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A simple portrait photography course
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A simple portrait photography course


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Published in: Education, Art & Photos, Business
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  • 1. A Simple Portrait Photography Course
  • 2. What is Portrait Photography? Portrait photography captures the essence and the personality of the person in a photograph. For a photographer, he must use his skills in his arsenal to bring out the real character behind an individual. He must show the power of CEOs, show the warmth of the smile of the children, or make a couples wedding day shine through a portrait. It is the job of the photographer to bring out the beauty in the subject rather than the environment.
  • 3. How to Get Started in Portrait Photography? There are many ways to get started in portrait photography without using an expensive equipment. I would recommend you to get a digital camera and start shooting photos of people. With practice, you will get better on how to capture the mood of a person. You don't have to kill your model in boredom while placing him in couch sitting idly.
  • 4. One of the best ways to capture people is through wacky moments. This prevents your model from being awkward and unnatural. If you make them more comfortable about themselves, you are half way in your journey to create portraits in photos! Also, since you captured it in digital camera, you can edit the pictures through your computer to improve your image editing techniques.
  • 5. How to Improve the Quality of Your Portrait Photography? Sometimes, when you look at a poor photographic portrait, you will see that shadows in the face kills the quality. The one thing that you can improve about is the proper portrait lighting of your studio when taking pictures. Remember, if you go outdoors to shoot on a sunny day, chances are, shadows will cause unnecessary clutter on your images. To counter act these, use a soft lighting in your cameras. If you follow this tip, you will see immediate improvements in your skills as a professional photographer.
  • 6. Remember, to truly improve in portrait photography, I suggest you find a photography courses edmonton specifically targeting this field. Education can help you achieve award winning photos and maybe someday, you might even become a pro!