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Microsoft about the MTV Case study
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Microsoft about the MTV Case study


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Microsoft about the MTV Case study

  1. 1. SQL Server - .NET Framework Visual Studio MTV successfully integrates TV and Internet over Microsoft platform.Overview "This has been so successful in terms of TV ratings andRegion: Latin America audience participation with the online community thatIndustry: Entertainment & Media we’ve already decided to continue to do this kind of thing in the future, always seeking out new applications andBusiness Situation ways of integrating our TV audience with InternetA new TV program required a fullyintegrated community platform to connect initiatives."an audience with the story. A big impact Luis Goicouría, VP of MTV Networks Latin Americaand associated high web traffic wasexpected. MTV developed a fully integrated online community with their ISASolutionGuaridaazul.com was created on the tk+ TV program for teenagers. High engagement between audienceMicrosoft Web Platform, developed with and actors generated a heavy workload for the IT infrastructure,Visual Studio and .NET technologies, withSQL Server and Windows Server to support based on Windows Server and SQL Server. Full availability andstrong traffic increase, full audience flexibility of this platform were critical components of success.engagement and intense participation. Applications were created by Looppa S.A. with .NET and VisualBenefits Studio. 4.4 million hits 100% availability 5000+ simultaneous users 300.000 registered users More than 1.5 million items of content uploaded by users and actors.
  2. 2. Situation total integration between the two”, says JohniThe convergence between TV and Internet Fisher, Co-Founder of Looppa.has begun and a top entertainment companysuch as MTV is capitalizing on the opportunity Solutionto launch new projects. The result: a Web This was how the online community calledCommunity based on its teen series ISA TK+. guaridaazul.com was created; its name derived from a place where the stars of the“The first season of ISA TKM on Nick had series hang out at school. The community’salready hinted at success and so for the portal was heavily integrated with the TVsecond one we began planning greater series from the start and focused on creatingintegration with the Internet. Before this, the spaces for the audience to join in.content of the TV series unfolded in parallelwith the portal but there was no interaction The synergy created between program andbetween the two. The content was good, but community was overwhelming. The actors’we knew we had to offer the audience lines and the storyline were adapted tosomething far more original. Industry encourage a constant exchange betweenindicators showed us that teenagers in Latin stars and fans. Both characters and fansAmerica were keen to participate if offered could upload content onto the website, butthe right environment”, comments Luis with the characters, they were carefullyGoicouría, Digital Media VP of MTV Networks scripted and timed to ensure that theseLatin America. moments were fully synchronized with the program and achieved the greatest impactProducers and script writers worked on the possible.120 chapters of “ISA tk+” (te quiero más –Ilove you more in Spanish) so that the Guaridaazul.com has status indicators, linkscharacters from the series could continue to Facebook profiles and allows videos to beperforming on the site and interacting with uploaded or filmed directly with a webcam.their fans. However, ensuring the continuity There is also a notice board, a space toand coherence of these roles was a major publish photos or articles, a trivia applicationchallenge. and an internal search engine which allows all kinds of content to be found quickly andMTV sought the assistance of Looppa S.A., a easily. As most portal users are under age, allcompany specializing in creating online the published content is screened bycommunities, to create the technology Looppa’s team, which ensures that the basicplatform required to bring this network of TV guidelines for this style of interactive portalviewers to life. are rigorously respected.“This was fairly challenging as the proposal Behind the user interface there are differentwas undoubtedly going to have a high impact flows of tasks and business logic whichand we needed to develop a platform able to encourage interaction between participantssupport it. The program’s features and the as well as Facebook integration. “Thanks toformat for interaction proposed for its fans .NET, we will be able to handle futuremeant that we needed a powerful connections with other communities such asinfrastructure. We were not looking to do mundonik.com, for example, independentlysomething traditional like broadcast TV over of the portal’s own technology, as long as theInternet or offer a portal which just SQL Server is shared as a database”, addsaccompanied the program, but develop a David Balogh, Looppa’s CTO, in reference to
  3. 3. For More Information the Looppa Cosmos platform. This allows for we also had a tremendous impact, with over About Microsoft Argentina the horizontal integration of all the vertical 100,000 additional registered users with a www.microsoft.com/argentina communities which MTV creates around each high level of participation”, adds Balogh. About Microsoft Latin America of its series. www.microsoft.com/latam Another interesting aspect of the project was The entire technology platform was how they managed the financing, by About MTV developed by Looppa and is based on integrating advertising campaigns well-suited www.mtvla.com Windows Server with SQL Server as a to the community medium and context. About Looppa S.A. database and the .NET 3.5 framework. “We Several sponsors held high-impact launches www.looppa.com chose to work with Looppa because they or exclusive promotions. have the experience we needed for the project. We’ve been able to optimize the way “This has been so successful in terms of we work with this channel to achieve long- rating and audience participation with the term success because of the continuous online community that we’ve already decided monitoring of traffic statistics and a thorough to continue to do this kind of thing in the understanding of which resources work and future, always seeking out new applications which don’t”, explains Goicouría. and ways of integrating TV viewers with Internet proposals. We’re a media company Benefits and as such we need to think in an The community has grown exponentially: integrated way about the channels we use. nearly 300.000 registered users followed the We want boys and girls to enjoy the program chapters in the series with a high level of online as much as they do on air”, adds Luis engagement. “We have accumulated over Goicouría, Digital Media VP of MTV Networks one and half million pieces of content Latin America. provided by the boys and girls following the series, including photos, comments, videos The development and online launch of the and avatars. This particular portal model has portal and web application created to support allowed us to sustain an average of 13 this community required two months’ work. minutes per active connection (while the Given its resounding success, MTV has market average is 5 minutes), with peaks of decided to continue with a similar model for 5,000 simultaneous users whenever one of its new series “Soy tu SuperStar” (I’m Your the characters posted something important, SuperStar) which has an online reality format. which put a lot of pressure on the “In this case we linked both portals through a infrastructure. Despite more than a three-fold Looppa Cosmos, with a unified login, which increase in site activity, we were always able simplifies things for users switching from one to offer 100% server availability thanks to the community to another when both have stability and scalability of the Microsoft separate content. The adaptation of this technology at the core of the system”, program only took us a month thanks to the explains Johni Fisher. The site received over ease with which Microsoft tools and 4.4 million hits, nearly 68 million pages views technologies can be developed”, adds Fisher. 4.5 million of video views and more than one million comments.Document published 27/09/2010 Once the application in Spanish was finished, and thanks to the .NET and Visual Studio resources, “it was very easy to migrate everything to the Portuguese version, where