What are the benefits and limitations of an evaluation?<br />The benefits to both Cashflow Technologies, Inc and MCCD will...
Evaluation Scenario
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Evaluation Scenario


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Evaluation Scenario

  1. 1. What are the benefits and limitations of an evaluation?<br />The benefits to both Cashflow Technologies, Inc and MCCD will be in current and future dollars made by each company. The school will have future classes to offer its students where as Cashflow will earn revenue off products made. In addition, these off shoots of products (games, videos and books) will allow the company to render a larger market share in educational products. In addition to products, Cashflow will also account for training sessions and seminars to MCCD. This is a great way to accomplish reinforcement of learning the material but, unfortunately there has been no evidence of training sessions or seminars to date. Therefore, this must be seen as a limitation. The managers as well as all workers within Cashflow will also benefit from the evaluation. The company will have access to the evaluation and make changes based upon an evaluation to make a better product. This also leads to a better understanding of the product itself which then leads to higher self worth which leads to better, more efficient and loyal workers. <br />The access to sales information, student performance data and contact information will provide not only critical data about how the product performed but also as a means to improve the product. Furthermore, depending upon the information gleaned from the data it will also impact the short and long term outcomes such as retention of learning materials. In turn, this also creates a new audience and possibly more new products. By creating a demand for more new products, Cashflow will ultimately earn more dollars where as MCCD will have possible new learning materials. <br />Other limitations to this evaluation may include that there were no changes as a result of using this courseware. In addition, who has access to this information can be a limitation. Having access to sensitive information can create hard feelings and criticisms from within MCCD and Cashflow. It can also create an atmosphere of bias. Furthermore, because there is a limitation on funds for the evaluation ($6000) this can inhibit a proper evaluation.<br />What factors ensure that an evaluation will be successful?<br />By having an outside firm do the evaluations, Cashflow and MCCD took an important step towards having a successful evaluation. In using an accredited educational institution to do the evaluation, it will lend objectivity and credibility to the results that will be viewed by other learning institutions and companies. Having access to critical and pertinent data (2 years of student performance and contact information) will lead to quantitative and qualitative data analysis. In addition, the evaluators need to be seen as objective. The evaluators will have no personal stake in the outcome but also must account for the socio-cultural factors within MCCD and Cashflow. If the evaluation is to be called a “success”, MCCD and Cashflow need to accept whatever the findings may uncover, positive or negative. <br />How might one use evaluation results?<br />Because MCCD and Cashflow have chosen to do the evaluation they will have to decide how to proceed with the information gained from the evaluation. The evaluation will identify strengths and weaknesses of the courseware. By rendering an evaluation, MCCD and Cashflow can determine what budgetary needs are to be met now and in the future. Cashflow can also keep products, expand product lines or delete products from their inventory. MCCD has the opportunity to take the courseware or opt out. Cashflow and MCCD can also use the data analysis as a marketing tool and will have the knowledge of money is being well spent on a validated program.<br />