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NIFE - Adwords presentation1hour
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NIFE - Adwords presentation1hour


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Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Google AdWords
    Instructor: Noah Boswellof Look To The Right Internet Marketing
  • 2. Presentation Link :
  • 3. Basic Terminology
    Ad Position 1-10
    Click Through Rate – CTR %
    Conversion Rate
    Landing Page
    Quality Score – Great, Good, Okay, Poor
  • 4.
  • 5. Google Options
  • 6. Welcome, Language, Location
  • 7. Specific Location, GeoTargeting
  • 8. GeoTargeting
    By City
    Metro Area
    Miles From Location
    Custom Shape
  • 9. Ad Creative
  • 10. Ad Creative
  • 11. Keyword Selection
    Recipe (Broad Match)“Free Recipe” (Phrase Match)[Kids Food Recipe] (Exact Match)
    -Free (Negative Keyword Match)
  • 12. Bidding
  • 13. Checking Your Landing Page
  • 14. Keyword Tool
  • 15. Traffic Estimator
  • 16. Review
    Confirm, Questions, Continue to Sign Up, Pay $5
  • 17. Editing Campaign
  • 18. Editing Campaign
  • 19. Keywords
  • 20. Ad’s / Creatives
  • 21. Structuring Your Campaign
  • 22. Account Tools
  • 23.
  • 24. How To Think of New Keywords
    Review Your website and Competitors
    Think like your customer!!!!!
    Focus on what is different
    Include plural and singular versions
    Include spelling mistakes and variations
    Product/Model numbers, codes, SKU’s,
  • 25. How to make good Ad’s
    Include Keywords
    Dynamic Insertion {KeyWord: Recipe}
    Define benefits or features
    Good display URL
    Include call to action!!- (What do YOU want them to do?)
    Speak to your intended audience
    Put your pricing up front
  • 26. Good Ad writing
    Only 95 total characters.
    Focus on what makes you better.
    Special offers, % off, low price, promotion
    Superior Product Feature
    Compelling ads-Controversial for some Niche’s
    NO BRAND NAMES! Unless you are Authorized
  • 27. Why Cant I See My Ad
    Daily budget too low
    Keyword not targeted
    Ad is disapproved
    IP out side of GeoTarget
    Ad not on first page
    Max CPC higher than daily budget
    Ad is on content network
    Missing Billing info or not charging
  • 28. Quality Score & Placement
    The Higher your Quality Score, the lower your
    minimum bid and price you will pay, and the
    higher your placement will be
  • 29. Quality Score Comes From
    CTR % (click through rate)
    Relevance of ad text (keywords)
    Historical Performance
    Content and Layout of Landing Page
    Other relevancy Factors (secrets)
  • 30. To Increase Quality Score
    Review Keywords- Are they working?
    -Make inactive
    -Add Negitives and more relevant Keywords
    Review and Improve Ad Text
    Create new focused ad groups (proper structure)
    New landing Pages
  • 31. Landing Pages
    Good Density of Keywords
    Keywords that go along with subject
    Remove all speed bumps
    Contact form!!!
    Phone Number
    Maybe not attached to the rest of site?
  • 32. Google Analytics
  • 33. Google Analytics
  • 34. Google Analytics
    Put on EVERY page of site
    24 hour delay in reporting
    Go through Google AdWords to set up
    Make sure your AdWords and Analytics are linked!
    Make sure auto tagging for cost data is on
  • 35. HELP
    Best place for help: