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  • Looppa enables content producers to regain control over the relationship with their audiences, content, and revenue by creating an unparalleled online community experience that captivates your fans and builds value for everyone!
  • Looppa's 360’ solution is opening the door for television, radio, and newspapers to adapt fully to the new digital age. Together with the platform, applications and staffing support, Looppa's solution creates far more subscribers, audience loyalty, interactivity, stickiness, and frequency of visits than earlier attempts at this kind of old and new media crossovers. From concept to strategy to build to implementation, moderation and management
  • Large media companies own a network with multiple TV shows Each show is a valuable asset with its own viewers and revenue streams
  • Large media companies own a network with multiple TV shows Each show is a valuable asset with its own viewers and revenue streams
  • Looppa is a full service community platform that gets results. But it’s also about much more. Let me show you what I mean: Take ABC’- a media company with multiple shows, and the show Ugly Betty. When it was canceled, Ugly Betty had over 5 twitter accounts, 4 facebook pages, youtube presence—only 20% of these generated by the network. The rest—by fans. Which means, ABC wasn’t able to leverage these fans, their interests, and their enthusiasm! ABC’s Ugly Betty had a strong following. Fans of Ugly Betty have common interests. They talk about Betty’s glasses, about fashion, food, boys.
  • But let’s say ABC is launching a new show. How will it grow its fan base fast enough? How will it know what content these fans like? THAT’s where Looppa Cosmos comes in.  
  • With Looppa Cosmos, you can create as many communities as you like—each residing on YOUR preferred URL—on your system or hosted by Looppa. With Looppa Cosmos, you can quickly leverage existing viewers onto new communities—creating a vibrant community within a couple of weeks—all on your online property. Looppa helps existing fans discover these new communities, bring their social relationships and content into the new community, and grow it dynamically and organically. There is no lag time, and the cost of acquiring new audiences is minimal—looppa Cosmos takes care of everything for you.
  • As the new properties are created, content and fans can seamlessly migrate between communities—all leading to a vibrant, dynamic, community experience for your existing audiences and resulting in greater ROI for you.
  • This is the results
  • This is the results
  • This is where you immediately show the WHAT. The product. Here, go to show the communities online (or continue with the presentation and show at end) You MUST either have a wireless stick that gets you wireless no matter where you are, OR, you MUST do capture screens. Never rely on the VC to have wireless for you. This is the value proposition slide that answers the WHY question Looppa is a social communities platform, developed to address the needs of branded properties to create direct engagements with their customers, in which the brand owns the customer list , controls the look and feel , while enabling its customers to share across the social media communities to which they already belong. Initial Looppa customer MTV Latin America attracted over 250,000 unique visitors in first 90 days spending 2x the time on site as users of Twitter and 3X of Orkut, the leading social media platform in Latin America. Looppa is able to deliver these results with a quickly deployed, Software As A Service platform. Here is the text from your exc summary Looppa is the only comprehensive, full-service online community platform created specifically for print publishers, TV/cable network producers, and radio stations. Looppa combines proprietary technology and a rich set of services that together, create a custom, branded, complete online community solution for today’s social world. With Looppa, media companies can: ·   Create an engaging online experience that captures and grows your audience ·   Increase the time your audience engages with your content, forming stronger bonds between your brand and your audience ·   Engage your audience to create new content for your brand ·   Gather rich, actionable data about your audience segments and their engagement with your advertising partners ·   Bring your fans from 3rd party networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to your online community—built on your online property ·   Enjoy the security and safety of a SaaS model ·  Be able to significantly grow your assets’ monetization and revenue ·   Integrate Looppa with your Content Management System (CMS) and retain your existing technology investments while offering your audience a rich community experience. What you get with Looppa Looppa provides the technology and services you need to create a vibrant online community that your audience wants to be part of. The Looppa solution includes: ·   A robust platform that can integrate with your existing online properties ·   Community concept creation ·   Design and programming ·   Community management ·   Content moderation ·   Content analysis and recommendations ·   Full media integration (videos, images)   ·   Easy to use backend for users and administrators ·   Marketing , campaigns, and advertising services


  • 1. Looppa Creating social communities that generate new values!
  • 2. Media companies are losing audiences, revenue, mobilization across properties
    • Audiences on Facebook, Twitter not on network’s property
    • Losing potential revenue and cross selling
    • Can’t engage audiences to action
    • Lack rich analytics.
    • No control on Database, look & feel.
  • 3. A few examples… Harry Potter Movie 10,572,288 fans . Taylor Swift Musician 14,322,040 fans. Playboy Communications 3,706,933 fans. CSI Miami TV Show 5,324,790 fans. MythBusters TV Show 3,069,943 fans. Glee TV Show 9,451,986 fans.
  • 4. Looppa’s community platform is designed for the media ecosystem Content Brand Comments Photos Video Ratings Friends Relations Revenue Media Company Audiences Advertisers Social networks
  • 5. Looppa helps media companies regain ownership & grow revenue!
    • SaaS Custom built & off-the-shelf online community platform
    • 360º = technology + Community services, concept, strategy and management
    • Easy to use tools and applications for different audiences
    • Platforms for TV Channels and producers, Newspapers, Radio and Big Media Groups.
    • Deep analytics
    • Very fast set up
  • 6. Looppa communities have rich, actionable analytics
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Blogs Posts
    • Comments
    • Avatars
    • Page views
    • Total Visits
    • Pages/Visit Avg
    • Bounce Rate
    • Time on Site Avg
    • Friend Relations
    • Contents rating
    • Contents Visits
    • Contents Comments
    • Contents votes
    • Contents likes
    • Video Hours
    • Video Hours Played
    • Benchmarking
  • 7. Looppa: SaaS platform for multi-property management TV Network Integrated Media Giants Nickelodon Print Media Radio Movies and Records Tv Shows Soy tu Superstar Guarida Azul
  • 8. Looppa Cosmos TV Network Integrated Media Giants Nickelodon Print Media Radio Movies and Records Tv Shows Soy tu Superstar Guarida Azul
  • 9. Songs! Teen Show Music! Looppa Cosmos: Connecting audiences in meaningful ways
  • 10. Teen Show Music Songs! Teen Show Music! Looppa Cosmos: Connecting audiences in meaningful ways
  • 11. Songs! Teen Show Music! Teen Show Music Looppa Cosmos: Connecting audiences in meaningful ways
  • 12. Teens Songs! Teen Show Music! Teen Show Music Looppa Cosmos: Connecting audiences in meaningful ways Network
  • 13. Looppa Cosmos – Tangible, measurable benefits
    • One credential, keep all friends social relations in the Cosmos
    • Separate community URLs
    • Reduce cost of audience development – cross selling
    • Rich data across communities
    • Leverage advertising sales and revenues across communities
  • 14. MTV Guarida Azul
  • 15.  
  • 16.  
  • 17.  
  • 18. Community- Great Results MTV/SONY Within first 90 days 374,699 Photos 275,455 Comments 182,651 Users 36,206 Videos 36,816 Posts 30,025 8,701 21,006 1,947 2,999 Case Study - Guarida Azul (MTV IsaTK+)
  • 19. Guarida Azul total stats For period 17.9.2009 - 17.08.2010 For period March-April 2010 Guarida Azul out performing other communities Guarida Azul Industry Benchmark Change Page views 3,461,194 1,034,256 +234.66% Bounce rate 10.13% 41.18% -76.55% Avg. time on site 14.0 minutes 5.22 minutes +153.53% Pages per visit 18.1 5.6 +224.74%
  • 20. Looppa’s value proposition
    • Fast, branded, rich online community experience
    • Leverage existing content assets for cross selling
    • Enable direct engagement
    • Own customer relationship directly
    • Get rich analytics
    • Bring fans from 3rd party networks to yours.
    Grow revenue! Amplify brand awareness and loyalty Increase engagement! Scalable!