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  1. 1. Q2) How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text? By Sonam Dhillon
  2. 2. Similarities The main products song title is “down in the mouth” and the album title is “stranded” this portrays being at an all time low and this is expressed in our video in addition to our ancillary text. The characters facial expressions and body postures are shown after the main actor/artist has been fired from work, from here onwards his day goes from bad to worse and this is easily noticeable.
  3. 3.  Similar facial expressions are represented in the inside of the digipack. This image shows the artist in similar clothing as his work clothes in the main product so he is easily identifiable, standing alone amongst four walls and a closed door. This is done intentionally to symbolize being in a depressing state and shows he’s trapped amongst four walls. This shows there is no hope left or no open doors, which is why I had the artist stand in front of a closed door. This is to represent everything is closed however there is a small peep hold to show possibility or little hope yet. This also relates to the album title “stranded” which shows there is nowhere to go and the song title “down in the mouth” he is looking down at the floor and upset. Similarities
  4. 4. Another similarity from our main product and ancillary text is the same guitar is used that we used on the back cover of our digipack. This represents an indie instrument which is broken and this portrays the frustration of being “down in the mouth” and “stranded.” So our titles, images and video interlink. Similarities
  5. 5. Similarities This is a screenshot of solely the guitar that is on our back cover. As you may have noticed the guitar is broken just how it was in the video, this is because It is the the same guitar. I felt it was Important to show an indie instrument In our digipack and we decided to do this yet represent the frustration felt In this album by breaking it in anger.
  6. 6.  A significant difference is in clothing. Most characters follow the stereotypical conventions of the indie genre, with casual clothing. However the only contradicting piece of clothing is of the main artist/actor. This however shows that its not necessary to always follow each convention and we challenged it based on the situation. He works at a large company which is the reason for his suit, the other characters however are not working when shot so they represent the genre more than the artist himself. Differences
  7. 7.  Apart from the main character wearing a suit there are not many differences from our main product and ancillary text as we did not go against our the indie conventions so all our work would interlink and follow the themes of the genre and the album. The digipack, video and advert all follow the same concept of the title “stranded.” Conclusion