Effective presentation skills
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Effective presentation skills



An informative presentation for all students

An informative presentation for all students



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Effective presentation skills Effective presentation skills Presentation Transcript

  • Contents 1 Introduction 2 Motivation example 3 General guidelines for presentation 4 Conclusion
  • Introduction“Presentation is an act of givinginformation to the audience usingillustrative aids”such as :  Slides  Graphs  Images etc
  • “Bringout thepresenter in you”
  • “Steve Job’s story ” Year 1974Steve Jobs and his friend, Steve Wozniak would attend meetings of the Homebrew club, a computer hobbyist club in Silicon Valley. Together they started sharing their ideas and Apple was soon
  • Year 1984Jobs gave a magnificent presentation when helaunched the first Mackintosh. But his style wasstiff compared to the Steve Jobs of today – hestood behind a lectern and read from a script.
  • Year 1997Jobs returned to Appleafter an 11-yearabsence. He was morepolished and morenatural than in previousyears. He began tocreate more visuallyengaging slides.
  • For two full days before a presentation, Jobs will practice the entire presentation, asking for feedback from product managers in the room. For 48 hours, all of his energy is directed at making the presentation the perfect embodiment of Apple‟s
  • Year 2007Jobs took the stage at Macworld to introduce the iPhone. It was without question his greatest presentation to date – from start to finish. He hit a home run. But he was a vastly more comfortable presenter than he was twenty years earlier. The more he presents, the better he gets.
  • General guidelines forpresentations Prepare materials POPT A Prepare yourself
  • “Simplicity is the ultimatesophistication” -------- Steve Jobs
  •  Include 50% white space Include written conclusion for graphs. Percentage of People Needing Presentation Skills 100 Use light background 80 Percentage 60 40 20 0 Yes No Yes No Academia Industry Conclusion - It is important to learn presentation skills!
  •  Don‟t use yellow text . Chek yor spelings for mistekes. Don‟t use dark backgrounds which makes harder to see for the audience. Don‟t put everything into the slide.
  •  Body postures -Use appropriate posture -Have eye contact with the audience. -Don‟t just read the slides, then why give presentations. -Watch out for mannerisms like “Ummm….. Ummm”
  •  If the presentation seems to be exceeding then use occasional “spice” or “pace breakers”. --Humor --videos --Pictures --physical objects --Sounds
  •  The voice -Its is the most valuable tool which carries the content to the audience. -It involves : Volume Tone Pace
  •  Vary your voice. Be passionate about your topic. -Have fun , this is your opportunity.
  •  Questions -Welcome themIt‟s a sign of : -Interest in what you are telling. -Failure to communicate an idea. Be bold to say NO if you don‟t know the answer .
  • People not only listen to you but they also watch you SOPlease…..“A smile you sent will always return”
  • Summary Popta Body postures Voice modulation Questions
  • CONCLUSION“ Visualize , plan , create ideas and present your ideas” Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse
  • References Slide share : The presentation secrets of Steve Jobs. Wikipedia Google images Gayatri mam‟s ppt on „Effective presentation skills‟
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