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Technology in the classroom
Technology in the classroom
Technology in the classroom
Technology in the classroom
Technology in the classroom
Technology in the classroom
Technology in the classroom
Technology in the classroom
Technology in the classroom
Technology in the classroom
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Technology in the classroom


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Technology in the Classroom
    Loni Fife
  • 2. Where is the technology?
    In today’s world we are constantly surrounded by technology. We see it in gaming consoles, smart phones, and in many of our vehicles. But how much technology is seen in the classroom?
  • 3. Why technology in Classroom?
    One of the best reasons for integrating technology in the classroom is that the focus is moved from the teacher to learning.
    The teacher then becomes a facilitator; they support students and provide them guidance as they discover new information.
  • 4. Why technology in Classroom?
    Teachers can assign more complex assignments requiring students to use higher-order thinking skills.
    Students are not just memorizing information fed to them they are analyzing and evaluating that they researched themselves.
  • 5. How do implement technology in the Classroom
    The teacher can begin the day with students locating an online weather forecast (Starr, 2011).
    Teachers can use computer as a learning center.
    Utilizing online news sources students can look up articles that are important to them.
  • 6. Risks involved when using technology in the classroom
    Students will come across inappropriate material.
    Many schools employ filtering software to help prevent students from being exposed to inappropriate websites.
    Teachers should always discuss this with students before beginning to use the internet.
  • 7. Risks involved when using technology in the classroom
    Wasted time.
    Teachers need to be prepared and have lesson plans that are specific when it comes to internet integration.
    Allowing students to roam the Web aimlessly is not an acceptable practice.
    Students should not be spending time on social media sites while in the classroom.
    Ex. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter
  • 8. Technology should be used in the classroom
    For more information on how to use technology in the classroom go to:
    Using Technology in the Elementary Classroom
    How to use Technology in the Classroom
    Technology for Teachers
  • 9. Technology in Action
  • 10. References
    Poole, B. (2009, April 3). Risks involved in integrating the internet into the k-12 curriculum. Retrieved from
    Starr, L. (2011, June 12). Integrating technology in the classroom: it takes more than just having computers. Retrieved from
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