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I presented this presentation for Public Relations Class at IBII....

I presented this presentation for Public Relations Class at IBII....

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  • 2. What is a presentation• A presentation is a live mode of sharing information with select number of audience. It is oral communication with a person shares a factual information with particular audience• We can do presentation as an oral activity using visual electronic aids to discuss new ideas and information with specific audience in an impressive and convincing manner
  • 3. Definitions• The object of a presentation is to transmit information and opinions to an audience in your own words, within limited amount of time• A presentations is a form of communication with an audience. When you prepare for presentation you must consider elements such as the situation for which presentation is designed, the method that you will use, and the response that your audience will make.
  • 4. Format• A presentation has a well defined format. As a normal practice, the audience sits through the delivery without interrupting the presenter completes his/her part of presentation that the audience is invited to ask questions or seek clarifications
  • 5. Common mistakes from PPT• Too much info• Audience can read the visual aid• Presenter talk to the visual aid• Presenter is our of control
  • 6. Let’s Get Started!
  • 7. Today’s Agenda• Content• Body Language• Speaking• Structure• Challenge + Q&A
  • 8. Content• Make people care about themselves• Humanized numbers• Put all in a context• 1 point for one presentation• Be unexpected
  • 9. 1. make people care about themselves
  • 10. 2.Humanized numbers
  • 11. 3. Put all in context
  • 12. One point only for onepresentation
  • 13. Be Unexpected!
  • 14. Body Languange• Dress accordingly• Face your audience• maintain eye contacts• Point and re-orient• Be enthusiastic
  • 15. Speak clearlySpeak in reasonable paceUse inflectionProject your voiceTalk to the audienceWatch out your idioms
  • 16. Structure• Define the objective• Design the close• Creative opening• Outline the body• Add spice• Designing Visual Aids• Tailor the presentation to your audience needs• Create cheat sheet• Rehearse
  • 17. Define Objective• Only one objective for e ach presentation• STICK TO IT!
  • 18. Design the Close
  • 19. Creative Openings• A relevant anecdote• A Strong Quote• Get the audience to do something• Ask a question• A Real Dramatic of humorous situation• Current Event• Controversial opening
  • 20. Visual Aids• Keep charts, clean, and simple• Use dramatic visuals if you can• Do I really need this chart?• Be different• Props
  • 21. Tailor the presentation to your audience’s needs
  • 22. e ch eatCr eat t she e
  • 23. RehearseIf you presenting inteam1.Introduce the team2.Move near to them3.Team involvement4.Rehearse together
  • 24. Now, remember this… Only 7% of our total presentation remembered
  • 25. Take Out
  • 26. Are you ready for the challenge?• Let’s get the group• Pick a topic• Discuss the presentation• Pick 2 persons• 5 minutes to present