Jan Braeckman Bibnet Public Libraries In Times Of Google


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Openbare bibliotheek ten tijde van Google

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Jan Braeckman Bibnet Public Libraries In Times Of Google

  1. 1. 28-10-2009 Things change Public libraries & in times of Google People change European Congress on E-Inclusion 2009 Education Leisure Hier staat de titel Hier staat de titel 1
  2. 2. 28-10-2009 Digital magazines Living books Hier staat de titel Hier staat de titel • www.flashpageflip.com Music Hier staat de titel Public libraries change December 28th 2007 2
  3. 3. 28-10-2009 Inequality at the origin Public libraries evolved Hier staat de titel Hier staat de titel Andrew Carnegie 1835 - 1919 Current inequalities Poverty: between 11% and 15% staat de titel Hier Low literacy (not able to function properly in society): 18% 30% no computer at home 40% no broadband Sociological survey: 30% are non-participants – alienated not participating in culture, not engaged in volunteer organization, no or poor social network around them, no political participation (protest voting) 3
  4. 4. 28-10-2009 Plenitude “We are used to deal with scarcity. That Hier staat de titel has been our human lot since the beginning of history. Now we face plenitude.” Change - continued: Richard Lanham internet and cultural shift Cultural shift Internet is a social medium Hier staat de titel • Hanging out • “The Internet models the larger cultural • Finding new friends conversation, and when something is put up • Form a gang there, people naturally consider it not as a • Brag, impress product but as part of a conversation, whether it be the exchange of embroidery • Exchange stories patterns or pop songs.” • Share media • Play Richard Lanham • Fight • Bullying • … 4
  5. 5. 28-10-2009 Cultural shift Challenge Internet is: Almost all core functions of public libraries are effected Hier staat de titel Hier staat de titel • Where you find information by Internet • Accessible, independent of time and place • Where you decide what to read, when to game, Reformulate the mission of public libraries which film you want to watch • In radically changed environment • Where you take part in ongoing cultural • And identify today’s social issues, the libraries have conversations. to provide solutions for Is an issue for all stakeholders • Not a debate within the library sector alone ….it very much resembles a public library • Not a national debate alone Mission Instrument for policy Hier staat de titel Reformulating what a Hier staat de titel public library is “Books, the physical books themselves, were [always] incidental to the real library mission, which was the • Correction of the market dispersion of knowledge. – Access to a divers and living culture … Their final loyalty is to knowledge, to the free > rich cultural conversations marketing of ideas, to the cultural conversation.” – Access to information and knowledge > neutral, objective, professional Richard Lanham • Co-responsibility for an inclusive society – Supporting local community life – A ‘place’ within the local community – Bridging the digital divide 5
  6. 6. 28-10-2009 Value for the public • Divers and rich collection: quality titel Hier staat de – Inspiration, entertaining, reflection – Learning, socially more empowered • A shared symbolic environment: identification – Stories, information, knowledge – Creating opportunities for people and communities to connect to each other • Being local – Knowledge of local community, for the local community – Being a public place (here the public is taking the lead) • A partner for an inclusive society – Access and skills Cabrio INTEGRATIE This man was looking for The Red Hot Chili Peppers and found much more… 6
  7. 7. 28-10-2009 Local Hier staat de titel Libraries have issues bring the bring the inside out outside in Hybrid environment (plenitude & immediacy) (syndicate) (import, organise) User generated content For ever in development benefit understanding Life styles & niches expert generated content What about my books? user generated Copyright marketing content privacy generation C Non-participants identity 7
  8. 8. 28-10-2009 Staff Inclusion as a challenge Hier staat de titel Change strategies, roles, priorities: Hier staat de titel • Accessible technology: broadband, infrastructure + content & services • And beyond: competencies, skills • Partnerships with education, information literacy Aim at mobilizing people • Be part of, and enrich the cultural conversations going on (digitally) • Relate to people who lack stimuli in their social networks, the non-participants… Strengths > inclusion • Aware of the need to change Beslissing IWT midden Hier staat de titel – Successfully integrated earlier technological september 2009 developments – On a local level: in the front line • Professional attitude “For all people, and for people who need some help in particular” • Good infrastructure, on good locations • Rich collections: so many items, so many opportunities to connect to people A place for learning, bonding, discovery, leisure… 8
  9. 9. 28-10-2009 Richard Lanham The Economics of Attention (2006) Ray Oldenburg The Great Good Place (1989) Frank Huysmans The future of the Dutch public library (2008) 9