The Lure of Deception


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The Lure of Deception! Have you ever felt as if you are being lured away....that is Satan's snare... Just as a fisherman uses bait and a hook to snare it's fish, so does Satan as he snatches us up. Please read and be blessed.

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The Lure of Deception

  1. 1. The Lure of Deception! Empowered Bible Study Ministries Life Choice MomentsJoin us on:FacebookTwitterGodTubeYouTubeSlideshare
  2. 2. Welcome to Empowered Bible Study Ministries – Life Choice Moments The Lure of Deception!James 1: 14 "But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desiresand enticed." NKJVDrawn away carries with it the idea of the baiting of a trap; and enticed, in theoriginal Greek, means to bait a hook. The best illustration for this, when you thinkof bait and hook, is the analogy of a Fisherman luring the fish using a hook withbait. The idea is to hide the trap in the hook.Temptation always carries with it some bait that appeals to our natural desires.Remember, Satan is the master deceiver. The bait not only attracts us, but it alsohides the fact that yielding to the desire will eventually bring sorrow andpunishment. It is the bait that is the exciting thing, but it keeps us from seeing theconsequences of sin.If you are spending all your time in the hobby that you enjoy more than living yourlife to glorify God, then this is where Satans deception comes into play. You canhave a hobby, but use it for Gods glory not for your own personal gain.If you find that your hobby is pulling you away from God then that is Satan luringyou away so that you do not grow in your Christian walk. When you know the Bible,you can detect the bait and deal with it decisively. This is what it means to walk byfaith and not by sight. You need to be in the word of God every day communicatingwith God every day to help you combat Satan and his lures.If at the end of the day you cannot see one thing that counts for the glory of God,then that day is wasted and will burn at the judgment seat of Christ.Blessings to you my Friends! Live every day for the Lord!