Making Marriage Work


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Making Marriage Work

  1. 1. 4 Major Challenges 1. Keeping an intimate relationship 2. Dealing with the inevitable changes 3. Handling conflict in a loving way 4. Managing family finances
  2. 2. LetLet marriagemarriage be held inbe held in honorhonor among all.among all. 13 : 4 Wedding At Cana
  3. 3. Courtship • Demanding process • Pursue it at the risk of: – well-being – rest – everything else until the capture is made. Then …relax..
  4. 4. intimacy • Courtship continued • Glue of marriage • More than a satisfactory sexual relationship • Sum of the little things for a response through thick and thin because there is enjoyment in being together.
  5. 5. intimacy • Easily lost in: – Neglect – Indifference • Results in: – Isolation – Indifference • Once lost, can be regained by courtship techniques
  6. 6. Intimate moments
  7. 7. Lead a life worthyLead a life worthy of the calling toof the calling to which you havewhich you have been called,been called, with allwith all lowliness andlowliness and meekness,meekness, with patience,with patience, forbearing oneforbearing one anotheranother in love. 4:2
  8. 8. CHANGE • Married life has been a series of: – Changes – Adjustments – Realizations • Marriage stands a better chance of succeeding if you understand that change is inevitable • Constructive change is essential
  9. 9. PATTERNS OF CHANGE 1. Expect change 2. Not all change is good 3. Change can be encouraged 4. Change begins with self 5. Prayer is necessary
  10. 10. This is MyThis is My commandment,commandment, that youthat you love one another aslove one another as I have loved you.I have loved you. 4:2
  11. 11. CONFLICT • A sign that marriage is alive • Means of growth or disintegration • Agree on rules for handling disputes
  12. 12. PLAY BY THE RULES 1. Be specific 2. Listen 3. Stick to the point 4. Appropriate time & place 5. Keep things in perspective 6. Get it over with 7. Forgive
  13. 13. Judge not, andJudge not, and you will not be judged;you will not be judged; condemn not, andcondemn not, and you will not beyou will not be condemned;condemned; forgive andforgive and you will be will be forgiven. 6: 37
  14. 14. Managing money • The leading cause of conflict within marriage is money – Who controls it – How is it spent • Money is the most visible symbol of self- worth and struggles over power
  15. 15. Be Realistic 1. Structure your own system 3. Agree on essentials 4. Put the marriage first 5. Communicate 2. Provide independence 6. Put money in perspective
  16. 16. WhereWhere your treasure is,your treasure is, there will bethere will be your heart also.your heart also. 6:21
  17. 17. Behold, I will liken you to a cedar in Lebanon, with fair branches and forest shade of great height… It was beautiful in its greatness, in the length of its branches; for its roots went down to abundant waters. Ezekiel 31: 3-7
  18. 18. A Married Couple’s Prayer Lord, we are sorry and we ask your forgiveness that sometimes we show lack of respect, and understanding and love;
  19. 19. That we neglect each other by neglecting to pray for each other; That we have often spoiled the perfect relationship you planned for us.
  20. 20. And yet we also want to thank you For the happiness we have known together For the sadness we have faced together
  21. 21. For the problems we are overcoming together For the love which you gave us which is completely unspoiled. AMEN. Christopher Idle
  22. 22. •Fr. Larry Tan, SDB Inspirational Series