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Final presentation

  1. 1. By: Qian Yao Instructor: Amir Husak
  2. 2. Introduction • Album USA is a hypothetical English training center located in Wuhan, China. • It provides English language training courses at 7 different levels. • Its target customers are students who want to study in the USA.
  3. 3. Goals There are two ultimate goals for the company:  Helping students to improve their English ability so they would have a bigger chance of getting accepted by their dream schools;  Helping them to understand of what opportunities and challenges are ahead of them when living and studying in a foreign country.
  4. 4. New Media Applied for Achieving the Goals: • Website Page • Chinese social media  QQ Group  Sina Weibo ( Microblog)  Wechat • American social media  Blogspot  Facebook  Twitter  Youtube Blocked in China
  5. 5. Website Page • • Includes 5 different pages. • Linked with other social media sites.
  6. 6. QQ GROUP • Different QQ Group can be different community for students; • Students can join one or more different QQ Group, such as New York group, Boston group, Chicago group… • Every member in QQ Group can  Sharing files inside the group  Sharing pictures inside the group  Creating discussion inside the group  Having instant group chat  Having group video conference
  7. 7. QQ GROUP Group name Sharing files Sharing pictures Group members Group discussion
  8. 8. Sina Weibo/Microblgo • Limited words for one post; • Post highlight of the information; • Share videos; • Link to our website or blogger; • Link to other organization/resources; • Create two-way communication
  9. 9. Followed by students and following students Share link; pictures and videos here
  10. 10. WeChat • Provides one-to-one communication between the organization and student, or between two students; • It is a communication application for mobile phones; • Sending free instant voice message; • “My Post” for words and picture sharing with contacts; • QR code is distributed at school and public area
  11. 11. Free text and voice message. Sharing words and pictures
  12. 12. Blogspot • • Posting detail information of our recent promotion; • Posting detail information of our various activities, like Christmas party, English Corner, English movie night; • Sharing important information with students, for example GRE preparing tips;, policy of studying abroad, American university introduction.
  13. 13. Facebook • • Introducing the details of coming student activities and market promotions; • Sharing news or articles related to English learning or living abroad; • Delivering survey.
  14. 14. Twitter • • @AlbumUSA • sharing links to other useful resources with students • reminder for important information • Sending one beautiful English sentence everyday through Twitter, which called “Beautiful English”.
  15. 15. YoutTube • ZsA/videos?view=15&flow=grid • Visual tool; • Share the clips of the best part of our English course and activities; • share the video we like with our students in order to increase communication with them; • Comment function is open to every students.
  16. 16. Sharing videos with students
  17. 17. Thank you!