Holcim awards for sustainable construction


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Holcim awards for sustainable construction

  1. 1. Sustainable Construction & Holcim Global Awards R. Nand Kumar ACC Limited, India
  2. 2. Taking responsibility for making a difference Concrete is the most consumed substance on earth after water (~ 1 m 3 of concrete per person/year)
  3. 3. (Source: World Green Building Council, The ecological footprint ) The Global Footprint of Buildings Will Grow This represents the collective impact of all building materials & services
  4. 4. Sustainable construction is building in a way that is socially , economically, environmentally, functionally , and aesthetically balanced to meet today's needs and to provide and conserve resources for future generations A Simple Definition
  5. 5. India’s Urban Growth i n next 5 years © Ashok Lall, India Source: Bureau of Energy Efficiency 20 million dwelling units Housing 50,000 rooms Hotels 13 million m 2 Retail space in malls 19 million m 2 Commercial space
  6. 6. “ About 90% of all buildings of the modern world are unsustainable.‘‘ Prof Holger Wallbaum, Holcim Chair for Sustainable Construction, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), Switzerland
  7. 7. Codes, standards, permits, economy, politics, trends, awareness… Sustainable Construction Bridges This Value Chain promoting and rewarding Sustainability and “ green ” design Architects Planners Engineers Policy makers Builders Promoters Investors End-users Building materials Products & services Solutions & applications Lifecycle & certificates
  8. 8. Sustainable Construction is a Holistic approach to Construction Sustainable construction seeks harmony between Today and Tomorrow, Resources and Consumption Needs and Opportunities
  9. 9. “ non-commercial promotion and development of sustainable construction, regionally as well as globally: Holcim Foundation Objectives Regional adaptation of sustainable construction Interdisciplinary approaches to sustainable construction
  10. 10. Partner Universities Advisory Board : Globally respected names - K. Töpfer, E. Norten, S. Upton, Y. Kakabadse, A. Lovins, M. Yunus, R. Soiron massachusetts institute of technology
  11. 11. Europe Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland North America Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, USA Latin America Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA), Mexico City, Mexico Africa Middle East University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Johannesburg, South Africa Asia Pacific Tongji University (TJU), Shanghai, China SHORTLY SIGNING WITH AN INDIAN UNIVERSITY massachusetts institute of technology Partnerships - Technically competent & credible
  12. 12. “ non-commercial promotion and development of sustainable construction, regionally as well as globally: Holcim Foundation Activities FORUMS for academia and practioners FUNDS for building projects and research projects. GLOBAL AWARDS innovative design solutions
  13. 13. Promoting Sustainable Construction FUNDS & GRANTS FORUM AWARDS Communicating, Exhibiting, Debating, Lecturing, Publishing Supporting and Rewarding Symposium series for academia and practitioners to debate future approaches to the built environment Implementation funding for promising research projects and tangible building initiatives International competition to recognize outstanding construction projects and next generation visions
  14. 14. Forum - A Symposium of Experts ZURICH Swiss Fed Institute ETH September 2004 “ Basic Needs ” TONGJI University April 2007 “ Urban Transformation” MEXICO CITY – Ibero Americana April 2010 “ Reinventing Construction”
  15. 15. Funding sustainable construction Building projects Funding sustainable construction research PhD projects/teams Project Seed Funding Implementation funding for promising research projects and tangible building initiatives
  16. 16. Website: www.holcimfoundation.org www.holcimfwards.org
  17. 17. News Letter – No Fee – Subscribe Today
  18. 18. Publications IUCN Gland Benny Farm, Canada
  19. 19. Regional and global competitions in a 3 Year Cycle Seeking interdisciplinary approaches to sustainable construction and projects with high probability of execution Addressing architects, engineers, materials technologists, planners, social scientists, and related professions – including students Promoting and rewarding regional approaches to sustainable construction Evaluation by an independent jury of experts Holcim Global Awards
  20. 20. 3 rd International Holcim Awards competition: OPEN FOR ENTRIES Contest closes March 23, 2011
  21. 21. Open for entries till March 23, 2011 Online entries in English 5 regional competitions, 5 regional Awards ceremonies May 2011 Global Prize Money : USD 2 Million Global Ceremonies in prize winners’ countries 3 rd Awards cycle : www.holcimawards.org Goal: To increase the overall quality of entries
  22. 22. Holcim Awards carry total Prize Money of US $ 2 million, the highest among global awards for architecture or construction . Main Category Regional Winners US$ 100,000/50,000/25,000 Global Winners US$ 200,000/100,000/50,000 Next Generation Category Regional Winners US$ 25,000/15,000/10,000 Prize Money - Unmatched
  23. 23. MAIN NEXT GENERATION Very Easy To Apply Online - Menu Driven Two Award Categories For Entries
  24. 24. MAIN : Any construction project at an advanced stage of design with a high potential for execution is eligible for the competition where execution of project or commercial supply of product/service had not started before July 1, 2010. Anyone can enter - architects, engineers, materials technologists, material suppliers, service providers, landscape & horticulturists, decorators, planners, promoters, builders, social scientists, and related professions MAIN Category
  26. 26. NEXT GENERATION category open for Final Year students of Graduate level & above incl Post Graduate, PhD students for projects created within university programs. within university programs = university/ institute must approve student entry (this category seeks visions and ideas at a conceptual level) NEXT GENERATION Category
  27. 27. Evaluating Sustainable Construction P rogress  Significant advancements Pl anet  Environmental performance P rosperity  Economic efficiency P eople  Social responsibility P roficiency  Architectural quality & aesthetics Five Target Issues
  28. 28. Not about cement... any material 1/4 - M etropol Parasol
  29. 29. Material Reduction - Efficient Fabric-Formed Concrete, Canada – a proposal to deploy inexpensive geotextile fabrics available worldwide offers a novel opportunity for the concrete industry to deliver products and services to a wider range of clientele regardless of the level of industrial sophistication. Benefits include cost reductions for formwork material and transport . … Not about Building Structures
  30. 30. Not a Matter of Scale... any size will do 1/4 Coral Restoration Concept
  31. 31. River remediation and urban development scheme (Fez, Morocco) is a multi-sited, multi-functional project that is centered upon the recovery of a river. Work on restoring it triggered a range of interventions in the Medina. Core components are rehabilitation of the old city’s architecture, revitalizing public spaces and traditional tanneries, and creating new pedestrian zones. Not only about new buildings…..
  32. 32. Holcim Awards is only for Designs – not finished structures Low-impact greenfield university campus Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  33. 33. Significant advancements  P rogress Environmental performance  P lanet Economic efficiency  P rosperity Social responsibility  P eople Architectural quality  P roficiency “ Target issues” – criteria for sustainable construction
  34. 34.  Innovation and transferability Switzerland Progress Significant advancements; multipliable innovative approaches Zermatt, Switzerland Zermatt, Switzerland
  35. 35.  Environmental quality and resource efficiency Sudbury, Canada Planet Environmental performance; management of natural resources
  36. 36.  Economic performance and compatibility Maribor, Slovenia Prosperity Economic efficiency; feasibility
  37. 37.  Ethical standards and social equity Medellín, Colombia People Social responsibility; long-term impact
  38. 38. India  Contextual and aesthetic impact Hyderabad, India Proficiency Architectural quality; impact on physical environment
  39. 39. EASY TO APPLY NO ENTRY FEE ONLINE ENTRY in English No Hard copies needed at all ANYONE CAN APPLY NO RESTRICTIONS Closing date March 23, 2011 Apply at www.holcimawards.org 3 rd Holcim Global Awards competition:
  40. 40. THANK YOU & Visit www.holcimawards.org Contest closes March 23, 2011