Scrum of scrums with JIRA and Greenhopper


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  • Hi this presentation represents a lot of our challenges in our company also - it would be great to know more about how you have solved the issues mentioned as a live demo - is that possible,
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Scrum of scrums with JIRA and Greenhopper

  1. 1. Scrum of ScrumsBringing JIRA & GreenHopper to entire company Wojciech Seliga
  2. 2. Scenario● One major product with multiple Scrum teams working on it (Scrum of Scrums)● Product split into several subsystems● Global product backlog● Team product backlogs● Monthly sprints (parallel...)● Internal releases every N sprints● Public releases every M internal releases 2
  3. 3. Release Cycle Marketing Release Marketing Release Internal Release Internal Release Internal Release Internal Release Internal Release Internal ReleaseSprintSprint Sprint Sprint Sprint Sprint Sprint Sprint Sprint Sprint Sprint Sprint Sprint Sprint Team A Team A Team B Team B ... Team N Team N Time 3
  4. 4. Requirements● Current Sprint Progress Tracking● Current Internal Release Progress Tracking● Current Marketing Release Progress Tracking● Measuring Progress in Story Points (“done”/all)● Trends Per Scrum Team Per Scrum Team Per Subsystem Per Subsystem Globally Globally 4
  5. 5. GH take on Scrum of ScrumsGreenHopper allows you to nest child versions to provide flexibility inScrum project management. For example, you might want to group allissues that need addressing in a major product version at the highestlevel of a version hierarchy. Since you might have separate teams, eachworking on different components that constitute this major productversion, you may wish to represent each of those components as animmediate child (component) version of the major product version. Fromhere, you may wish to break up a given component into sprints,depending on the amount of work required to develop it. Therefore, eachof these sprints would be an immediate child (sprint) version of itsrespective component version. GH online documentation 5
  6. 6. Problems● Combinatorial explosion of Versions x Teams● Inability to aggregate easily results● Inability slice and dice backlogs (per team, per component/subsystem)● Many reports base on issue count or hours● Trends need more love 6
  7. 7. SolutionBusiness Domain → JIRA/GH Entity Product Project Team Component Subsystem Multi-Select Custom Field Product Backlog GH Project Backlog Team Backlog Component Backlog Marketing Release Top-Level Version Internal Release Mid-Level Version Sprint Bottom-Level Version 7
  8. 8. Product BacklogProduct Backlog Team B Product Backlog Subsystem P Backlog Story 1 Story 1 Story 1 Story 1 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 2 Story 4 Story 4 Story 3 Story 3 Story 3 Story 3 Story 5 Story 5 Story 5 Story 5 Story 4 Story 4 Story 9 Story 9 Story 6 Story 6 Story 5 Story 5 Story 7 Story 7 Story 6 Story 6 Story 8 Story 8 Story 7 Story 7 GH Component Board Story 10 Story 10 Story 8 Story 8 Story 9 Story 9 Story 10 Story 10 GH Contexts 8
  9. 9. Backlog Management Live Demo 9
  10. 10. Progress & Trend Tracking● Sprint burndowns (hours, stories)● Internal release burndowns (stories)● Public release burndowns (stories)● Scheduled vs. unscheduled stories● Committed stories vs. stretch goals● Team Velocity Trends 10
  11. 11. Progress & Trends Tracking Live Demo 11
  12. 12. Forgotten “Small” Thing“Hey, our parallel sprints are not so parallel...”“Gosh, we need to modify GreenHopper itself” 12
  13. 13. World is not perfect● Stories fixed in several releases● Unfinished work● Hierarchical versions are awesome, but ... JIRA does not know about them● Sometimes GH behaviour is not what we expect 13
  14. 14. Future● Rapid Board● Pluggable date strategies in GreenHopper● Executive Dashboard / Project Portfolio Management● Automatic Velocity calculations 14
  15. 15. Summary● GreenHopper is amazingly flexible● Think out of the box (or: the mapping is tricky)● Try to satisfy your needs by existing functionality, write plugins if you really cannot● Dashboards and gadgets FTW● JIRA + GH works in Scrum of Scrums environment pretty well 15
  16. 16. Credits● Huge thanks to Lumesse Limited for allowing me to talk about it publicly and use their prod data● Many thanks to Mariusz Chrapko for his creativity, great Scrum attitude and passion 16