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Description of our agency capabilities and the services that we offer with our professional partners. Our services focus on SEO Consulting, PPC Management, and Web Analytics Consulting. We work with agencies, big and small, to help provide more comprehensive digital solutions for their clients.

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Rochester Digital Marketing Partnerships at LDM

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Partnerships 8/29/2013 Londes Digital Marketing
  2. 2. Who We Are At LDM, we’re a group of young professionals passionate about digital marketing. We’re educated, strategic thinkers who work hard providing boutique digital solutions, focusing on long-term, positive-ROI results for our clients. Mike LaLonde Sydney Hadden Managing Director Digital Marketing Manager He received a BA in Economics and an MBA concentrating in marketing and finance, both from Rochester Institute of Technology. Combining his quantitative education with a creative approach to online marketing, Mike helps the LDM team focus on developing creative solutions that provide longterm ROI for clients. Sydney has a passion for advertising. After pursuing her Masters degree from The Simon School of Business, she has focused her career in developing and strategizing digital marketing solutions. Her passion for organization, creativity, and hard word have led her to be a successful part of our team and lead our PPC management services. Nelson Hamwey Scott Kisloski Harold Bishop Gino Kha SEO Specialist Graphic Designer Graphic Designer Web Developer Hard-working and conscientious, Nelson leads the SEO authority building effort. He has a BA in Marketing from Rochester Institute of Technology. Graduating from RIT in 2011, Scott focuses on userinterface design, css3, html5, and development of responsive websites in Wordpress. Harold has a passion for design. From websites and landing pages to infographics and banner ads, he’s our digital branding master. Gino has a strong background in Web Development & Database Logistics. If it can be coded, Gino can get it done.
  3. 3. Our Philosophy Fusing creative thinking with quantitative analysis to provide clients with ROI-maximizing digital marketing solutions.
  4. 4. Our Services
  5. 5. PPC & SEM Services PPC  We design campaigns to be optimized quickly, scaled based on client needs, and managed to maximize results.  Through custom dashboards and reporting, we quantitatively show our clients the performance of their campaigns.  Customer segmenting and optimization based on factors such as time of day, device type, network, and location.  PPC platforms include Google Adwords (including Shopping PLA’s), Bing Ads, Adroll, and Social Media.
  6. 6. SEO Consulting SEO Through our analytical consulting approach to keyword selection and strategy refinement and our optimization services based on white-hat strategies, we help our clients drive targeted traffic and achieve great long-term ROI.  Consulting Services  Vendor Services  Keyword Research  Guest Blogging  Strategy Development  Content Development  Website Audit  Opportunity Monitoring  Resource Allocation   Opportunity Monitoring Local & Niche Placements  On-Page optimization  Website Updates  Web 2.0 Development   Content Tagging  Social Sharing  Usability  Online Community   Site Structure Technical Analysis  PR  Reporting Reporting
  7. 7. Web Analytics Consulting Web Analytics You have questions. Analytics provides answers. Web analytics provide mounds of data about your visitors. From optimizing the conversion funnel to gathering insights about your customers, analytics helps clients make more intelligent business decisions.  Sales & Funnel Analysis  Event Tracking  Goals & Success Metrics  Microconversions  Assisted Conversions  Custom Reporting & Dashboards
  8. 8. Conversion Rate Optimization Optimizing the online conversion funnel is one of the most overlooked opportunities when it comes to increasing overall campaign ROI. By identifying weak conversion areas, developing alternatives, and executing performance tests, conversion performance improves and ultimately increases the ROI on every campaign.  A/B Testing    Independent variable testing Conduct statistical tests on independent elements, such as different landing pages, button text, colors, or headlines Multivariate Testing    Dependent variable testing Conduct statistical tests on dependent elements, finding the best combination of elements working together on a page. Testing Platforms: Google Content Experiments, Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer
  9. 9. Partnerships & White Label We work with a number of companies from design companies to traditional marketing agencies to help provide clients with comprehensive digital marketing services.  We provide white label services to help companies offer topnotch Analytic, SEO, and PPC campaigns.  Flexible arrangements to fit our partners’ needs and represent them as desired.  White Label Services  Accounts managed under a general e-mail addresses  Reports branded for your agency  Interact with clients and potential clients as a member of the agency team
  10. 10. Additional Services Our additional services support the proper execution of our core digital marketing services.  Design Services  Websites  Landing Pages  Form Design  Banner Ads  Print  Social Media  Development  Email Marketing  Social Media  Digital Strategy & Promotions