Capital Sins


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The Seven Capital Sins

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Capital Sins

  1. 1. Capital Sins
  2. 2. 2 P L A G E S
  3. 3. P - Pride L - Lust A - Anger A - Avarice G - Gluttony E - Envy S - Sloth
  4. 4. Pride For youth and lay people
  5. 5. Pride Hard to say Lack of Lack of sorry for humility to humility in own accept faults doing wrongdoings penance Boastful Self- Human righteousness respect Self-esteem Egotism Fault-finding attitude
  6. 6. Pride Presumptuous Over self- justifications confidence Superiority/ Ambition “holier than inferiority thou” complex attitude Vainglory hypocrisy Strife & Disobedience
  7. 7. Pride For children
  8. 8. Pride Boasting or bragging
  10. 10. Lord let me not think too highly of myself Nothing and no one comes before You Have mercy on this proud heart of mine Grant me the grace Never to raise myself above anyone Only then can I be kind, considerate And charitable to others Kill the pride within me Make me not “I-centered” But “other-centered” Rid me of my bloated self-esteem Impress on me my nothingness Without You. Amen.
  11. 11. A man’s pride results in his humiliation, but he who humbles himself will achieve honors. Proverbs 29:23
  12. 12. Lust For youth and lay people
  13. 13. Lust Attachment Sentimental Impure to creatures friendship thoughts Pornography Curiosity of Listening to the eyes lustful jokes Lack of Immodest prudence in Cybersex on looks, words, dealing with the internet actions & the opposite thoughts sex
  14. 14. Lust Calling X-rated Night hotlines movies/ clubbing stories Pornographic Not praying Opening or materials and and/or doing looking at media from anything to potentially the internet protect one’s dangerous self from bad emails/ junk things on the internet mail full of immodest pictures
  15. 15. Lust Using chat Tempting Dancing with programs ones self to opposite or such as impurity by same sex Messenger, staying up immodestly etc. without late on and with any business, internet/ impure body school or chatting touch proper motive resulting in in mind impure thoughts or impure actions during or after dance
  16. 16. Lust Not objecting Going to bars/ and reporting strip clubs and Going to the watching or massage pornographic having impure clinics with & actual actions with women in touching of them naked dress delicate areas and having sex in the body with them during sex- education classes of school
  17. 17. Lust Looking at/ Entertaining Going to entering the lustful ‘schoolies “adult” stores jokes/ week’ / beach comments of parties / others hedonistic ‘afterschool celebrations
  18. 18. Lust Giving in to Bathing with Laughing curiosity and classmates with / at impure looks/ and friends people making words/ in a tub / impure jokes / actions to pool/ beach comments of classmates as with others a result of immodest watching sex- clothes education media at school
  19. 19. Lust Not standing Televison, The use of up for the video games, drugs like Catholic computer ecstasy and Church’s games and alcohol to teachings on telephone use arouse sin of for no reason sexual fornication / – thus activities adultery / tempting one’s masturbation self to / homosexual laziness, marriage, etc. impurity, gossiping, impure conversations , not doing homework
  20. 20. Lust Immodest dressing Attending / Laughing (shorts, supporting with / at singlets, mardi-gra/ people making tanktops, homosexual impure jokes/ showing processions comments belly, shorter and festivals than the knee, shorter than the elbow – thus scandalizing and tempting people to impurity
  21. 21. Lust Fornication Using or tempting Driving cars artificial ones self to fast and birth control fornication by dangerously pill to avoid going to to invite the pregnancy parties, night opposite sex to clubs, being touch with friends, immodestly on the one another internet Being Adopting new Ignoring influenced by age meditations catholicism in american media and practices or the study of – television art teachers and religion other teachers idols, movies, etc.
  22. 22. Lust Immodest Drinking for the sake of movies drinking or to knock-out, welcomed by become uncontrollable, the class become attractive, get a teacher girlfriend/ sex partner
  23. 23. Lust For children
  24. 24. Lust I malicious in my thinking and acting with the opposite or same sex?
  26. 26. Lord , draw me out Of the weakness of the flesh This foolish, self favoring self. Help me to keep keen the edges Of my mind And persevere in thinking Straight and true To keep my passions in control. Take out my senses Any perversion and addition To lust any temptation That curdles and corrodes my peace. Open my eyes to the falseness Of earthly attractions Help me to refuse my own blind appetites To open the channels For the power of self-denial. Lord, teach me to overcome. Amen.
  27. 27. The tendency of the flesh is toward death but that of the spirit toward life and peace. Romans 8:6
  28. 28. Anger For youth and lay people
  29. 29. Anger Impatience Indignation Noisy speech Blasphemy Quarrels & irritation desire revenge Temperal with Answer back Lose temper the at the over little shortcomings parents/ discomfort of others guardians or annoyance
  30. 30. Anger For children
  31. 31. Anger I am easily provoked to anger , unforgiveness and vindictiveness
  33. 33. Lord I need You to curb my temper And bridle my tongue. Help me to get along with people Who are difficult, thoughtless And selfish Keep me from speaking barbed words From unkind silences that hurt even more. Restrain my anger when things go wrong Believing that You want me To bear this trial Make me sweet inside That I may be warm with other people Gentle in the things I say Kind in what I do. Amen.
  34. 34. Whoever gets angry with a brother or sister will have to face trial. Whoever insults a brother or sister deserves to be brought before the council. Whoever calls a brother or a sister “Fool!” deserves to be thrown into the fire of hell. Matthew 5:22
  35. 35. Avarice For youth and lay people
  36. 36. Avarice The use of Hardness of Discontent violence in heart with one’s acquiring lot possessions Still Attachment Lying and to material dreaming of deceit things / a luxurious life riches Unrest or disordered anxiety regarding the things of this world
  37. 37. Avarice For children
  38. 38. Avarice I am always thinking of myself
  40. 40. Lord, keep me from becoming Too firmly attached to this earth That I should fall in love too deeply With material things. Make me understand that this journey Is only a temporary visit Then can I see all of life In its true perspective. Let me love those that will endure Allow nothing on earth To mean so much to me That I would sin for them Purify my desire for earthly things By using them wisely According to Your Will. Amen.
  41. 41. Make it your practice instead to store up heavenly treasure which neither moths nor rust corrode, nor thieves break in and steal. Matthew 6:20
  42. 42. Gluttony For youth and lay people
  43. 43. Gluttony Lack of Eating Compromises temperance in without on fasting food permission days Stealing food Selective Lack of gluttony mortification ALCOHOLISM Use drugs and got addicted
  44. 44. Gluttony For children
  45. 45. Gluttony I stuffed myself eating I used any dope or drugs
  47. 47. Lord, thank You for the bounty of this day That provided delightful things for the table Let me look at food With grace and enjoyment Without overlooking my health Curb my appetite without begrudging me The reasonable need to fill my basic hunger Reign my lack of control With the knowledge That the quality of my nourishment Is more vital than the quantity of my cravings Keep me ever mindful of Your blessing Not of how much more I can eat But of how thankful I ought to be. Amen.
  48. 48. Distress and anguish and loss of sleep and restless tossing for the glutton! Sirach 31:20
  49. 49. Envy For youth and lay people
  50. 50. Envy Jealousy Hatred Detraction Attention Murmuring Discontent getter Craving for Feel sorrow Bothered yourself the when others when the accomplishment are praised, good deeds of others or are better of others and are more successful than we are
  51. 51. Envy Feel Sorrow Bothered Rebel when when others when the we do not get are praised, or good deeds the merits are better and of others which others are more are easily receive successful seen while than we are ours remain hidden speak ill of We compete Resentment others and and resort at the downplay to trickery neighbor’s their works to get even prosperity or ahead of and joy in his those whom adversity. we envy
  52. 52. Envy For children
  53. 53. Envy I am sad because others are talented more than me instead of praising god for his gifts
  55. 55. Lord, do not allow me To be too firmly attached to this earth That I should fall in love and crave For too many things. Guard me from a jealous eye, An envious heart. Save me from the tyranny of possessions Mature me in the choices that I make. Control my desires for earthly satisfactions. Give me the courage to be content. Keep me back from wanting. Hold me back from taking. Lead me to find a balance. Of moderation and a zest for living. Amen.
  56. 56. Be on your guard and avoid every kind of greed for though you have many possessions your life doesn’t depend on them. Luke 12:15
  57. 57. Sloth For youth and lay people
  58. 58. SLOTH Tepidity Wandering Faint towards the towards heartedness Divine what is precepts forbidden Despair of Idleness Procastination salvation / delays Mediocrity Imperfection laziness of duties
  59. 59. SLOTH Compromises on Passing to others schedules one’s duty & responsibility Indifferent to the Unfulfilled needs of others resolutions Lack of effort to Coming late for overcome sleepiness activities / prayers especially in prayers
  60. 60. Sloth For children
  61. 61. SLOTH I failed to study or do my other work
  63. 63. Lord, I need to be recharged. The visions and dreams That have propelled me to continue Have been dimmed and Faded to monotony. The aspirations, vows, and promises Are now withered and blighted I have sought the easy way Drawn back from the road that is hard. I have been fond of giving myself To day dreaming Of what I am going to do sometime Yet have been so slow in getting started Lead me to new ideas and New attitudes and a new spirit. Amen.
  64. 64. We urge you to warn the idle, encourage those who feel discouraged, sustain the weak, have patience with everyone. 1 Thessalonians 5:14
  65. 65. 7 Capital Sins 2 P L A G E S
  66. 66. P - Pride L - Lust A - Anger A - Avarice G - Gluttony E - Envy S - Sloth
  68. 68. As I suffered in the Garden, I was tempted with every form of temptation. The enemy offered Me every soul on earth, but for one. For stepping away from the chance of saving this one soul, I could escape the cross.
  69. 69. Add to the consideration that this one soul might reject Me and be lost anyway. Would I be tempted? Would you?
  70. 70. Now consider that this one soul was yours. What do you think I would say? I assure you, My beloved, I said NO.
  71. 71. Fr. Larry Tan, SDB Catechism Series