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  1. 1. Loyalty World 2010CRM at Disney EMEA
  2. 2. Agenda• CRM in Disney• Data acquisition in a non-direct business• Disney acquisition case studies
  3. 3. The Walt Disney Company EMEA - A Quick Overview• Disney is a Dow 30 company, with annual revenues of over $36 billion in its most recent fiscal year, and a market capitalization of more than $62 billion as of May 2010• The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) Europe, Middle East & Africa employs more than 5,500 employees in 24 counties• Presence in the region for more than 75 years• Disneyland Paris is Europe’s #1 tourist destination and employs 14,500 people
  4. 4. One billion hours of Disney entertainment every year in the UK 566 million hours watching 24 million hours having fun at the Disney Channel and Disney Disney theme parks Programmes on TV 360 million hours watching 4 million hours spent in Disney Disney videos & DVDs Stores 41 million hours watching 3 million hours watching Disney movies in theatre Disney live shows 28 million hours reading 3 million hours logged Disney books and on to Disney.co.uk magazines 28 million hours playing Disneys video games Source : Disney Internal Audit
  5. 5. CRM in Disney• Establish a direct, cost effective communication channel with our customers• Understand our guests better to facilitate more relevant communications• Maximize awareness of our product ranges• Generate incremental sales
  6. 6. Aiming High• 7% of G5 households account for 65% of Disney G5 spend• CRM enable us establish a cost effective channel to frequently reach your very best customers and establish a long term dialogue
  7. 7. The importance of CRM in our Media mix Pro-active TV Magazine Twitter CRM Email Advertising Advertising Online Ads Press activity FacebookUntargeted Disney Targeted Website Persistence You Tube High Medium Low Search Reactive
  8. 8. Disney CRM Challenges• Mass marketing culture• Limited direct sales• Highly differentiated business segments, products & services• Previously Disney businesses acted independently• Acute attention to the sensitivities of the kids market
  9. 9. Data collection challenging due limited direct sales to customers Licensees Music Cinemas Publishing Theatres Merchandise Distributors Retailers TheatricalHome Entertainment Online RetailersLive Entertainment Travel Agents Parks & Resorts Terrestrial FTA TV Operators Telcos & Disney Channel Pay platforms Mobile Operators DATG ISPs Disney store Disney Websites DDI & DLRP – direct & WDTC
  10. 10. Getting our customers on the database• Put the right incentives in place for our best customers• Use customer touch-points to promote the programme• Get the right balance between customer data collection and ease of registration• Ensure transactions are track-able to ensure ROI can be evaluated• Get permission statements and privacy policies right!
  11. 11. Putting the jigsaw together Survey Responses Coupon redemptionRegistration details Email behaviour Web behaviour Purchases Data Enhancement Product Registration
  12. 12. Case Studies• Customer Acquisition - Wall.e Campaign• Loyalty Programme: Disney Movie Rewards
  13. 13. UK Data Acquisition Case Study:Disney Store WALL.E Promotion
  14. 14. UK Data Acquisition Case Study: Disney Store WALL.E Promotion• Instant win mechanic – Customer collects scratch card in store, registers code online to claim guaranteed prize• Minimum “Prize” of £2 coupon for all entrants, redeemable only in Disney Store• All prizes delivered by email to ensure correct email details are collected• Prize coupons unique to each customer to enable identification of all redeemers• All coupon prints & redemptions trackable by customer
  15. 15. UK Data Acquisition Case Study: Disney Store WALL.E Promotion– Cost Neutral: Cost of whole programme less than the profit from incremental TDS sales driven by redemption of coupons– 8% Scratch cards registered– Campaign drove a 275% increase in registrations plus generated incremental store visits– 70k adult registrations in six weeks 1
  16. 16. Disney Movie Rewards Overview How the programme works Purchase Registration Collecting Points Rewards Member redeems points for a desired reward.Customers purchase Customer registers, Member continues toDisney products i.e. creates account, buy DVD/BDs orDVD/Blu-rays with enters unique code participates in otherunique code in pack. and gets points. activities to get more points. Newsletters/ Emails
  17. 17. Promotion of the programme Online Print TV DMR Promotion Packaging POPRecall on-pack Catalogue
  18. 18. Disney Movie Rewards EMEA is only in it’s first year but has already achieved significant milestones• 219k members in first year• A new code entered every minute• 40% average open rates on programme emails• Up to 10% code entry• Great customer feedback through research
  19. 19. Thank You