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Hrms Presentation by Vision Raval

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Human Resource Management System ...

Human Resource Management System

System Introduction

HRMS provides cutting edge solutions in the areas like Admin and Human Resources in small as well as big enterprise. It comprises many modules. They are viz. financial and accounting management system, Holidays, attendance, designations with their respective work, employee database, and many more…..

User friendly System
Elaborates Admin & HR functionality.
Customizable data entry.
Keep track of Employees and their respective work
Easy billing, invoices, expenses and other financial statement.

Total tracking of employee records.
Add and maintain service ID's, names and descriptions
Create, maintain and monitor various appointments and booking details , assigned task to employees
Keep track to all the employee timings and attendance.
Helps in accelerating the efficiency of employees.

Assist management in quicker decision making
Access to information becomes easier.
Salaries/pay outs and leave structures becomes smoother and faster.
Employee can have most of the information online.

The USP of HRMS is availability of any admin records, employee records updated to the date enquired. So, all functions related to Admin & HR becomes smoother and faster

Human Resource Management helps the organization with up-to-date information of all their employees. This helps the management to save their time, keep permanent records of employees, keep the database saved permanently or as desired.

Vision Raval

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  • 1. Neesa Technologies Pvt. Ltd .
    9th Floor, Cambay Grand,
    Near PERD Center,Off. S.G Road, Thaltej.
    Ahemedabad - 380 054. (Gujarat)
    Phone: +91 - 79- 29098107
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    Neesa Technologies is an Offshore Software and Web Applications Development company. Neesa Technologies also provides Outsourcing services with power-driven quality for the eternal commitment to move ahead along with the changes of the world.
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    In today’s world, Companies survive on the basis of how well they manage and utilize their Human and Intellectual capital.
    The success of any Organizations depends on “Knowledge Workers“ and the company must have a proper system to manage them so as to reap the maximum benefits in terms of productivity, augment efficiency and enhance overall profitability.
    The proposed software of Human Resource Management System incorporates and automate the tasks involved to manage human resources, such as manpower management, recruitment, payroll, pension benefits, event management, reminders, account settlements of an employee etc. The system provides easy, compact and comprehensive solution, which helps to monitor entire Human Resource process along with interactive reports for better MIS to prompt corrective measures.
    The Human Resource Management system emphasizes on Personal, Administration, Leave and Payroll Accounting, Pension benefits.
    HRMS System is based on a meticulously detailed modular plan, covering:
    • Allocations & Transfers
    • 5. Deputations
    • 6. Recruitments
    • 7. Resume Tracking
    • 8. Induction Kits
    • 9. Employee MIS and Benefits
    • 10. Attendance
    • 11. Training
    • 12. Performance Appraisal
    • 13. Promotion Details
    • 14. Leave Monitoring
    • 15. Travel Management
    • 16. Payroll System
    • 17. Provident Fund, Pension, Gratuity & Superannuation
    HRMS System is based on a meticulously detailed modular plan, covering:
    • Separation Details
    • 31. Administration
    • 32. Event Management
    • 33. Notices
    • 34. Import / Export (Excel / Ms Access Module)
    • 35. Comprehensive Reports
    • 36. Single Company – Multi – Branch System
    • 37. Backup Utilities
    • Intuitive and aesthetic Graphical User Interface (GUI).
    • 38. Optimum response time.
    • 39. Includes a Browser based On Line Help Facility.
    • 40. Multi level security.
    • 41. Comprehensive reporting.
    • 42. Search facilities with any type of combination.
    • 43. Backup and Restore utilities.
    • 44. Scalable
    • 45. Define any kind of Leave
    • 46. Define any kind of Earning/Deductions Head
    • 47. Define your Own Organization Structure
    • 48. Safe and Secured
    • 49. Function Based Security
    • 50. Override ID
    • 51. Extensive Data Capture & Rule Builder
    • 52. Data-Transfer Capabilities
    • 53. Multi-Branch System
    Besides the Special features that HRMS provides, it also offers the following advantages:
    • Reduction in the operational costs
    • 54. Increases Productivity by automating routine tasks
    • 55. Availability of relevant information to authorized users at the right time
    • 56. Provides the management with a better control and supervision over human resources
    • 57. Helps to attain effective decision making
    • 58. Absolute Security Control
    • 59. Complete, accurate, and easily accessible information
    • 60. Industry standard architecture for seamless integration
    • 61. Faster search for any information.
    • 62. More economical and safer means of storing and keeping track of information
    • 63. Reduces errors and eliminating the ennui of long and repetitive manual processing.
    • 64. Greater accountability and transparency in operations.
    • 65. Improved efficiency and effectiveness in administration and management as it has unprecedented access to real-time information.
  • Reports
  • 66. Reports
  • 67.
  • 68.
  • 69.
  • 70.
  • 71.
  • 72.
  • 73. In the New Millennium business world, where more and more companies view human asset management as the soul of enterprising, HRMS System, with its full spectrum solutions repertoire, is a vital growth key.
  • 74. Thank you
    Mr Vision Raval
    Head, Marketing Division, NTPL
    - USA : 909 440 6909
    • Mobile : 9909953922 / 9898330717
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    • 76. IM’s : Yahoo/skype/Gtalk: lovizta