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  • 1. Twitter and the realtime web impact on news and communities Loic Le Meur twitter.com/loic Facebook.com/loic loic@seesmic.com
  • 2. Entrepreneur, blogger since 2003. Founded 5 companies.
  • 3. Currently building one of the most popular Twitter application, Seesmic
  • 4. and behind the #1 European Internet event, leweb.net
  • 5. The printing press
  • 6. The telegraph and the telephone
  • 7. Cinema
  • 8. TV
  • 9. Conversational media is no good at addressing groups Mass media is no good at conversation (Clay Shirky, How Cellphones Twitter and Facebook can make history)
  • 10. The Internet
  • 11. The Internet • Has native support for conversation AND group communication • Becomes the carriage of ALL other medium, mixed • Each time a new consumer enters a new producer joins • The network grows at a square the number of participants
  • 12. Professional media has become a minority source of information
  • 13. Chinese Earthquake this year
  • 14. Protests made China shut down Twitter
  • 15. Hudson River Plane Crash
  • 16. Fort Hood Shootings Read Paul Carr’s post
  • 17. News came from ONE Twitter account Soldier Tearah Moore http:// twitter.com/missTearah
  • 18. Watch out for the “Look at me looking at You” (Paul Carr)
  • 19. Twitter is Microblogging • It is simple • It is mobile, any phone can update by sms • Takes one minute • Feedback comes fast • You can feel your community real time
  • 20. Anyone should build a community and a brand online • It’s the fastest way to get help • It’s the fastest way to find a job • Feeling connected in real time to your online friends feels like thinking as a group
  • 21. It does not come for free • Share first, help others before asking • Bring value, don’t keep just advertising your stuff or talking about yourself • Share on a regular basis • Go comment and participate in other communities • Share on multiple platforms, blogging can be your home, but social software is much faster and easier for most
  • 22. Go start today
  • 23. Find your niche and be the best at it
  • 24. Recommended readings: Tribes by Seth Godin Trust Agents by Chris Brogan
  • 25. Thank you twitter.com/loic facebook.com/loic loiclemeur.com loic@seesmic.com