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Loqu8 Insight™ empowers users with the information to work efficiently and accurately. Hover a mouse over text and Insight immediately displays related information from Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce or Google Docs in a pop-up window:
- Reduce search time: products, specifications, documents
- Reduce sales cycle: expedite price quotes, improve customer service

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Loqu8 Insight - Datasheet

  1. 1. Instant Business Intelligence Loqu8 Insight™ empowers users with the information to work Display related data on-demand efficiently and accurately. Hover a mouse over text and Insight Point and search directly from immediately displays related information from Microsoft text on websites, in Microsoft® SharePoint, Salesforce or Google Docs in a pop-up window: Office documents and other applications • Reduce search time: products, specifications, documents Securely access and update • Reduce sales cycle: expedite price quotes, improve customer information quickly from service Microsoft SharePoint®, Salesforce® CRM and Google® Connecting People, Content and Process in Real-Time Docs spreadsheets Access the most up-to-date information inside your email, report or favorite website. Update information directly from Why Loqu8 Insight? Insight’s pop-up window and sync updates in real-time directly Eliminate manual “copy-and- with cloud services like SharePoint, Salesforce and Google Docs paste” searches spreadsheets. Only Insight provides a consistent view of Increase staff productivity while reducing errors and cutting information from multichannel data resources from inside and inefficiencies outside the firewall. Deploy immediately by overlaying new Add new services by overlaying capabilities over existing applications That’s the power of existing applications—without Loqu8 Insight. changing existing applications
  2. 2. Specifications When fast response time is key, Loqu8 Insight enables people to address business requirements quickly. Mouse over text and show financials from Excel, lists from SharePoint or product details from Access. Real-time LiveScan™ Refined through years of research at Stanford University in cognitive science and information processing, Loqu8’s augmented intelligence engine delivers information on- demand and in-context. By understanding the users’ original context (application environment plus words and sentence), Insight shows relevant information through a pop-up window. Knowledge Data Sources and Services becomes immediately actionable when they apply the  Microsoft SharePoint (list and search) information in real-time—reducing errors and costs.  Microsoft Excel (.XLS, .XLSX)  Salesforce.com CRM (opportunities, accounts) Insight Editions  Google Docs (spreadsheet) Loqu8 Insight 2.5 scales seamlessly from an enterprise-  XML data wide knowledge management platform to solutions for  ASCII text with CSV; over 120 text and language functional teams and smaller organizations. encodings  Microsoft Bing (web search, news) • Enterprise Edition provides a semi-custom platform for syncing data sources within an organization. Includes all multichannel capabilities from the three Team editions System Requirements plus XML and capacity for a million entries.  Microsoft® Windows® 7 , Vista® x86 (all 32-bit versions), Windows XP (with SP2 and .NET 3.0), Windows Server • Team Salesforce allows users to hover their mouse over 2008. Compatible with Windows x64 versions as a 32-bit opportunities and company names and Insight instantly application shows information stored in the Salesforce.com CRM  Internet connection for web services, program updates cloud—without opening a new web browser. Team and activation SharePoint improves business productivity by accelerating access to SharePoint 2010 lists and search—plus all databases supported by SharePoint. Team Google is the first power tool for Google Docs Spreadsheet users to share project milestones, specifications or network IP addresses in a spreadsheet and let team members gain immediate access through Insight. Updates from Insight are automatically Loqu8, Inc. synchronized with the Google cloud. Insight Team Mountain View, CA 94040 USA Edition includes all the capabilities from the Personal Edition. info@loqu8.com www.loqu8.com • Personal Edition provides instant access to information Copyright © 2010 Loqu8, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. Loqu8, resources over websites and desktop applications. Insight and LiveScan are trademarks of Loqu8, Inc. Microsoft and the Office Import data from over 120 different text and language logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. encodings, including Arabic (Mac), Chinese Traditional (Big5), IBM EBCDIC (Germany-Euro), ISCII Bengali and No portion of this document may be reproduced in any form, or by any Unicode (6 variations). means without prior written permission from Loqu8. Loqu8 may have patents, patent applications, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights covering subject matter in this document. Except as expressly Site licenses and volume discounts are available. Contact provided in any written license agreement from Loqu8, the furnishing of Loqu8 for more information. software or documentation does not give you any license to these patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property. 0715 Rev A6