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De thi(1)

  1. 1. --cau 35:What are the two parts of TP?a.Host address and MAC addressb.Network address and MAC addressc.Network address and host addressd.MAC address and subnet mask--cau 36:The default protocol when installing Windows 2003 Server is...a.Apple Talkb.IPX/SPXc.TCP/IPd.NetBEUI--cau 37:What network component is used to extend the distance of the signal whentransmiting over the normal specifed distancea.IRQb.repeaterc.Passive hubd.NIC--cau 39:A___ topology network typically uses one long common cable,called a 40:The___ layer of the OSI model sends frames from the Network layer to thePhysical layer and controls electrical impulses that enter and leave the network cable.a.Networkb.Applicationc.Data linkd.Transport--cau 41:Which protocol is used to dynamically assign IP addresses?a.TCP/IPb.Proxy ARPc.ARPd.DHCP--cau 42:How many bits are in an IPv4 addresses?a.None of the other answersb.32c.16d.64--cau 43:A network connecting two or more geographically distinct network is calleda____?a.GANb.MAN
  2. 2. c.WANd.LAN--cau 44:Which cable types primary use is 100BaseT networks?a.Fiber-opticb.Twinaxc.UTPd.Coax--cau 45:A ____ is a network that connects computers in a limited geographic area,such as a school computer laboratory,office,or group of buildings.a.wide area network(WAN)b.boundless area network(BAN)c.local area network(LAN)d.partial area network(PAN)--cau 46:In this type of network topology,if one computer cable is cut and not connectedtothe network,all computers on the network will be "down"a.Mesh topologyb.Star topologyc.Hub topologyd.Bus topology--cau 47:Which of the following IP addresses is NOT a valid host address on a network?a. 48:What do routers connect?a.Bridges and hubsb.Bridges and repeatersc.Two or more networksd.Hubs and nodes--cau 49:Which type of cable is used to connect the switch 10BaseT ports to a 10BaseT-compatible workstation?a.Crossover CAT5 cableb.Thick coaxial cablec.RJ-45-toRJ-45 rollover cabled.Straight-through CAT5 cable--cau 51:A hub is an OSI Layer___ devicea.4b.1c.3d.2--cau 50:
  3. 3. Name three topologies of simple LAN:a.Star-wired-ring,Star,Ringb.Star,Ring,Busc.Hybird,Ring,Star-wired-ringd.Star,Ring,Hybrid--cau 52:Match the IP address with the proper class Bb.Class Ac.Class Cd.Class D--cau 53:Which of the following is not needed for a peer-to-peer network?a.A cilent computer or terminalb.A dedicated server or host computerc.A circuitd.None of the other answers--cau 54:The base components of the network architecture are........a.Topology and Protocolsb.Form of the network and cablec.Operating System and Server hardwared.Physical Media and Network card--cau 55:What is one of the characteristics of a peer-to-peer network?a.Each computer can act as a serverb.At least one computer is implemented as a dedicated serverc.No user training is required for a simple peer-to-peer networkd.Each computer user is considered to be a network administrator--cau 56:Which of the following describes a ring topology?a.All computers can transmit and receive simultaneouslyb.Signals are broadcast to all computers until the appropritate computerrespondsc.Signals travel in one direction,passing through each computerd.Failure of any one computer will not affect network performance--cau 57:What function does Address Resolution Protocol(ARP) perform?a.Automatically assigns IP addresses to computers.b.Resolves or maps a known IP addresses to a MAC addressesc.Prevents two computers from using the same IP addressd.None of the others--cau 58(OSI model)A rowter works at the layer the OSI modela) Data -Linkb) Networkc) Presentasiond)Applicationcau 59 )---When creating a network from just 2 PCS, what kind of cable would beused to directly connect them
  4. 4. a) Coxial crossover cableb)A fibre optic cablec) A straight UTP cabled)UTP crossover cable--cau 60: A MAC address in the context of networking can best be described asa) The natwork address of an Apple Macintosh computerb) The unique Physical address of a device attached to a networkc) The address of a device connected to more than one networkd) The IP address of a device