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IS Untangle Agile IT Management On-Demand


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All in one Agile IT Management On-demand system. ERP for IT

All in one Agile IT Management On-demand system. ERP for IT

Published in: Devices & Hardware

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  • 1. Presentation
    IS Untangle is a powerful all in one Agile IT management system built specifically for IT departments by an IT manager. You will find the solution has everything you need to manage and run your IT organization.
  • 2. 2
    Table of Contents
    3..... About Us
    4..... Modules
    5..... Project Manager
    6..... Task Manager
    7..... Summary Reports Manager
    8..... Timesheet Manager
    9..... Clients and Contacts
    10... Software Quality Assurance Manager
    11... Applications Manager
    12... Components Software Manager
    13... Database Script Manager
    14... Release Notes
    15... Servers (Proprietary and Clients)
    16... Suggestions, Bugs, and Comments Manager
    17... System Tables (Customization)
    18... Users and Passwords
    19... Why ISU?
    20... Our Team
    21... Contact Us
  • 3. About Us
    IS Untangle was created out of necessity after IT manager, David Mansilla, was unable to find a software solution that met all of his needs in order to manage his IT team.
    It combines essential modules developed specifically to simplify managing your team and projects. Modules are centralized around the Task Manager while having every other module linked to each other.
  • 4. Modules
    Project Manager with Analytics Dashboard
    Task Manager with Analytics Dashboard and Mass Update Wizard
    Summary Reports Manager
    Timesheets Manager
    SQA Manager
    Applications Modules Manager
    Components/Software Manager
    Database Script Manager
    Release Notes
    Servers (Proprietary and Clients)
    Suggestion, Bugs, and Comments Manager
    System Tables (Customization)
    Users and Passwords
  • 5. Project Manager
    The Project Portfolio Manager is where you begin. You must create a project portfolio before any tasks can be opened. This module keeps track of all projects that are running. The status of the project is shown and reported to management so they are able to see what stage a project is in at any given time.
    You are able to view project details, name, code, client, author, and departments. You are able to group the columns for ease of analysis. There is a link to the Applications module where it automatically will link tasks. It also shows the estimated time to complete as well as the required completion date. There are always several tasks being worked on by several people. In order for better delivery you are able to divide projects into sprints, which allow for better organization and therefore better delivery of your project.
    Once you have a project created with multiple tasks assigned, you are able to go back and check task and project reports in the Dashboard Analytics module called Analysis. This will show you detailed charts to better visualize project and task status.
  • 6. Task Manager
    The Task Manager module is the center of IS Untangle. This allows for control over the project by controlling the tasks. In this module, tasks are created and assigned to a project as well as developers. There are many fields in order to increase efficiency and display everything in a formalized way.
    There are endless text fields to add comments and better communication between team members.
    Task documents is a module within the Task Manager which is very useful. The document management system keeps multiple versions of specific documents which facilitates sharing among team members at the task level. The Task List is a powerful reporting tool. There are multiple columns that can be customized to be viewed as you wish and then saved as an individual view. Reports can be exported to an excel spreadsheet for further analysis making this module a powerful reporting and analysis system.
  • 7. Summary Reports Manager
    This module allows project managers to create reports to present to clients. Once the report is created each user should fill in their own report with the tasks they have completed. When the report is ready the user marks the report as complete and an email will be sent to the Project Manager in order to add user reports to the final report. The process should be repeated for every user involved. The reports editor is a small text editor where the user can change text color, font sizes, add bullets, numbering, etc. The final report can be exported as pdf or rtf formats.
  • 8. Timesheet Manager
    The purpose of this module is to store the hours worked by users and generate a weekly timesheet which is sent to Timesheet Manager to process hours worked by each user.
    The data entry for this module is:
    The user can obtain a monthly report with the total hours worked. Only administrators can obtain reports for all the users as well as reports by clients and projects.
  • 9. Clients and Contacts
    This module is used for keeping track of active clients and prospective clients. ISU lets you easily save client data, servers information, as well as the applications. You are able to save contacts for each client making it easy to link contacts to clients. Searches can be conducted on Contact information and notes. You are able to synchronize ISU contacts with Microsoft Outlook.
  • 10. Software Quality Assurance
    The SQA module allows SQA analysts to take a large number of tasks that are ready for testing and create a testing plan. It is set up in a Wizard that allows three options including: create a new plan, add tasks to an existing plan, or execute an existing plan.
    It allows for a single find and moves it into a detailed list showing pass or fail. When something is recorded as fail the task is re opened where comments can be added.
    The SQA analyst needs to work quickly when looking at all the tickets that are open. An email notification is sent to all people involved when changes are made. You are also able to export the list to an Excel spreadsheet for simple analysis. You can also modify the description, add comments, see who created it, and the date. This allows for a very fast way to test new versions.
  • 11. Applications Manager
    The number of applications, modules and versions used to compose a project is very large. It is easy to get confused by the different releases and what modules are used to do what.
    IS Untangle keeps an inventory of all the applications and modules being developed by your organization or IT Department as well as the applications being used and supported.
    To document and make inventories more efficiently, IS Untangle lets you specify:
    Module name
    Last reserved by
    Last modified
    Created by
  • 12. Components Software Manager
    The components that provide you with your favourite IDE are not always enough to meet your needs. Many programmers, when working on large projects, rely on third party components to facilitate the creation of solutions.
    The components software module lets you keepan inventory of all the components you use and what programs they are related to. It also keeps track of any third party applications used by your development team.
    This module allows developers to create a comprehensive list of reusable component and controls that will save time and improve application consistency.
  • 13. Database Script Manager
    Changes to databases that need to be done are recorded in the Database Script Manager.
    It allows you to save scripts under an application, indicating what kind of script it is.
    With the DB Script Manager, DBA’s and developers can easily share and store database scripts among team members, this will facilitate overall database quality and promotes cooperation and learning.
  • 14. Release Notes
    Release Notes is a wizard that allows you to create documents for the releases you make.
    The data entry for this module is as follows:
    Filename (of the document created by this module)
    Created by and date, modified by and date
  • 15. Servers (Proprietary and Clients)
    The purpose of this module is to document all servers within your organization. Any changes made to the settings are recorded and the user that made them is registered in the program for maximum security. You are also able to set a third party application to access the server.
  • 16. Suggestions, Bugs, and Comments Manager
    Located in the Systems module, there is a program called Suggestions which is used to make a suggestion, report a bug, or make a comment regarding a module or component you are working on.
  • 17. System Tables (Customization)
    This module is located in Systems, a program called System Tables. This is where users can modify fields and options in the drop down menus giving you the option to fully customize ISU to your needs.
  • 18. Users and Passwords
    This module keeps track of all the people who have license to access IS Untangle. Passwords in IS Untangle are encrypted at the database level, providing the ultimate level of security.
  • 19. Why ISU?
    Since 2003 IS Untangle has been proven to Improve Productivity, Control Costs, Improve Quality, and Ensure Project Delivery. The software is easy to use and the investment you make will pay off in weeks.
    Click here to sign up for a Free demo
  • 20. Our Team
    We have a diverse team of professionals who are committed to developing a superior product.
    Bilingual- English and Spanish
    Locations in Ontario and Argentina
    Combined with years of experience in the field of IT management
  • 21. Want to see for yourself?...Contact Us
    We provide the opportunity to gain better insight on what ISU can do for you. To schedule a free demo, get in touch with us.
    ISU Corporation
    Suite 1206, 12 Floor – 20 Erb Street West
    Waterloo, ON, N2L 1T2
    Lonnie McRorey- Marketing and Sales Manager
    Direct: 203-987-5527 – Fax: 1-877-447-7463
    Jordan O’Toole- Marketing and Sales Analyst
    Direct: 519-513-0215 – Fax: 1-877-477-7463
    Check out our Social Networks
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