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A short history of railway developments in the United States

A short history of railway developments in the United States

Published in: Business, Art & Photos

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  • 1. THE IRON HORSE a short history of trains in the 19 th century
  • 2. Early Train History
    • First imported steam locomotive was in 1830s by Horatio Allen
    • Trains capture the imagination of Americans from the beginning.
    • Which do you think is more efficient?
    • 1869 the golden spike of the transcontinental railroad hammered into American soil: coast to coast transportation
    • From 1861 to 1890 train track increased from 30,000 miles to 210,000 miles !
  • 3. The Reality and Romance
    • The Romance
      • Travel
      • Land
      • Adventure
      • Fresh start
    • The Reality
      • Harsh working conditions
      • Displacement of Native Americans
      • Feudalistic-like towns run by businessmen
  • 4. Urbanization by Transportation
    • Train system linked different markets across nation
    • Cities near the railway developed (Chicago, Minneapolis)
    • New towns were created centered on the train industry
    • Railway-towns created that provided all services to the train factory’s employees (Pullman Town)
  • 5. Greed for the Greenbacks
    • Credit Mobiler (1864)
      • Union Pacific Railroad
      • Congressmen and Businessmen involved
      • Millions of $ taken by skimming railway profits
    • Abuse of railway
      • Businessmen and favoritism
      • Government abuse of lands
      • Abuse of farmers (price gauging, debt)
  • 6. Government, Private Industry and the Court
    • Gragner Laws (1871)
      • Grangers convinced politicians to support them
      • Illinois authorized regulation of railway co. prices in state
    • Munn v. Illinois (1877)
      • Railways fought back
      • Supreme Court decision upheld farmers protection
    • Federal Regulation
      • Munn v. Illinois establishes federal protection of public interest over private interest
  • 7. See Saw Politics and Public Outrage
    • Granger’s power short-lived
    • Supreme court overturns state regulation of trains
    • Public Outrage
    • Interstate Commerce Act
      • ICC Established to regulate railway commerce federally
      • Did not wield effective power until the early 1900s
  • 8. The Panic of 1893
    • Railroad Industry Falters
      • Corruption
      • Competition
      • Bankruptcy
    • National Depression
      • 600 banks and 15,000 businesses failed
  • 9. The Rise of the Big Business
    • Massive Bankruptcy puts railway industry in the hand of a few trust
    • The Age of Big Business
    • J.P. Morgan, Vaderbilt, Carnegie all come out of this sea shift in American business
  • 10. Orwell and Railroads
    • “ Hark! here comes that old dragon again-that gigantic gadfly…snort! puff! scream! Great improvements of the age” Melville fumed “Who wants to travel so fast? My grandfather did not, and he was no fool” (Moby Dick)
    • Like Orwell, do you think technology moves to fast for society to handle?