When Digital Media mobilise Young Activists...


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Presentation af AOIR: Internet Research Conference 9.0.

When Digital Media mobile Young Activists..
- A Study of Young People’s Use and Meaning of Digital Media in Mobilisation after the Clearing of “Ungdomshuset” in Copenhagen

Christie Stauning Andersen, postgraduate student in IT
Lotte Lund Larsen, MSc in IT

Published in: Education
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When Digital Media mobilise Young Activists...

  1. 1. When Digital Media mobilise Grassroots - A Study of Young People’s Use and Meaning of Digital Media in Mobilisation after the Clearing of “Ungdomshuset” in Copenhagen Christie Stauning Andersen, postgraduate student in IT Lotte Lund Larsen, MSc in IT Internet Research 9.0: Rethinking Community, Rethinking Place 16th October 2008
  2. 2. Agenda 1 Introduction 2 Analytical Results 3 Is Smart Mobs the Right Notion?
  3. 3. Problem Statement How were digital media used in the mobilisation of youth house activist and what significance did it have? In that sense is there a new culture of mobilisation emerging?
  4. 4. Method Ethnographic study 1st Frebruary - 15th April 2008
  5. 5. Collected data 3 websites 2 social networksites 1 Gmail account 113 chain text messages 5 observations 2 group interviews
  6. 6. Theory Social Movement Network Society Howard Rheingold: Smart Mobs
  7. 7. Six Types of Chain Text Messages
  8. 8. 1 The Urgent Type quot;Trouble in the centre of Christiania - the police have shot a puppy and threatened people with guns. come and give your support! forward this quicklyquot; Chain text message, 2nd April 2008
  9. 9. 1 The Urgent Type quot;Like this urgent message as in, if you don't come now, it might be over in an hour, so this is also relevant to youquot; Girl 18 years old
  10. 10. 2 The Informative Type quot;THEY BROKE OUR HEART – NOT OUR SPIRIT! Big popular demo on the 1-year anniversary for the clearing of jagtvej 69. 1st March at 12 from Nørrebro sportscentre to Christiania to City Hall ASSquare where there'll be music, performance and street cake. Bring everyone and their grandparents along! The fight goes on! Forwd.quot; Chain text message, 29th February 2008
  11. 11. 3 News quot;New Youth House on Dortheavej! Read politiken.dk B-)quot; Chain text message, 14th March 2008
  12. 12. 4 The Affirmative Type quot;Well it's also sometimes (…) then there are like some people who send stuff like that around, which doesn't really contain anything, which is just like pat yourself on the back we're really cool or...quot; Girl 17 years old
  13. 13. 5 The Regulative Type “Dont start riots tonight! We are a movement who sometimes use militant stradegy! Not a hooligan group! The political proces is still on! We will fight another day! Dont do something stupid, just for one night of riots and fun! Be smart! Take care. Spread the word” Chain text message, 1st March 2008
  14. 14. 6 The Festive Type quot;Come! - Friday Bar this Friday April 4th in Bumzen. Nulle & Verdensorkestret are playing that funky music at 19.30 and Mekanisk will take care of the bar, tall tales, and wicked style.... It'll be a party!!quot; Chain text message, 30th March 2008
  15. 15. Waves of Chain Text Messages
  16. 16. Many Processes of Mobilisation and Demobilisation at the Same Time
  17. 17. That Is all Smart Mobs - But How?
  18. 18. A Huge and Intelligent Potential of Diffusion
  19. 19. Mobile Phone Subscriptions
  20. 20. “(…) then I know this and that person in that network and for example know that this person always forwards to such and such a large network I know, right? Then maybe instead of sending it to everyone I know, I'll send it to three different people who I know all have their networks.” Girl 17 years old
  21. 21. “(…) at the same time I also know someone, where I know that they know, that I know when they get the chain message about something (…)” Girl 17 years old
  22. 22. Coordination not Planning
  23. 23. Smart Mobs Is Inadequate
  24. 24. Emergent Culture of Mobilisation
  25. 25. More information Slideshow: slideshare.com/lolula Our blog: mobilspeciale.dk Contact: mail@mobilspeciale.dk