Soil composition


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  • Hello everyone! Welcome to our virtual Science class! Today we will learn more about an important topic that is important for life on Earth. Soil Composition. Let´s remember what soil is anyways. Soil is the top layer of Earth´s surface. It is the stuff you play with when you are outside on the playground or where plants and trees grow at the garden of your house.
  • You may think soil just makes you feel dirty. But the truth is, it is an important element that sustains life on our planet. Plants, trees, bushes and some animals live in soil. Everything humans beings eat, comes from 2 major sources: Plants and Animals. Almost nothing you eat comes from other sources. Can you understand now some more about soil´s important role to sustain life on Earth?
  • Let´s define some important keypoints that help you understand more about soil. 1) It is made of living and nonliving things. 2) Soil forms a thin layer on Earth´s surface. 3) Soil is needed for plants to live and grow 4) Soil is home to many living things.
  • Many things are found in soil! if you are careful and grab it with your hands, you would verify some of the things Iam about to say at a simple look. Remember some of those things you´d find are living things, but others would be nonliving things. Let´s begin: Soil is made of tiny bits of rocks and minerals Remains of some plants and animals. In other words, dead animals and plants. Soil may have a few or a lot of water in it. Air and water get into little spaces in soil called pores. If you dig in soil you´ll find insects, grubs and other life. There are also living things that are so small, you would need a microscope to see them, these living things are called micro-organisms.
  • Let´s see how much you learned about soil composition, and why is it important for us with some questions. Are you ready? Let´s begin with question number 1. What is soil? Soil is the top layer of Earth´s surface. It is the stuff you play with at the playground or at the park. What grows in soil? Different kinds of plants and trees grow in soil. c) What role does soil play in for life sustain on Earth? Soil plays an important role for life sustain on Earth because the two major sources of food for us are plants and animals. Soil helps plants grow in it. d) Name soil composition. In other words: what is soil made of? Soil is made of rocks and minerals, remains of dead plants and animals, air and water, and other living organisms. Well my dear students, you´ve done an excellent job! See you on our next Science class!! Bye!
  • Soil composition

    1. 1. Soil CompositionMr. Jaime D. Peña
    2. 2. What is Soil?
    3. 3. Why is soil important for us?
    4. 4. What is soil made of?
    5. 5. What is soil made of?
    6. 6. Questions