Ambassadors go forth...
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Ambassadors go forth...



A tail of three and a bit Ambassadors

A tail of three and a bit Ambassadors



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Ambassadors go forth... Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Ambassadors go forth A tail of three and a bit Ambassadors ...and the new features of Confluence 4 and JIRA 4.4
  • 2. Three Amigos BenHelen OlleValerie Sam
  • 3. Where have we come from? Developing Blogging Tweeting Team leading Conferencing Coaching Community Training User groups Video interviews
  • 4. Mission Impossible Get the world hooked on Atlassian... ...without selling anyone anything...
  • 5. So how do we do this???
  • 6. Our not so secret weapons...
  • 7. Managing the ambassadors... Daily task list Weekly reports 90 day goals Events planning Meetings... and more meetings.. Avoid drowning in email.. Expediting and dealing with issues...
  • 8. Could be very boring...
  • 9. Use the power of JIRA... Luke
  • 10. May the JIRA be with you... Ambassador project Simplified issue type to Task Enabled Greenhopper plugin - shipped with JIRA by default from now on
  • 11. JIRA 4.x has become easier... Improved overview Easier install Well managed updates Unified overview Simple editing of issues Autocomplete JIRA queries Visual Workflow designer Greenhopper bundled
  • 12. JIRA admin unified overview
  • 13. K.I.S.S. Use simplest workflow possible Only create issue types you need Use labels to help you find issues - common labels could become issue types ...
  • 14. Our workflow does what?? See what your BOfH has done to your workflow “Can we make a quick change to our project?” “Sorry, Dave did that workflow... I dont know what it does... He is not back until next week!” Visual workflow editor to the rescue !!
  • 15. Workflow editor saves the day...
  • 16. JIRA queries now not so scary...
  • 17. Easier searching and reporting Type in what you want JIRA suggests the right things you want Save your query... … use those in Confluence
  • 18. Report on specific week Type with help from auto-complete:project = AMBASSADORS AND assignee = jstevenson AND fixVersion = "Week 31" ORDER BY priority DESC Press the search button! Get URL for XML feed: xml/temp/SearchRequest.xml?jqlQuery=project+ %3D+AMBASSADORS+AND+assignee+ %3D+jstevenson+AND+fixVersion+%3D+ %22Week+31%22+ORDER+BY+priority+DESC&tempMax=100
  • 19. Some feel JIRA is still fiddly... Too many fields Lots of irrelevant information Not sure what to fill in... Not a great user experience!
  • 20. New way to edit an issue Simplified issue editing form Drag and drop to customise your own form Only add what’s important Raise issues quickly...
  • 21. Editing an issue is simple...
  • 22. Greenhopper is even easier...
  • 23. Greenhopper for daily task list Picture of greenhopper wallboard as appetiser...
  • 24. Even Darth uses Greenhopper
  • 25. If you still think JIRA andGreenhopper is too much... …show your issues in Confluence
  • 26. JIRA New features demo
  • 27. Confluence 4
  • 28. Communicate with confidence Communicate with Confluence Ambassadors have their own space Everyone has free run (except for deleting the whole space !!) Audit trail keeps people honest Really drives collaboration
  • 29. Telling people who I am My Confluence home page Contact details / my location Recent documents / edits Planning activities
  • 30. Making daily stand-ups more fun Talk about things we are learning Help each other priorities Identify dependant activities Talk to each other as human beings...
  • 31. Boring status meetings......just say no
  • 32. JIRA Issues gadget for Confluence Show any list of issues you can in JIRA Uses a XML source URL easy to use...
  • 33. Work in progress
  • 34. What I did last week...
  • 35. Report on specific week Type in:project = AMBASSADORS AND assignee = jstevenson AND fixVersion = "Week 31" ORDER BY priority DESC Press the magic button! Get URL for XML feed: xml/temp/SearchRequest.xml?jqlQuery=project+ %3D+AMBASSADORS+AND+assignee+ %3D+jstevenson+AND+fixVersion+%3D+ %22Week+31%22+ORDER+BY+priority+DESC&tempMax=100
  • 36. Confluence for 90 day goals Simple to create tables Emoticons to make goal status easy to see Could also use status field Simple to understand for a wider audience
  • 37. Wiki Markup is dead, long live Wiki Markup Seperate Wiki markup editor is deceasedWiki markup is still alive and kicking and better than ever
  • 38. New editor in town
  • 39. Confluence editor demo
  • 40. Team Calendars People related events - Holidays (yay!) Events – lets get planning JIRA tickets – oh, we are launching today, yay ! Sync with Google (iCal) Calendars
  • 41. Team calendar demo
  • 42. More new stuff in Confluence 4 Context sensitive menus Table editor toolbar Embedded powerpoint presentations Macro browser Macro keyboard shortcuts Status Macro
  • 43. The big picture Using JIRA project dashboard for overview Thinking of usuing JIRA wallboard plugin
  • 44. Back to dogfood-ing... Raising issues with Confluence “Give Feedback” button Bonfire Raise issues quickly in JIRA
  • 45. Bonfire
  • 46. Whats next for the Ambassadors Customer interviews / case studies Online promotion, blogging, tweeting Conferencing and community events University outreach – bridging the skills gap Atlassian user groups
  • 47. A small tour around Europe !!
  • 48. UK Atlassian user groups Bath / Bristol group starting soon Possible Reading group London kick-off planned Looking for willing customers to run groups Your user group needs you!
  • 49. Taking beer to the community
  • 50. … and cool T-Shirts
  • 51. JIRA 4.4.x Easy admin, workflow editor, simple issue form, easy upgrade,Confluence Powerful new editor, team calendars, gadgets, Email mentionsAtlassian user groups need youAmbassadors marching all over Europe #LondonAPE
  • 52. Thank you For everything else there is GoAtlassian YouTube channel
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