Wedding assignment by IGOR DEMCHENKO


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Wedding assignment by IGOR DEMCHENKO

  1. 1. You are invited to Igor’s wedding! NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL December 2 st 2011
  2. 2. NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO Item: Reason for Selection: Cost: Wedding Ring I chose a 18k white gold diamond with 33 round diamonds ring for two reasons. With diamonds all around the ring she’ll notice the sparkling diamonds from any angle whilst wearing the ring and will be reminded of me and secondly, I hope that she will see how much she means to me because instead of settling for a few diamonds on the ring I decided to offer a ring that has 33 diamonds on it! $2,235 Wedding Dress I chose a more classic bridal gown rather than the slim, more modern, gown because this style reminds of the dress princesses wear and on this day I want her to feel like a true princess. I also chose to buy the dress so she can be able to keep it forever and remember this day. $2,650
  3. 3. NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO Item: Reason for Selection: Cost: Tuxedo This is a Neil Allyn tuxedo that is offered at a very reasonable price. I chose to buy this suit instead of renting it because I think I could wear it again at a later date. $295 Shoes I’ve combined the cost for the bride’s, groom’s, and bridesmaid's shoes. All shoes are complementary gifts. $900 Trans-port Renting a bus and a limousine for the entire day. Taking care of parking costs for guest would cost an extra $800. $4,000 Venue & food The venue will be the Centennial room at Liberty Grand on lakeshore. The food package will be $110 per person and I invited 115 people. $23,000
  4. 4. NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO Item: Reason for Selection: Cost: Flowers & Deco-rations There will be gorgeous bouquets flowers on each table. We will be efficient in that we will first place all the big flower sets in the church and then they will be moved to the reception area while the bride and groom and off being photographed. $8,000 Photo/ Video-graph A professional wedding photographer will take the necessary pictures to make this day even more memorable while the videographer will document the days events. At the end of the day both will compile a compilation of footage that will be shown to the guests. $4,000 Invita-tions 115 invitations will be sent out in special envelopes. $1000
  5. 5. NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO Item: Reason for Selection: Cost: Music This includes the D.J. for the after party and the violinists. $4,500 Perform-ers We will have dancers who will perform a traditional dance. $1000 Wedding Cake This wedding will be full of flowers and it will be more suitable to put flowers on the cake instead of the traditional bride and groom figurines. This is a traditional cake with three layers. $1,900 Wedding Donation Instead of spending money to buy our guests special gifts we would rather donate money for the Sick Kids foundation. $4,000 Wedding Planner Getting help from a professional is key in making sure the big day runs smoothly. $1,500
  6. 6. Wedding Itinerary <ul><li>Previous to the wedding day both the groom and bride follow the ritual of staying at their parent’s home regardless of whether the couple lives together or not. They also follow the ritual of avoiding each other before the wedding ceremonies. </li></ul><ul><li>The itinerary begins at noon with picking up the bride and bridesmaids from the bride’s family home in a rented limousine  </li></ul>NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO
  7. 7. Wedding Itinerary <ul><li>The groom makes his way to the church on his family. Starting at 1 A.M. a ceremony is proceeded at the St. Volodymyr church located on Bathurst & Dundas). Once the couple is wed they are picked up and driven to significant locations to be photographed while the rest of the guests make their way to the reception venue. At 4:30 the couple make their way to the venue via rented limousine. </li></ul>NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO
  8. 8. Wedding Itinerary <ul><li>Now, with their family alongside the are able to take group pictures. The reception begins at 5 P.M. sharp with an open bar, hors d’oeuvres, and a cheese station all whilst a professional band of violinists play soft music. An hour and a half later, once everybody is settled in the dining room, the Master of Ceremony does introductions for the people sitting in the head table. </li></ul>NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO
  9. 9. Wedding Itinerary <ul><li>This is continued by a welcome speech and the first dance. At seven o’clock a traditional blessing is done followed by a toast and grace. The first course is served, roasted vegetable purée with a pesto drizzle soup. Approximately ten minutes in speeches are made by the bride and groom’s parents. </li></ul>NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO
  10. 10. Wedding Itinerary <ul><li>Half an hour later the second, main, course is served as duo entrée: medallions of veal with a red wine cabernet jus and baked boneless breast of chicken with a lemon herb crust and white wine sauce with risotto and market vegetables asiago. Ten minutes in an entertaining performance begins in the form of a traditional dance. Once that is done speeches are presented by the wed couple’s friends and relatives. </li></ul>NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO
  11. 11. Wedding Itinerary <ul><li>At nine the dessert is served; chocolate marquise with white chocolate chantilly cream and passion fruit coulis. Ten minutes after, the bride and groom do their speeches, cut the cake, bride and father dance, and groom and mother dance. Once that is done the center pieces are given away and it is announced that the money that was supposed to go on gifts for the guests has been donated to Sick Kids. </li></ul>NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO
  12. 12. Wedding Itinerary <ul><li>At 10 P.M. the party begins with a professional D.J.. At 10:45 P.M. the garter and bouquet toss rituals are performed. At 11 P.M. late night serving stations are opened offering sweets and fruits. At 2 A.M. the party comes to a close as the rented limousine comes by to pick up the bride, groom, and their entourage and take them to their complementary suites. </li></ul>NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO
  13. 13. Analysis <ul><li>1. If I had a budget limitation I would first exclude the expensive venue I chose, this is my highest expensive and I think that, if necessary, I would be able to find a less expensive venue to host this wedding in. Secondly I would have to look for a cheaper ring, the current ring I chose has thirty three diamonds on it and might come off as being too flashy, thus going with something more conservative is acceptable. Lastly, the performance (traditional dance) I included in the wedding is an extra luxury that can easily be cut. </li></ul>NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO
  14. 14. Analysis <ul><li>2. The key challenge I faced throughout the construction of this report was that I could not decide on the specific items. I become very picky when selecting items such as the clothing and in the end I ended up redoing everything and making everything more simple and less costing. My original fantasies were literary out of this world . </li></ul>NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO
  15. 15. Analysis <ul><li>3. Yes, my perspective on weddings has significantly changed. Before, I had no idea that so many things were necessary for a wedding, I also had no idea that the costs were this astronomical. My biggest surprise is the cost of the venue. Weddings require a lot of work but once it is all complete the atmosphere is truly magical. </li></ul>NORTH AMERICAN WEDDING RITUAL IGOR DEMCHENKO
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