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Low cost but effective administration service to fit your budget.

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Administration Service

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS About G&S Fund Services 3 New York Office 114 West 47th Street Who We Service 4 17th Floor New York, NY 10036 Why Choose G&S Fund Services 5 Phone: 212.584.6115 Contact: Joseph D. Goldstein Fund Accounting Services 6 West Palm Beach Office 400 Clematis Street Investor Services 7 Suite #205 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 HedgeCo Networks Fund Launch Support 8 Phone: 561.835.8690 Contact: John F. Dagenais III Management Profiles 9 Contact 11 Appendix 12 2
  2. 2. ABOUT G&S FUND SERVICES G&S Fund Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HedgeCo Networks, is a leader in hedge fund administration and specializes in complex fund accounting for hedge funds globally. The firm has more than 40 fund administration clients worldwide supported from two locations: New York and West Palm Beach. Clients benefit from G&S’s proprietary accounting system which establishes independent results, reassures investors, and well- positions your firm for future growth. G&S is staffed by experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in accounting and finance adhering to GAAP standards. About HedgeCo Networks HedgeCo is a one-stop, full-service solution provider to the hedge fund industry. Core services include hedge fund launch support, SEC-compliant website creation, and through its licensed broker/dealer, HedgeCo Securities, third party marketing, (informal) capital introductions, and strategic prime brokerage relationships. For a complete list of services please visit   Since 2001, HedgeCo’s database has grown to more than 30,000 qualified members which include high-net-worth individuals, family offices, institutional investors, and funds of funds, and more than 6,000 hedge funds that list with its primary website HedgeCo.Net. The HedgeCo platform provides transparency to hedge funds through HedgeCo.Net which is one of the most trafficked web portals in the hedge fund community (according to Alexa.Com). Providing high-impact results for hedge funds globally. 3
  3. 3. STRUCTURE TYPES • Onshore Funds • Offshore Funds • Funds of Funds • Managed Accounts • Institutional Accounts • Private Equity Funds 4
  4. 4. WHY G&S FUND SERVICES • Provide consistent and accurate reporting to reassure investors and increase confidence in the fund • Expertise and specialization in accounting and finance • Dedicated support to your business and investors for continuous service and consistency • Provide time efficiencies to your organization which allow you to focus on tactical and strategic implementations of the fund • Cost effective solutions result in value added reduction of fund expenses and improved work flow • Leverage G&S’s advanced technology solution in conjunction with the HedgeCo Networks comprehensive platform CONSISTENT REPORTING REASSURANCE DEDICATED SUPPORT G& S VALUE ADDED TIME CLIENT EFFICIENCIES MONEY 5
  5. 5. FUND ACCOUNTING SERVICES • Calculation of NAV, including full accruals for operating expenses, incentives, commissions and other fees • Fast, accurate and efficient turnaround • Work closely with independent auditors and tax preparers • Provide independent third party verification • Maintenance of general ledger and investor information • Calculate gains/losses • Determine periodic distributions to shareholders • Prepare monthly statements and reports including: • Valuation Report • Trial Balance • Balance Sheet • Income Statement • Partner Unit Appraisal • Performance and Capital Summary • NAV Calculation • Schedule of Partners’ Capital See Appendix I for detailed Service Schedule 6
  6. 6. INVESTOR SERVICES • Due diligence support for investors • Subscription and redemption tracking and processing • Cash management function supported through strategic relationship with J.P. Morgan • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) • Know Your Client (KYC) compliance • Maintenance of shareholder registry • Electronic delivery and website availability of investor statements including: • Beginning / Ending Capital Value • Contributions / Withdrawals • Net Returns • Detailed Financial Breakdown by Fund 7
  7. 7. HEDGECO NETWORKS FUND LAUNCH SUPPORT G&S Fund Services helps build a solid infrastructure that is essential for long-term growth and economic success. G&S is a subsidiary of HedgeCo Networks and is an integral component of HedgeCo’s Fund Launch Support program, which focuses on building a strong foundation and a lasting brand. The Fund Launch Support program includes: • Initial consultation • Detailed business plan including strategy and budget • Timeline for completion • Legal team introductions • Prime brokerage introductions • Provide necessary forms for start-up by analyzing the structure of your hedge fund • Detailed marketing plan including website design and construction • Membership to a hedge fund database with over 30,000 qualified investors • Inclusion in investor conferences throughout the United States • Ongoing advice and consultation services specific to your business needs More information available at 8
  8. 8. MANAGEMENT PROFILES Joseph D. Goldstein Managing Partner Joseph provides complete oversight of all G&S fund services including team sales, business development and operations. Joseph Goldstein has over 30 years of experience in finance and controllership. He has been the chief financial officer for more than 15 companies, in ten different industries, including senior level management positions in the following Fortune 500 companies: Cities Service Company (Citgo), in which he served as group CFO-Plastics and Special Products, assistant to Corporate Controller - compliance(Sec, FASB) and Itel Corporation, a data and financial service company in which he served as CFO of five divisions and groups. Joseph earned an Master of Business Administration in Finance and Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Long Island University and has served as an adjunct lecturer of finance in the City University of New York since 1986. John F. Dagenais III Managing Director John is responsible for the G&S fund services operations team and is an integral part of the client on-boarding process. John Dagenais joined the G&S team with 10+ years of experience with both traditional and alternative investments. He began his career in the accounting department at Franklin Templeton Investments, where he proved his fiscal expertise by overseeing $25 billion of mutual funds. He also served as portfolio administration manger, overseeing 3,500 private high net worth wrap accounts while also serving as the supervisor of fund accounting. John utilized his experience to become the accounting manager of several onshore and offshore hedge funds including fund of funds and funds specializing in asset based lending. He holds Series 7 & 63 licenses, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from Florida Atlantic University. 9
  9. 9. MANAGEMENT PROFILES Michael D. Nelgrove Director – Business Development Michael Nelgrove is the head of business development and marketing. Michael leads the company’s outreach efforts, working to thoughtfully expand awareness and recognition of the company while nurturing organic growth initiatives. Previously Michael has over a decade of experience in Mergers and acquisitions with the top banking firms in Hong Kong, London and the United States. Michael received a MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School. Karen Deng Manager – Fund Accounting Karen Deng provides the direct day to day oversight of the operations and accounting team and serves as the main point of contact for investor services. She has been with G&S for one year and has worked with more than 15 hedge funds with varying strategies including long/short, multi- strategy, forex, PIPE funds and commodities. For the previous six years, she was a senior accountant at the Agricultural Bank of China in the JiangXi Province. Karen holds a Master of Business Administration in Accountancy from Brock University of Canada along with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Nankai University in TianJiang, China. Karen is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the Montana Society of Certified Public Accountants. 10
  10. 10. CONTACT If our approach is consistent with what you are seeking, we look forward to helping bring your firm to the next level of performance. For global support, please visit or contact: New York Office West Palm Beach Office 114 West 47th Street 400 Clematis Street 17th Floor Suite #205 New York, NY 10036 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Phone: 212.584.6115 Phone: 561.835.8690 Contact: Joseph D. Goldstein Contact: John Dagenais III 11
  11. 11. APPENDIX 12
  12. 12. A.I - SCHEDULE I: SERVICES (a) Reviewing accounting and administration references in each Fund’s offering documents (b) Preparing and maintaining all customary financial and accounting books and records in the appropriate form and in sufficient detail to support an annual independent audit of the financial condition of the Funds, and performing all other accounting and clerical services necessary in connection with the administration of the Funds. Provide following monthly: 1. Valuation report 2. Trial Balance 3. Balance Sheet 4. Income Statement 5. Partner Unit Appraisal 6. Performance and Capital Summary 7. NAV Calculation 8. Schedule of Partners’ Capital 9. Subscription/redemption tracking and processing (c) Acting as a liaison with each Fund’s independent public accountants, providing account analyses, fiscal year summaries, and other audit-related information with respect to the Funds and otherwise taking all reasonable action in the performance of its duties under this Agreement consistent with the scope of such duties to assure that the necessary information is made available to such accountants for the expression of their opinion, as required by the Funds (d) Computing as of the last business day of each calendar month or at such other date as may be specified in the Offering Materials or decided by the Board/General Partner, the Net Assets of the Funds and Total Returns (e) Disseminating quotations of the value of Net Assets as required by the Board/General Partner and approved by the Funds (f) Subject to the approval of the Funds’ auditors and independent accountants, and review by the Board/General Partner, providing book allocations to the Funds’ auditors and independent accountants for use in the preparation of and filing of any tax returns of the Funds to be prepared and filed by the Funds’ auditors and independent accountants (g) Responding to inquiries from time to time received by the Funds from Subscribers, prospective Subscribers or others, and distributing copies of the Offering Materials (h) Distributing monthly Partner Unit and Performance and Capital Summary report to investors via: Email if requested by the Funds, coordinating the process of winding-up the Funds
  13. 13. A.II – SCHEDULE II: REPORTS • Valuation Statement • Balance Sheet • Income Statement • Partner Unit Appraisal (3 versions) • Partners Account Activity • Performance and Capital Summary (3 versions) • Investor Statements •Customized templates available upon request 14
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