Vet blue practice management software


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Vet blue practice management software

  1. 1. VetBlue Practice ManagementSoftware
  2. 2. A niche market in the webpractice management softwarearena that has been rapidlygrowing is the veterinarymarket. Over the last few yearsthe human medical professionhas dipped into the onlinemedical management marketand now its time for thespecialists who take care of ourbeloved pets to have theopportunity to do the same,helping the offices that treatpets practice and communicatemore efficiently than everbefore.
  3. 3. VetBlue is one of the newest andmost successful entries into thismarket and it is 100% cloud basedprogram that uses the internet tocreate a mobile and easilyaccessible stream of information,all relating to the veterinarybusiness. This allowsveterinarians, veterinaryassistants and often the owners ofthe pets to have easy access to upto date information from the clinicwhether they are looking for itfrom their homes, offices, or evenon the phone.
  4. 4. The flexibility that cloudservices allows you toexperience has not goneunrecognized by a variety ofbig name companies.Companies like Boeing,Phillips or even Valve all usethe cloud system for itsflexibility in managinginformation. When youcombine the cloud system withthe veterinary business and theclinics themselves you canquickly share informationacross the board via the web,and it can be accessed by anyweb ready device.
  5. 5. This means you can put upinformation on conditions from theclinic and read them on your wayhome, transfer them to clinics onthe other side of the world, or evenjust set a reminder from yourcomputer at work so that youllknow you have an appointment andwant to be alerted by your cellularphone. You can even set up securitysettings so that owners are able tosee information they are privilegedto see through their computers andweb ready devices instead of onlybeing able to gather thatinformation through you personally.
  6. 6. The flexibility that comes from theuse of VetBlue is really its mainselling point. Its paperless, it canimpress customers, and it cutsexpenses as there is no longer aneed for filling cabinets orconstant back up of informationbecause your computer systemcrashes. All of your importantinformation and records is storedsafely on the cloud network. Bycutting these costs youll not onlysave money, but youll also be ableto offer better service andeventually increase revenue bymaking a name for yourself.