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  • Good morning. Welcome to a new science class. Today you will learn something fun and interesting.
  • As you know, biomes are big ecosystems. Grasslands, desserts and forests are some biomes you might be familiar with.
  • Today we will talk about…..grasslands. What are grasslands? Just by focusing on the name you can easily figure it out. GRASS + LAND….So you probably figured it out! Grasslands are lands covered with grass of course. There are not that many trees in grasslands because it doesn´t rain that much, but you can easily find wildflowers and weeds.
  • Grasslands are farmed areas, this means that people plant crops such as wheat or corn or graze livestock such as cows, sheep, etc.
  • With all this information, you already have an idea of the characteristics of grasslands. Look at this chart, are all these characteristics of grasslands?? Let´s see: Are grasslands used for farming? Yes, they are. Are there grazing animals in grasslands? Yes, there are. Are there lots of trees in grasslands? No, there aren´t. There are only a few trees. Are grasslands used for agriculture? Of course. Why are grasslands used for agriculture? Because the soils is fertile. We can say that ALL these are grasslands characteristics.
  • Ecuadorian grasslands are found in the highlands and in the coast. We can find natural Grasslands near Guayaquil. They are called natural because they are naturally flooded areas by Guayas River. These Grasslands are very important for aquatic and migratory birds that come from the north. They have almost disappeared because of the increasing agriculture and cattle raising in these areas If you go to the highlands, you will see grasslands all over. There are more grasslands in the highlands than in the coast.
  • These are some images in which you can see the richness of our grasslands in Ecuador: cereal, corn, vegetables, and fruits are only some of the crops our people grow.
  • Animals like cows, sheep, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, and llamas are also found in Ecuadorian grasslands.
  • Now let´s see if you can answer some of these questions. 1.-What are grasslands? Grasslands are biomes that are covered by grass. 2.-Which of these are grasslands characteristics? Fertile soil----great amount of trees ------grazing animals. Fertile soil and grazing animals are two characteristics of grasslands. We know that grasslands are good for agriculture and for lifestalk. 3.-What would happen if we wouldn´t preserve grasslands? Then we would run out of agricultural products and most of the food we need. I am sure after this short class, you are very clear of what grasslands are and the benefits of taking care of grasslands. See you soon in another Science video. Bye!
  • Grasslands

    1. 1. GrasslandsForests Desserts
    2. 2. wheat Corn graze livestock
    3. 3. Used for farming Grazing animals Not many treesUsed for agriculture Fertile soil
    4. 4. 1) What are grasslands? It is a land covered by grass with few trees, useful for farmers to grow plants and animals.2) Which of these are grasslands characteristics? Fertile soil Great amount of trees grazing animals3) What would happen if we don´t preserve grasslands?