Impact Of E Commerce On Business

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  • 1. Impact of E- Commerce on Business Made by: Maryam Ali
  • 2. Blockbuster
    • Products and Services: retailing and renting of VHS tapes DVD, Blu Ray, and Video Games
    • Industry: Home Entertainment
    • Stores: headquartered in Downtown Dallas, Texas
    • Revenue: 5.28 billion US dollars
  • 3. Blockbuster
    • Two Ways e-commerce has changed the way they did business are:
      •   They haven't been able to change with e-commerce as fast so they have lost money
      • They recently announced that they would be closing stores
  • 4. Barnes And Noble
    • Products: books, music CDS & DVDS, gift items
    • Services: selling and shipping books online and in person
    • Stores: 777 stores in all of the United States
    • Revenue: $5.4 billion USD
    • Industry: Retail
  • 5. Barnes And Noble
    • Two ways e- commerce has changed the way they did busines are:
      • They are now selling products online
      • Competition with Amazon and other world wide bookstores has increased
  • 6. Netflix
    • Products and Services: Online DVD and Blu-Ray disk rental, Proprietary Microsoft VC-1 video download
    • Industry: Electronic Commerce
    • Revenue:$ 1.365 billion USD
    • Area Served: Worldwide
  • 7.
    • Two ways e commerce has changed how Netflix does business are:
      • First of all, Netflix is an e-commerce industry and it is thriving
      • It is putting other stores behind in competition.
      • Netflix has only 2,000 employees and they are making a lot of money
  • 8. Amazon
    • Products: books, kindle, retail products ( mobile phones, gift items etc.)
    • Services: retail products
    • Industry: retail, multinational e- commerce company
    • Revenue:$ 19.666 billion USD
    • Area Served: worldwide
  • 9. Amazon
    • Two ways e- commerce has changed the way they did business are:
      •   Amazon is an e- commerce industry
      • They have a very high revenue
      • They have changed the way books are sold and bought
  • 10. Zappos
    • Products: shoes, handbags, eyewear, accessories and apparel
    • Services: retail
    • Industry: retail
    • Revenue: $ 840 million USD
  • 11. Zappos
    • Two ways e-commerce has changed the way they did business are:
      • Zappos has grown to be the biggest online store
      •   It has been increasing in popularity from word of mouth reccomendations