Trip to Holland


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Trip to Holland

  2. 2. DAY 1 : Saturday 25th August 2012Amsterdam Airport Schiphol :Arrival: 10:00 AM (Outside:11:00)Transport to StayOkay:Train 11:15 To Amsterdam LelylaanTram 11:26 To StadshouderskadeWalk 11:37 To StayOkay (4 Minutes)Arrival 11:41 at StayOkay Hostel AmsterdamVondelpark ( Costs 4,00 Euro)
  3. 3. Information StayOkay Vondelpark:Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark is one of thelargest and most up-to-date hostels inEurope. It has a unique location in the middleof the famous Vondelpark – a stone’s throwfrom the city’s shopping streets, museumsand vibrant nightlife. Every year, over 75,000guests from all over the world stay here. Thehostel’s facilities are excellent and each roomhas its own private shower and toilet. Thehostel has 536 beds divided over 2-, 4- and 6-bedded rooms and some large dormitories.Costs: 33.00 Euro P.N2 ( 4 Person sharedroom )Quanty Nights: 2
  4. 4. 13:00 Lunch At Stay okay Restaurant ( Costs 12,50 Euro )14:00 Transport Visit the Canals14:05 Tram to Westzijde (Costs 1,14 Euro)14:25 Arrival Prins Hendrikkade (Canals)14:30 Canal TourExperience Amsterdam from the water andsurprise yourself during a 1 hour cruise alongall highlights of the Amsterdam canals.Costs: 14.00 euro p.p15:30 Free Time AmsterdamThings to do in Amsterdam:  Albert Cuyp market (Biggest commercial market of Amsterdam)  Shopping in several streets around Amsterdam (PC Hooftstraat /Kalverstraat)
  5. 5. 17:30 Back at StayOkay18:30 Dinner at Hard Rock Café ( Costs 25.00 Euro)20:30 Return at StayOkay20:30 till....... free time--------------------------------------------------TOTAL COSTS DAY 1 :89,64 Euro. Exclusive own costs Amsterdam
  6. 6. DAY 2 : Sunday 26th August 20128:30: Breakfast StayOkay (7,00 Euro) Make own lunch for in Amsterdam9:15 Tram to Amsterdam Dungeon (0,94Euro)9:27 Amsterdam Dungeon ( Costs 21,00 Euro )10:40 Walk through Amsterdam13:00 Lunch ( Self-Made at StayOkay )13:30 Walk to Madame Tusseauds
  7. 7. 13:45 Madame Tusseauds (Costs 20,00 Euro, 15,00 Euro till 15 y.o) Or.. Terrace at The dam.15:30 Walk to Anne Frank House15:45 Anne Frank House (Costs 4,50 Eurotill 17 Years. 9,00 Euro Grown-Ups)The Anne Frank house is the old house of thejewish girl named Anne. During world war two,she kept a diary, telling everything thathappened. Later she was caught by the germansand killed in a concentration camp. Experiencethe life of a young girl in World War II.
  8. 8. 17:15 Bus To StayOkay (Costs 1,04 )17:31 Back at StayOkay18:00 Walk To Döner Plaza(Dinner)18:15 Dinner At Döner Plaza (Costs (+/-) 8,00 Euro)18:45 Walk Back to StayOkay20:45 Walk To Club Paradiso21:00 Battle The Kings – Summer Dance Forever Dance Party at Paradiso Amsterdam ( Costs 13,50 Euro )TOTAL COSTS DAY 2: 113,44 EURO
  9. 9. DAY 3: Monday 27th August 20128:00 Breakfast at StayOkay Amsterdam9:00 Transport to Rotterdam  Tram to Amsterdam South Train Station  Train to Rotterdam Central Station (09:23)  Train to Rotterdam Blaak Station (10:40)  Walk to StayOkay Rotterdam  ( COSTS 13,76 euro) ErasmusBridge Rotterdam11:00 Arrival at StayOkay Rotterdam
  10. 10. (Quantity of nights: 1 Costs: 33,00 Euros)Information StayOkay RotterdamThe hostel located in the centre of Rotterdamin the striking Cube Houses. These peculiarhomes built on pylons were designed by theDutch architect Piet Blom in 1984. The housesare located close to the Oude Haven, ahistoric area of the city bristling with bars,restaurants and cafés. Every room has its ownwashing facilities and the hostel will be fittedwith state-of-the-art facilities. The hostel isparticularly suitable for groups staying severalnights, but also for meetings.12:45 Walk through Rotterdam
  11. 11. 13:00 Arrival at ErasmusBridge SUMMERCARNIVAL ROTTERDAMInformation SummercarnivalSummercarnival is the most colorful andtropical party of the Netherlands! Dont missthese awesome days of sun, warmth andcultural tradition in Rotterdam. All of theDutch Cultures are invloved in this big party.There is a big Parade threw Rotterdam, andofcourse there is a afterparty.16:00 Free time Rotterdam
  12. 12. Things to visit:– The centre of the city with plenty of shops.- Euromast ( 185 Meters high tower with agreat view on Rotterdams Skyline )19:00 Dinner at Grand Café Engels ( Costs +-25,00 Euro)
  13. 13. 21:00 till....... Free Evening Rotterdam  There are Plenty of nice Clubs, bars and Discos in The city of Rotterdam. ( Hollywood Music Hall and others)TOTAL COSTS DAY 3: 85,26 EuroDAY 4: Tuesday 28th August 2012
  14. 14. 8:00 Breakfast at StayOkay Rotterdam (7,00 Euro) (Make lunch for the afternoon)10:15 Transport to The Hague with theRandstad rail (4,00 Euro)11:00 Arrival at Beach Hostel Jorplace (Two Nights x 38 Euro)Information Jorplace Scheveningen BeachJorplace is the only hostel in Scheveningenand The Hague. Offering an awesomeexperience with a laid back atmosphere. Wehave a total of 122 comfortable beds startingat €19 a night. Jorplace is a well knownhotspot for people looking to travel on abudget. Facilities include: a surfstyle lounge,bar, guest kitchen, big garden with a cosyfireplace and much more…12:00 Transport to the Binnenhof
  15. 15. 12:30 BinnenhofInformation BinnenhofThe Binnenhof (Dutch, literally "inner court"),is a complex of buildings in The Hague andthe location of meetings of the Staten-Generaal, the Dutch parliament, since 1446,and has been the centre of Dutch politics formany centuries.13:30 Transport to Madurodam14:00 Madurodam ( 14,50 Euro )
  16. 16. Information MadurodamThe miniatures and their stories come to lifein the new Madurodam. There is more to see,to experience, and especially to do!Roll up your sleeves: you can now load thecontainers on a cargo ship in the port ofRotterdam, have a plane take off fromSchiphol and operate the Oosterscheldekeringstorm surge barrier to prevent the village thatlies behind from flooding. Do it yourself!You also experience together the storiesbehind many buildings in the Netherlands.During the process, you discover what makesthe Netherlands so special and unique.And when you are done, you can let off steamin the new themed playground.In short, come and experience what makes asmall country so big at the new Madurodam18:00 Transport to Jorplace Hostel
  17. 17. Scheveningen18:30 Dinner at Jorplace ( 11,00 Euro )21:30 Bar & Clubtour ScheveningenTOTAL COSTS DAY 4 : 78,50 EuroDAY 5: Wednesday 29th August 2012
  18. 18. 09:30 Breakfast at Jorplace (7,50 Euro)10:00 Walk to Scheveningen Beach and Boulevard10:10 Scheveningen Beach and BoulevardInformation Scheveningen Beach andBoulevardThe boulevard beach in Scheveningen is bestknown by tourists and Dutch people. Famoustourist attractions are the Kurhaus Hotel, thePier and the boulevard can be found here. Themany restaurants and beach clubs make thisbeach very alive and well visited.12:00 Sea Life Scheveningen Beach
  19. 19. ( 13,50 Euro )Information Sea LifeDiscover the fascinating and beautiful marineworld in SEA LIFE Scheveningen. The world ofshrimps, starfish and crabs, stingrays andsharks. Discover the beautiful fish from one ofthe worlds largest rivers in Amazonia, whereyou will meet the dangerous piranhas.
  20. 20. 14:00 Walk to Scheveningen pier14:10 Scheveningen PierInformation Scheveningen PierThe Scheveningen Pier is a big Lug that laysin the Northsea.On the pier are many activitys avaiable to do,like bungeejumping, Dining, high teaing. Andofcourse a great view of hollands coastline.Have fun!
  21. 21. 15:00 Free time ScheveningenThings to do:– Many shopping abilitys on the boulevard- Swimming in the sea- Laying on the beach- Many nice terraces and beach clubs18:30 Dinner at Fishrestaurant Simonis (14,50 Euro )20:30 Beach Party Scheveningen Beach (7,00 Euro )02:00 or earlier, Return at JorplaceTOTAL COSTS DAY 5: 42,50 Euro
  22. 22. DAY 6: Thursday 30th August 201210:00 Breakfast at Jorplace (7,50 Euro)11:00 Transport to Schiphol airport (7,60Euro)12:00 Check In Schiphol14:00 FLIGHT BACKTOTAL COSTS DAY 6: 15,10 Euro
  23. 23. TOTAL COSTS OVERVIEWDAY COSTS1 89,64 Euro2 113,44 Euro3 85,26 Euro4 78,50 Euro5 42,50 Euro6 15,10 EuroTOTAL 424,44 Euro