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  2. 2. Why to visit Bratislava?Bratislavais a town of young peopleis a meeting point of various cultureshas lively atmosphereis a historic city, previous free royal coronation townhas rich range of cultural and entertainment events
  3. 3. Bratislava
  4. 4. Bratislava Curiosities:Schöne(r) Náci: Is a cast-iron figure of Schöne Náci, the Bratislava dandy Ignác Lamár
  5. 5. Man at work (Čumil): A bronze figure Today, Čumil is probably one of the most-photographed "Bratislavians".
  6. 6. Napoleonic soldier: Is leaning over a bench on Hlavné námestie (Main Square)
  7. 7. Paparazzi: On a corner of Laurinská street passers-by are drawn to this life- sized statue of a paparazzi.
  8. 8. Hans Christian Andersen:• The bronze, larger- than-life statue in the Hviezdoslavovo square.
  9. 9. Sentry box on the Mainsquare: A symbolic reminder of the historic city sentry post which stood in the Main Square from the 17th century to the 1860s.
  10. 10. Narrowest house in Europe:• The house can be found at 15 Michalská street, and with the narrowest frontage in Europe.
  11. 11. Crown on the spire of St.Martin s Cathedral:• This copy of the Hungarian Royal Crown was constructed on top of the spire of Bratislavas cathedral by local goldsmiths sometime around 1870.
  12. 12. Unique hat:The 180 cm diameter iron cardinals hat weighing 150 kg is enthroned at the peak of the pediment of Primates Palace
  13. 13. Bratislava offers you: HISTORY ADVENTURE FUN
  15. 15. Bratislava Castleit was manor-house of monarch Castle with the surroundings was declared as an National historical monument Today the castle is residence of National Museum of Slovakia with historical and musical exposition.
  16. 16. Devin Castlelies on reef beyond concluence of rivers Danube and Morava,In 1809, it was blown up by Napoleon s armies.
  17. 17. St.Martin s Cathedralis the biggest gothic building in Btratislava 19 coronation ceremonies of Ugrian kings and queens were taken place in this church.
  18. 18. Old Town hall  Belongs among oldest historical buildings in Bratislava.  It lies right in the centre of the city, between Central And Primational place.  Building was used as a city hall from 15th to 19th century, but in this age it served as a prison or a mint.
  19. 19. Slovak National Theatrewas settled in 1920, shortly after creation of Czechoslovak Republicnowadays it serves to purpose of Opera and Ballet productions
  20. 20. Grassalkovich s palace or President s palace is axially symetrical rococo building on Hodžovo námestie (Hodža s place), in which resides president of Slovak republic In years 1939 – 1945 this building was residence of president of first Slovak republic.
  21. 21. The Saint Trinty s churchIt was built in 18thcentury, ona place of formerwoodenchapel, and a faceof the churchbuilt on its placein years 1734 –1738 remains upto this day.
  22. 22. Michael s Gate is a former gate of Bratislavian city walls It was built in the end of 14th century It s the only remaining building from the city walls. A story goes, that if you make a wish and hold your breath while coming through Michael s gate, it will come true.
  23. 23. Slavín Monumental war memorial and the only functional military cemetery of Soviet soldiers fallen in 2nd world war in Bratislava On the top of 39,5 m high pylone stands 11 metres high statue Victorious Soldier by A. Trizuljak.
  24. 24. Slovak National Museumis connected with a creation of Museal slovak company.Main building of SNM is building on Danube bank in Bratislava, which is resident to a Natural Science museum
  25. 25. Primate s Palace➢ lies on Primate s place in Bratislava.➢ It was built in classicist style in year 1781.➢ Today it serves as representative residence of Mayor of Bratislava
  26. 26. Mirbach Palace➢ is rococo architectural gem with exhibition of baroque paintings and sculptures from the mid -19th century
  27. 27. Academia Istropolitana➢ is the first university in Slovakia➢ It was created by Matej Korvín in year 1465➢ It began its activity with four faculties: teological, juridical, me dicinal and artistic (philosophical).
  28. 28. NIGHT LIFE
  29. 29. Dopler The biggest club in the city! Multicenter of culture and higher society party with a very professional technical secure. Fun and relax!
  31. 31. Bowling, Fitness, BiliardSwimmingIce rings
  32. 32. Sport and relax centre ZLATÉ PIESKY: natural lake beach volleyball,football, tennis,camping this is the best place for free time in the summer
  33. 33. Shopping in Bratislava
  34. 34. Aupark Shop units-every day from 10:00-21:00 There are shops with clothes,books,toys,gifts, shoes,electrical or sport goods...• POLUS CITY CENTER• Shop units-every day from 9:00-21:00
  35. 35. AVION SHOPPING PARK Shop unit-every day from 10:00-21:00 Shopping Palace Shops every day: 10:00-21:00
  36. 36. Thank you ...