I, me, my, mine!
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I, me, my, mine!






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I, me, my, mine! I, me, my, mine! Document Transcript

  • IES Peñalba Confusing words! (2) 4º ESO I have a toy. The toy is for me. It is my toy. The toy is mine. Have a look at the chart and learn the difference! SUBJECT OBJECT POSSESSIVE PROSSESSIVE PRONOUN PRONOUN ADJECTIVE PRONOUN I Verb/prep + me My + noun Mine You … you Your… Yours He … him His… His She … her Her… Hers It … it Its… Its We … us Our… Ours You … you Your… Yours They … them Their… Theirs Subject pronoun: We use them as the subject of a sentence. Object pronoun: We use them as the object of a verb, following a verb. Possessive adjective: We use them to modify a noun, before nouns. Possessive pronouns: They are similar to possessive adjectives but they don’t modify any noun. Complete the sentences with the correct form: subject or pronoun and possessive adjective or pronoun. 1. My father goes to work by _____ car. _____ drives well. 2. Serkan plays football on Saturday nights. _____ plays wonderfully. 3. _____ father and mother are great parents. She loves _____ so much. 4. They fell in love when she looked at ________ and he looked at ________. 5. My little cats are very lovely. _____ love milk. 6. He bought a new bicycle. _____ is red. 7. Thomas loves Susan. _____ wants to go out with _____. 8. But Susan doesn’t love Thomas. _______ hates _______ and she doesn’t like ______ personality. 9. That is her cat. This cat is ________. 10. My brother goes to school with _____ friends. 11. We are visiting _____ family today and they are visiting _______ next week. 12. _____ is boring to stay at home. There is nothing to do. 13. Paula has had her teddy for more than 10 years and now________ eye is missing.
  • IES Peñalba Confusing words! (2) 4º ESO 14. I’m talking to my friends and you are talking to ______. 15. In _____ free time we play the piano with _____ mother. 16. Do you take ______ dog for a walk every day? 17. I can lend Patrick my dictionary and he can lend _____ _____ pencil. 18. Susan and Ali are good friends. _____ are always together talking about _______ interests. 19. The Greens are moving to ______ new house. My house is nice but I prefer _______. 20. He invited us and we invited _____. 21. You want to see Peter but _____ doesn’t want to see _____. 22. He gave me his address and I gave him mine. 23. She gave _____ her address and we gave _____ _____. 24. You gave _____ _____ _ address and he gave _____ ______. 25. They gave ______ ______ address and I gave _____ _____.