Build A Product with your community

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How to build a product with your community

How to build a product with your community

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  • 1. Build a Product With Your Community Loic Le Meur - Seesmic @loic
  • 2. Why bother?
  • 3. You Could Sell Creme Brulee • • 2,726 followers of Creme Brulee on Twitter • sample tweet: “Creme brûlée cart on 22nd and Guerrero. Are you coming?”
  • 4. Advertising PR Marketing matter much less than word of mouth
  • 5. What your friends say matters
  • 6. “1,000 real friends could tell 1,000 other friends that your product rocks” (link)
  • 7. “you just got 1 million people talking about it” Seth Godin - Tribes 1,000 true fans
  • 8. #1 conference in Europe no marketing.
  • 9. 1.5 million downloads no marketing.
  • 10. Start by sharing. • Don’t ask for any help before sharing • You don’t even have to blog, just tweet! • Share also what you would share around a dinner with friends or you’re boring.
  • 11. Your community is what matters the most.
  • 12. Product? Identify an exciting “white” space people talk about
  • 13. Ship it as fast as you can even if it’s not perfect
  • 14. Get Feedback
  • 15. Twitter Search
  • 16. Get Satisfaction
  • 17.
  • 18. If nobody talks about your brand it’s dead.
  • 19. Answer especially if it’s negative.
  • 20. “Seesmic is a pile of ass”
  • 21. “I’ll have to tone down Irish language”
  • 22. “This is exactly what every company should do”
  • 23. What the new customers look like
  • 24. They want everything for free
  • 25. No advertising, it’s intrusive.
  • 26. If you suck they tell everyone
  • 27. No loyalty, they switch to your competition
  • 28. and... they tell everyone too!
  • 29. They want everything immediately 24hrs a day
  • 30. There is good news.
  • 31. It’s the same for your competitors
  • 32. and testimonials come too
  • 33. What I learnt • get closer to your real fans: launched team seesmic (email list, Ning site coming soon) • ship as soon as you possibly can • get your “public roadmap” executed as fast as possible • be transparent and honest with issues • never criticize your competition
  • 34. Don’t forget to innovate
  • 35. “Making users happy is a suckers game. Imagine if Steve Jobs let other people add features to the iPhone. It takes a dictator to change the course of an industry.” Michael Arrington
  • 36. “A Porsche would be a Volvo if they let their users decide on features” Robert Scoble
  • 37. Truth is in between listening and being a dictator.
  • 38. thank you Loic Le Meur @loic