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Logo design hints and tips for developing that perfect logo for your business or brand!

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Logo design tips

  1. 1. Logo Design Tips For That Perfect Logo
  2. 2. Table Of Contents Introduction Page 3 Coming Up With An Idea Page 5 What To Look For In A Logo Design Company Page 11
  3. 3. Introduction If you are reading this report, I am going to assume that you are a company interested in thinking of and then creating a custom logo. The big companies make it look so easy. Take a look at some of the top logos of all time. Apple Coca Cola Nike
  4. 4. Fed Ex Recycling Logo These logos are instantly recognizable…along with hundreds of others. Much time, thought and effort went into coming up with these logos. But how did these companies do it? Well, in this report, I’m going to share with you the simple secrets that allow companies to come up with logos that will probably be recognized for generations to come. Just look at Coca Cola. After you are done reading this report, you should have no trouble coming up with a great logo design for YOUR company. So let’s get right down to it.
  5. 5. Coming Up With An Idea Okay, so just how DO you come up with an idea for a logo? Well, there are essentially two types of logos you can have. 1. Text Based 2. Graphic Based Text Based Text based logos are logos that incorporate text into the graphic. There are really very few logos that are purely text based as these would be rather bland. Graphic Based A true graphic based logo is one that is pure graphic with no text whatsoever. Aside from the Apple, Nike and Recycling logos posted above, here are a few more examples of pure graphic logos. Yin Yang Firefox
  6. 6. Olympics Yellow Pages Again, all these logos are instantly recognized by just about anybody. The question is, which kind of logo do YOU want to design? There are pros and cons for each. Text Based Pros Name of company is instantly known. Easier to come up with a design. Cons Not as visual as a graphic design and maybe not as memorable unless truly unique Graphic Based Pros A good graphic will stand out above any other type of design.
  7. 7. Cons Much harder to come up with a pure graphic that will capture the imaginations of the buying public. This is why many companies come out with a combined text/graphic logo as it combines the best of both worlds. After deciding on whether to use a text based, graphic or combined logo, the next step is to decide exactly what the logo will look like. This is why they pay the guys who come up with these ideas the big bucks. Let’s take the recycling logo. Notice the arrows going around in sort of a circle. This brilliantly diagrams exactly what the recycling process is about. To design a logo like that, what you might want to do is look at the product or service that your company provides and see how you can represent that in graphic form. For example, let’s say your company sold pianos. You might want to either come up with a piano design or maybe even a design of a bust of some famous composer, like Mozart. Getting back to Mozart, let’s say your company name was one of a famous person, even if that person wasn’t in the field that you’re in. You might use the likeness of that person to represent your company. The downside to using a famous person’s likeness for your business if they’re not in the same field, is that people might associate YOUR company with THAT field…even though there
  8. 8. is no connection. Ideally, you want to use a likeness of somebody who is directly related to what you do. Whatever you do, do NOT use some stock clipart image. These images are not unique and the chances of you coming up with something that nobody else has used are slim to none. You want YOUR logo to be unique. I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, you’ve essentially wasted your time, money or both. Sometimes Simple Is Better A great logo doesn’t have to be complicated. Again, look at the Nike logo. It really doesn’t get simpler than that. And yet, it is one of the most recognized logos in the world. Logo Doesn’t Have To Convey What Your Company Does Take a look at McDonalds’ logo. The golden arches have nothing to do with selling hamburgers, and yet it’s one of the most recognized logos in the world. Come up with something different and people will associate it with your company. Be Aware Of Size Size is important. Your logo must be able to be rendered in both large and small sizes. A complex logo, when rendered in a small size, can become muddy and indistinguishable. You won’t have this problem with the Nike type logo.
  9. 9. Aspect Ratio Is Important Take a look at the top logos. You will notice that they are very well proportioned, where height and width is very close. You won’t see very tall logos or very wide ones. Most will be very close to a box shape. Using Text And Graphic If you are going to use a text and graphic, it is best to have them separate so that you can use either one independent of the other in certain situations. Overlapping text and graphic can lead to problems. Know Your Audience You want to look at who your target market is. Is it kids, adults, men, women, who? You want your logo to appeal to that market segment. For example, if you’re targeting women, most likely logos that have weapons or other male related items probably won’t go over well with the ladies. Know Your Company Essence What kind of company are you? Are you a serious one, dealing with environment issues, or are you one that deals with children’s toys? You want your logo to portray the seriousness or the whimsicalness of your company. Logo Must Have Instant Impact Most likely, your logo isn’t going to be seen by people for more than a few seconds. So it has to make an instant impression on them. Usually, simple logos that are really unique will accomplish this.
  10. 10. But here is probably the most important tip of all. Don’t Ever Change Your Logo Once you come up with your logo, that’s it. You MUST keep it and do everything you can to get it ingrained in the minds of your target market. Do you know why the Nike logo is so successful? It’s not because it’s the greatest design in the world. It’s because it’s been seen more than just about any other sports logo. In other words…get your logo out there as much and as often as you can. There are other things to consider when designing a logo, such as color, but honestly, color is secondary to the actual design of the logo itself. Be aware, however, that when choosing colors, you choose ones that are web compatible. The reason is because your logo isn’t only going to be seen on the streets but will also be seen online as well. Okay, so what’s next? Well, once you have an idea, if you’re not going to design and create the logo yourself, you’re going to need to find a reliable company to do it for you. Question is…what do you look for in a logo design company? The next section goes into that.
  11. 11. What To Look For In A Logo Design Company Okay, so you’ve decided that you’re not going to design and create your own logo. You have some ideas, but you want a professional to do it for you. What do you look for in a logo design company? Here are a few things. • Expert Designers • Company That Understand Business • Company That Works Quickly • Service That Is Reasonably Priced • Company With A Track Record In my searching, I have found what I believe is the best company for the job. LOGO MONSTERS I think you will find them to be an excellent choice for designing just the RIGHT logo for YOUR business. Your logo is going to represent your company for the life of that company. So you don’t want to trust this process to just anybody. Logo Monsters have been doing this a long time and their work is top notch. I have no doubt that you will be completely satisfied with them. To YOUR Success, Melinda Tucker