Chroma The Munsell color system is the theory, which High Value states the color properties, which are hue, value, and chroma. Professor Albert H. Munsell created this system in the 20th century. To understand color properties one must first comprehend the terminology. A hue is the correct term to use for Mid Pure the pure spectrum of a color. Value is the relative Value Hue lightness or darkness of a color; how much white or black is added to the hue. Chroma is defined 25% 100% as the purity or saturation of a color. To the right Chroma Chroma is an example of the three properties. Low Value 4 Before one can begin a design, one must first put deep thought into his or her color palett. Understanding color relationships is what makes a color design successful. Michel Eugene Chevreul created a 72 segment color wheel to determine which colors had harmonious relationships. He conducted five studies that became help- ful in the field of color design: Harmony of adjacents, contrasts, complimentaries, triads and dominant tint. To the left is an example of Chevreul’s harmony of compli- mentary colors. Complimentary colors are those colors across from each other on the (Above)-is a book design cover color wheel. that portrays the harmony of complimentary colors. (right)-is my interpretation of the above book design done is Bauhaus. Color Portfolio Booklet Size 11 x 8.5 in, InDesign Selected 5 of 20 pg spread *Designed to be viewed digitally 3
  • 4. V V TANGRAM PENGUIN BOOKS Penguin Books TANGRAM PENGUIN BOOKS PENGUIN BOOKS Penguin B ook s Penguin Books penguin books GRAM TANGRAM Game The Ancient Chinese Shapes Game TANGRAMshapes game the ancient chinese T A N GRAM ncient Chinese Shapes Game The Ancient Chinese Shapes Game Elffers Joost Elf fers The Ancient Chinese Shapes Game Joost Elffers The Ancient Chinese Shapes Game Joost Elffers Translated by R.J. Hollingdale translated by Translated by R.J. Hollingdale R.J. Hollingdale joost elffers Joost Elffers Translated by R.J. Hollingdale translated by r.j. hollingdale Joost Elffers Translated by R.J. Hollingdale Tangram Book Covers Typographic Book Cover Designs Size 4.75 x 7.1225 in, InDesign 4
  • 5. V V dec 4-18 2006 Barb arakruger design visions e university ll ao ha ong p yue-k fof the visual & performing arts patti & rusty rueff galleries 552 w wood st. w lafayette in Barbara Kruger Booklet Cover View Size 8.5 x 11 in, InDesign 5
  • 6. V V Ba rbara 1976 Barbara set are combined in such a way that Barbara once said, “ I want to welcome a female spectator in they lose their original context. kruger aside her art making and moved to Berkley, Although, she uses fragments of to the world of men”. She has California. There she taught at images they are still achieved this goal through her the University of California for recognizable. The same goes visual and textual strategies that roughly four years. for the text used in the work: are combined to disrupt the She currently resides in New they are fragments of various power imbalance associated in York and Los Angeles and is sentences, phrases, our western culture. is a strong, individual woman who still active in her design. convictions convictions, and truisms Kruger created a series of images doesn’t think twice about social Kruger’s artwork consists of circulating in public opinion, relating to domestic violence, guidelines when creating her images from the media which are not shaped by the a topic she is most concerned with internationally renowned artwork. people but by the media. among women. She is also a firm juxtaposed with text that As an American born artist in Public opinion and media play believer in pro-choice and birth investigate the power of imag- 1945, Barbara grew up in New- a major role in the creation of control for women. A well-known ery. The set up of each piece is ark, New Jersey. For one year Barbara Kruger’s work. image relating to women’s issues done in black and white photo- she attended Syracuse University Everything the public is exposed is titled “We will no longer be graphic images accompanied in 1964 and spent one semester to, television, press, advertise- seen and not heard”. with harsh, pithy, and often studying at the Parsons School of ments, film, etc., impact our ways Nine different photos combining ironic aphorisms, printed in the Design in New York. Shortly after of thinking. impact our together formed the statement Futura Bold typeface against leaving Parsons in 1966, Kruger’s works tell us that we are using sign language black, white or red text bars. Barbara landed a job with the not free in our ways to represent the words. world renowned publication com- The photographs used are Ultimately, Barbara Kruger has of thinking and perception, pany Condé Nast. During her stay taken from appropriated poster, represented well of what she and we live and express ourselves there she worked in the design advertisements and other believes in. Her art is a bold based on others. Kruger wanted to depart for Mademoiselle various media images that have statement against manipulation highlight her concern that think- magaine. already been in the public of the media, false appearances ing is no longer the basis of human In the beginning of her career she consciousness and in advertisements, and the existence; it has been replaced by supported herself with independent elaborated upon. The images dominance of man over woman. that are selected are never consumerism. photography, graphic designs for Another factor questioned in Her audacious artwork made her magazines, freelance picture edit- portrayed to the viewer as one of the most important artists of whole images; instead they are Kruger’s work is the male vs. ing and designing book jackets. In female dominance in society. the 1980s. fragments of images, which Barba ue university Purd ll ao ha Barbara Kruger Booklet continued yue-k ong p fof the visual & performing arts patti & rusty rueff galleries 552 w wood st. w lafayette in Inside spread, Back cover Size of full spread 11 x 17 in 6
  • 7. V V Keep It Covered Safe Sex Poster Size 24 x 36 in, Illustrator 7
  • 8. V V Simply Cotton Pacakge design for cotton balls and swabs Size 6.5 x 5 in 8
  • 9. V V Simply Cotton, continued Back view, open front view
  • 10. V V COLDPLAY Elliot Hall of Music Saturday, DEC 16, 2006 8PM- FREE ADMISSION Phone:765-123-4567 Email: convos@purdue.edu Web: www.convocations.org Coldplay Poster Purdue Convocations Size 11 x 17 in, Photoshop 10
  • 11. V V Design Ideas Logo and homepage design for ficticious company Size 800 x 600 px Note: Not an actual site 11
  • 12. V V 10 9 87 lora stanley, purdue university, 2007 6 45 23 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 ... CAA New Years Card 2008 Postcard for College Arts Association Size 4.5 x 6.5 in, Illustrator 12
  • 13. V r ow w or r wg g gwo r Rr o g G gR o oooG WO O G WG w R rw o G gw R Rg w wW r W GGg wWow g o R Gwr og og Ww RORR oOG r w wo R wW o w W w w w r R G w wW w R o g w o g w Rr Grow- Word Play back to contents Typography exercise Size 6.5 x 8.5 in, Illustrator 13