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Lucky number
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Lucky number


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  • 1. Unit 7: The world of work Lesson 40 : A1 - The student's work Designed by : Bïi Trung HiÕu Hong Phong juinor high school [email_address] Phone: 01238222035
  • 2. Chatting - Classes start - Classes finish - Have breakfast I usually have breakfast at 6 o’clock What time do you usually have breakfast? What time do your classes start ? My classes start at 7.15 What time do your classes finish ? They finish at 11.45
  • 3. Fill in the table 3. Classes finish 1. Have breakfast 2. Classes start Time Your actions
  • 4. Unit 7 : The world of work Period 40 : A1 Monday, November, 16th , 2009
  • 5. (to) last : (to) take: early (adj) I. Vocabulary > < late (adj) hard (adv): an hour : = 60 minutes (mét giê ®ång hå) vất vả kÐo dµi trong suốt cïng nhau lấy , chiếm vacation kú nghØ hÌ together (adv): during (pre) :
  • 6. Uncle: Eat your breakfast, Hoa. It’s half past six. You’ll be late for school Hoa: I won’t be late, uncle. I’m usualy early. Our classes start at 7.00. Uncle: And what time do your classes finish? Hoa: At a quarter past eleven. Then in the afternoon I do my homework. That takes about two hours each day. Uncle: You work quite hard, Hoa. When will you have a vacation? Hoa: Our summer vacation start in June. It lasts for almost three months. Uncle: What will you do during the vacation? Hoa: I’ll go and see my Mom and Dad on their farm.I always like helping them. They work very hard, but we have fun working together . Hoa Hoa’s uncle II. Listen. Then practice with a partner
  • 7. Listen and fill in the table - Have breakfast - Classes start - Classes finish - Vacation starts 6.30 7.00 11.15 In June Hoa You Time Actions
  • 8. My classes start later than hers. Hoa’s classes finish earlier than me. I work fewer hours than Hoa. Hoa has more homework than me. Structures
  • 9. Group 1: I / get up / early / Mai Group 2: We/ go home / late / Lan Group 3: I / have / many / books / Hoa Group 4: She / eat / few / ice - creams / Nam I get up earlier than Mai We go home later than Lan She eats fewer ice – creams than Nam I have more books than Hoa III. Practice
  • 10. a. What time do Hoa’s classes start ? b. What time do they finish? c. For many hours a day does Hoa do her homework? d. What will Hoa do during her vacation ? e. What about you? Do your classes start earlier or later? Do you work fewer hours than Hoa ? f.When does your school year start ? IV. Answer the questions
  • 11. 1 6 2 10 3 8 7 5 9 4 GO Lucky numbers
  • 12. A What time do Hoa’s classes start? They start at 7.00 o’clock
  • 13. E What about you? Do you work fewer hours than Hoa? Do your classes start earlier or later? Yes, I do. And my classes start later.
  • 14. F When does your school year start ? It starts in September.
  • 15. C For how many hours a day does Hoa do her homework ? She does her homework for two hours.
  • 16. D What will Hoa do during her vacation? She’ll go and see her Mom and Dad .
  • 17. B What time do Hoa’s classes finish? They finish at 11.15.
  • 18. When does it finish ? It finishes in May . Home G
  • 19. Lucky number Home
  • 20. TRUE OR FALSE 1.Hoa’s classes begin at 7.00. 2.They finish at a quarter to eleven . 3.Hoa does her homework twelve hours a day. 4.Hoa’s parents work very hard. 5.Hoa won’t visit her parents on their farm during her vacation . F T F F T
  • 21. 1.Learn the new words by heart. 2.Do exercise 1 , 2 (p. 55)
  • 22. KÝnh chóc c¸c thÇy c« lu«n m¹nh kháe h¹nh phóc chóc c¸c em ch¨m ngoan häc giái [email_address]
  • 23. Thanks for your attendance Have a nice day
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