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SOA Management Challenges and Best Practices
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SOA Management Challenges and Best Practices


The impact of service oriented architecture on the key practices of governance, security and management

The impact of service oriented architecture on the key practices of governance, security and management

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. SOA Management Challenges and Best Practices Executive Round Table Series Sam Higgins (Research Director) November 2006
  • 2. Agenda
    • The SOA Management Challenge
      • Through the eyes of Braxton Insurance
    • The impact of SOA on the key practices of:
      • Governance
      • Security
      • Management
    • Q&A
  • 3. Braxton Insurance
    • The Organisation
      • Market leading Australian insurer
      • Global business
      • 12,000 Employees
      • 1,900 Financial Planners
      • 5,860 Advisors
    • Services
      • General Insurance
      • Life and TPD
      • Income Protection
      • Advisory
      • PL and PI
    • The Challenges
      • Integration of assets from foreign acquisitions
      • Increasing regulation both domestic and international
      • Attempting to address substitution threats
    “ ..issues were getting on top of us as we struggled with the continual flux in technology and service assets.” Felicity Wong, Director OCIO
  • 4.
    • Braxton discovered the hard way…
    • Adoption is inevitable
      • Packaged applications
      • Application developers
    • Architecture is not enough
      • Less understood the effect on supporting disciplines
    Unfortunately with opportunity comes risk Unmanaged SOA looked set to yield more of the same morass that already confronted Braxton
  • 5. SOA increases the business impact of ICT
    • Braxton’s “First Fleet” initiative
      • Intended to rationalise applications post-acquisition
      • Establish a basis for new market in wholesale insurance
    • Targeting all the business benefits of SOA
      • Business flexibility (Re-usability)
      • Multi-channel self-service (Availability)
      • Ability to offer process outsourcing (Replace-ability)
    • As well as the ICT organisation improvements
      • Improved portfolio management (Flexibility)
      • Reduced change cycle (Agility)
      • Standardized interoperability (Neutrality)
  • 6. Braxton went back to basics and treated SOA as an architectural pattern Application Architecture Information Architecture Business Architecture
    • Business Strategy
    • Business Process
    • Organisation eco-system
    • Capability and skills
    • Information portfolio management
    • Classification of information
    • Schema development
    • Records and content
    • Application portfolio management
    • Application design patterns
    • Application environment
    Technology Architecture
    • Technology portfolio management
    • Technical standards
    • Technology platform
    SOA SOA Service Oriented Policy Service Semantics Implementation Patterns Platform Infrastructure
  • 7. Implications of the pattern flowed to existing disciplines GOVERNANCE M A N A G E M E N T D E V E L O P M E N T Application Architecture Information Architecture Business Architecture Technology Architecture SOA SOA
  • 8. SOA Implications for Governance
    • Service-orientation raises the bar for policy
    • Sourcing & Usage
    • Quality of Service
    • Design
    • Technology
    • Who will run what services?
      • In-house, Outsourced
    • Who is permitted to use what services?
      • Internal, Trusted Partners, Open market
    • What level given services type?
      • Commodity, Territory, Value-Add
    • What roles are utilising our services?
      • Division, Organisation, Partner, Customer
  • 9. SOA Implications for Development
    • Service-orientation raises the bar for security
    • Integrity
    • Confidentiality
    • Authority
    • Authenticity
    • Non-repudiation
    • Who executes the service?
      • Application, User, Intermediary
    • What is the security context?
      • Synchronous, Asynchronous, Bulk
    • How to prove the service execution?
      • Signatures, Federated Identity
    • How to protect the exchange?
      • Transport, Content
  • 10. SOA Implications for Management
    • Service-orientation raises the bar for management
    • Service procurement
    • Service delivery
    • Service support
    • Service execution
    • Who provides first level support?
      • Application provider, service provider
    • What is the financial model?
      • Flat rate, usage based
    • How to manage complexity and diversity?
      • SLAs, Automated Monitoring
      • DR becomes Service Assurance
  • 11. Braxton’s lessons became practical actions
    • Proactive decisions about the service portfolio
    • Captured specification of behaviours for their applications
    • Identified the “services within services”
    • Approached security from the service layer
    “ When key decisions for your business extend beyond the walls of your organisation to include subsidiaries, advisors, and new partner channels you never stop looking for world beating automation solutions.” Geoffrey Parsons, CEO
  • 12. Managing service orientation soup to nuts Application Architecture Information Architecture Business Architecture Technology Architecture SOA SOA GOVERNANCE M A N A G E M E N T D E V E L O P M E N T Service Support Service Execution Service Delivery Business, Customers, Users
  • 13. Summing Up
    • The impact of SOA is inevitable and here now
    • Early SOA promised alignment of IT to business process, enabling a dynamic, agile, network-able organisation
    • Yet acknowledge that SOA raises the bar for existing:
      • Governance
      • Management
      • Security
    • Today’s enterprise practices must be expanded and extended to ensure the reality of SOA is managed
    • Address this by by pro-actively specifying and measuring the new elements brought about by SOA
    • Underpin this with key enterprise IT management technologies
  • 14. Who is Braxton Insurance?
    • Fictitious company persona
      • Representation of the current challenges in the insurance industry
    • Formally synthesised from research
      • Client experiences
      • Best practices
      • CA references
    • Showcases the reality of SOA management in a single integrated, but neutral context
      • Retaining the confidentiality of clients
  • 15. Thank you
    • Longhaus
    • Level 30, AMP Place
    • 10 Eagle Street
    • Brisbane QLD 4000
    • p: +617 3868 4796
    • f: +617 3303 8445
    • [email_address]
    • Sam Higgins
    • Research Director
    • [email_address]
    • +61 412 621 014