Many health and fitness supplements for women.


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Many health and fitness supplements for women.

  1. 1. ==== ====Health and Fitness News, check it out. ====Many health and fitness supplements for women are making headlines today. They promise tohelp you lose weight, feel great, and even shed the pounds where you hate them the most. Butare these supplements safe for you to use? And do they follow through on their promises? Morestudies are showing that health and fitness supplements for women may be a poor decision whenit comes to the health of your body, causing more problems than solutions.One of the first things to keep in mind with health and fitness supplements for women is that manyof these have not been scientifically tested. While they might say they have been tested in theirlabs, this is not a definite indication of quality. Since supplements are not monitored by the FDA ortested before they get on the shelves, they can contain harmful ingredients that are only found tobe harmful once people start reporting problems. Another consideration is that those supplementsthat have been tested may not have been tested on women exclusively. This means that they maycontain higher levels of some ingredients that are safe for men but not for women.Most fitness experts will tell you that health and fitness supplements for women are not advisable.Not only are they not addressing the problems or habits that have caused weight or health issues,but they may be adding to the problems at the same time. For example, when the diet pills startingbeing sold with Ephedra, they worked great. They gave users a lot of energy and helped them loseweight by reducing their appetite. But as users started to report heart palpitations and even somedeaths, the safety of these pills was called into question. For the time, they were even taken offthe market. While theyre back on the market now, this does not mean that theyre safe for you totake. Those items on the market may be ticking time bombs in your body - and do you really wantto be the test subject?Buying health and fitness supplements for women isnt the answer to your weight and healthwoes. There are no quick fixes when it comes to your health and to your weight. If you want tolose weight, you need to exercise more and eat less. These simple steps will not only allow you tohealthfully lose weight, but you can also ensure that no unforeseen side effects occur along theway.The health and fitness supplements for women that line the shelves of stores might be appealingright now, but if you were to have some of the awful side effects happen to you, you might not feelthe same way. Why not follow the common sense advice that has worked for so many others?Sure, it might take a longer time to lose the weight you want to lose, but isnt that worth it when itcomes to saving your health?Lynn VanDyke is a master trainer and nutritionist focusing on straight-forward fat loss workouts.
  2. 2. Her wildly popular ebook, Melt the Fat is available for immediate download. Bonuses are beingoffered for a limited time only. Learn more about Melt the Fat!Article Source: ====Health and Fitness News, check it out. ====