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This is about China 21 centry logistics times profile and media kit.

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Logistics Meida Kit

  1. 1. China 21 Century Logistics Times A Integrity and Authoritative Media Brand Focus on Logistics , Freight and Shipping Field China 21 Century Logistics Times is the only magazine approved by the China government, semimonthly published, which head office is located outside Beijing and hosted by Fujian Logistics Association and co-hosted by Fujian International Freight Forwarders Association. China 21 Century Logistics Times faces to logistics, freight, shipping and logistics equipment industry, applying to push the industry’s development, build up a harmonious and sustainable environment and provide value-added service for modern logistics industry and its professionals. China 21 Century Logistics Times is a famous magazine focus on logistics, freight and shipping field. With over 18 years professional experience in port logistics, freight forwarding, shipping agency and international trade, the president and chief editor of the magazine, Mr. Richard Tsai is also a famous person in China logistics and sea freight. From Aug 2004, he acted as the leader of Xiamen Container Transport Association, Xiamen International Freight Forwarders Association and Xiamen Foreign Trade and Economic Enterprises Association, stood up fighting with the unreasonable and illegal charges from Maersk Line. After nine month effort, Maersk Line finally gave up the so called Container Seal Charges, RMB45 each seal. In Jan 2005, Mr. Richard Tsai won the 10 Top Person in China Sea freight, and some of the others were the CEO of COSCO and China Shipping,etc. Persist in the principle of High Mainstream, Close to Reality, China 21 Century Logistics Times issues publicly within home and abroad. At present( May 2009), China 21 Century Logistics Times have readers over 60,000 for paper magazine and 80,000 for E-magazine in China, from the field of logistics, freight, and shipping, port industry, manufacturing and trade, etc. The main advertisers and partners of China 21 Century Logistics Times include Sinotrans Group, CEVA Logistics, COSCO Logistics, China Shipping, Sterling Commerce Asia Pacific, CWT Globe Link Group Singapore, C&D Logistics Group China, Shanghai Port Logistics Group, Fujian All-trans Logistics, Penavico, Fuzhou Port, CRE, SEALL, PIL,XPCL, etc. China 21 Century Logistics Times is under management of Zhongying Media Co Ltd, together with her E-magazine and two website (www.21logistics.com and www.21logistics.cn). Zhongying
  2. 2. Media can hold press conference for logistics and shipping enterprises M & A, large-scale investment program, new products and new technology of logistics equipment. It could also conduct exhibition, advertisement design, surrogate, execution and issuance, brand scheme and spread, and so on. Zhongying Media and China 21 Century Logistics Times promise to provide latest, authoritative, in-depth logistics and shipping news, forming influence and force in above mentioned fields. Information creates value. We hope to endeavor with all the colleagues in logistics, freight and shipping industry, striding forward and achieving success together. A.The Magazine has specific guideline and clear customer positioning. Our Purpose: Transferring Industrial Information, Disseminating Logistics Knowledge; Displaying Corporate Image, Reflecting the Voice of Industry; Serving Governmental Enterprises, Promoting Logistics Development. Our Slogan: Information Creates Value. Our Principles: High-end, Mainstream and Close to Fact Our Goals: Based on west side of the Straits, facing at national ports, taking into account Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, looking at the world, dedicating in becoming the most professional and authoritative media in logistics and shipping/aviation trading fields. Constructing Platform: for logistics industry and government decision making departments; for suppliers and service providers; for international trade consignors and logistics industry; for experts research and logistics industry production. B. The Magazine owns strong personal connections and resources of logistics industry. (a) Inviting almost a hundred of industry association presidents (or secretary generals, from logistics, freight forwarding, transportation industries), related scholars, experts, and veterans to work with the magazine as consultants or members of the experts committee;
  3. 3. (b) Major partner and editors all have more than eight years experience in logistics or related industries (c) Our President (Chief Editor)has near 20 years working experience in logistics industry, which involves shipping agent, international freight forwarding, multimodal transport, warehousing and transportation, equipment sales and supply, insurance and maritime business consulting. (d) There is an especially set professional resource manager, who unifies customer database, and exploit, classify, connect, cooperate with clients. C. Scientific Column Design, Rich Content, Highly Readable ◇ Monthly Publication is of Shipping ,Trading &Logistics Industry Edition (a) For Shipping & Trading Edition: focus on shipping, ports, shipping companies, foreign trade and related auxiliary industries. (b) For Logistics Industry Edition: emphasis on modern logistics, bonded warehousing, international freight, transport and related auxiliary industries. ◇ Macro and Micro Combination, theory and practice Integration (a) Not only revealing national policies and logistics macro-control, but also reflecting regional and specific logistics development; (b) Not only bringing in the newest logistics theory and views, but also including logistics experts voice and ideas. ◇ Emphasizing on Practicality and Value; Focusing on Cooperation With Logistics Corporations and Associations (a) To ensure that each article is valuable as corporate reference; (b) Extensively keeping contact and close cooperation with logistics companies, providing exclusive interviews and reports according to regional economic and industrial development; (c) Not only highlight industrial hot issues & focus, but cater for the general industrial demands; (d) Actively reflecting the work of industrial associations, improving their development.
  4. 4. ◇ Combing Exclusive Reports, Features and Special Reports (a) Presenting news focus every week, encouraging exclusive reports and views; (b) Emphasizing on feature and special reports, giving series reports on industrial hot issues; (c) Composing highly readable articles without any meaningless words, cliches or occasional; (d) Aperiodically launch special, inside magazines and columns according to different needs. D. Reports of Three-dimensional System The Magazine Website ( www.21logistics.com & www.21logistics.cn ) ,Weekly Telecommunications and the Magazine come into being a three-dimensional platform, which provide readers the newest, the most authoritative and in-depth reports on logistics, shipping and aviation, at the same time, forge great influential power in modern logistics and shipping fields. E. Main Audience of the Magazine: ◇ Ports, logistics, transportation, warehousing, seafreight & airfreight and shipping companies; ◇ International traders, export-oriented manufacturing enterprises, processing enterprises and bonded companies; ◇ Logistics, freight providers (such as port equipment, commercial vehicles, forklifts, tires and other manufacturers and distributors); ◇ Senior government officials and authority departments of ports, logistics, transportation and trade routes, universities and research institutions; ◇ Logistics & related trade associations, social groups and the like. F. Promoting Ways And Distribution Channels □ Subscribed Magazine by Logistics Workgroup of the Central Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association; □ Appointed Publishing Media of Logistics Industry Associations Joint Meeting in Key Cities; □ Appointed Publishing Media of National Road Container Transport Industry Associations Joint Meeting; □ Recommended Magazine by China Shippers’ Association; □ Subscribed Magazine by Logistics and Ports Association Members in Main Cities of China ;
  5. 5. □ Subscribed Magazine by Logistics, Transportation, Ports, Foreign Trade Senior Authority Departments of Many Provincial or City Government; □ Subscribed Magazine by Provincial Groups and Related Logistics Association Members of China Democratic National Construction Association; □ Subscribed Magazine by Fujian Chambers of Commerce in mainland China; □ Subscribed Magazine by Tertiary Institutions and by the Institutes of Logistics; □ Subscribed Magazine by Logistics, Ports, Transportation, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing and Foreign Trade Companies; □ Advertising Media of Logistics Equipment Producers and Logistics Industry Service Providers; □ Presentation Copy to Taiwan Business Associations in different Cities of China; □ Recommended Magazine by the Global Logistics Council of Taiwan; □ Appointed Magazine by Many Logistics Industry Associations or Chambers of Commerce in Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao; □ Subscribed Magazine by Southeast Asian Chinese Associations; □ Perennial Subscribed Magazine by All Members of Fujian Logistics Association; □ Recommended Magazine by Canton Logistics Industry Association; □ Recommended Magazine by Fujian International Freight Forwarding Association; □ Presentation Copy to Members of Xiamen Foreign Economic And Trade Enterprises Association; □ Presentation Copy to Members of Fujian Light Article Industry Import & Export Association; □ Magazine Provided to VIP Clients of China Mobile ; □ Direct delivery to Luxury Hotel and Leisure Venues in main cities of China; □ Display Magazine of Shenzhen Small Red Hat Distribution Channel; □ Magazine Provided to Readers’Café (chain café around China); □ More Premium Channels Under Construction. G. Series of activities by the Magazine ◇ Western Coast Logistics Forum: once per year; ◇ Business Artistry Lecture Hall: twice per year at least;
  6. 6. ◇ Moon Cake Gambling Festival : once per year; ◇ Salon For Readers: once per month; ◇ Expert Talks: aperiodically,including,Law Seminars,Professional Seminars,Hot Topic Seminars ; ◇ Other Participating Activities: activities that related to ports and logistics and launched by local government. ◇ Undertaking Activities:press conference, new products exhibition and the like. China 21 Century Logistics Times Media Kit: Reader Ship Number of readers per copy % 1 -----------------------30 2-3 -----------------------36 4-5 -----------------------19 6+ ------------------------15 Mean Pass-on rate 3.55 readers per copy Readership: 60,000 readers per issue
  7. 7. Advertising Rates For 2009 Full Page 1/2 Page 1/3 Page 1/4 Page Business Card 1 * $1,500 net $1,000 net $800 net $600 net $120 net 6 * $1,200 net $850 net $600 net $500 net $100 net 12 * $1,000 net $750 net $500 net $400 net $80 net Special Positions Front Cover $6,000 net Second Front Cover $3,000 net Third Front Cover $2,500 net Back Cover $4,500 net Special Rates Front Cover +1/2 Page Company Introduction + 3 Page of Interview $7,500 net Back Cover + 2 Page of Interview + Business Name Card/year $5,000 net Page Footer on Front Cover/net + Business Card/year $1,500 net For more combination rates as requested or designed by you, please our overseas sales team Mr Brooke. Previous Events in June, 2009 2009’China Cross-straits Logistics Cooperation Forum June 18th—June 20th 2009 Xiamen 2009’ China Cross-straits Logistics & Supply Chain Expo June 20th ----June 22nd 2009 Xiamen For more about our events, pls visit: http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1392176630 Advertising Sizes in MM Advertising material should be supplied to these exact sizes Front Cover Page 205 * 180 Cover Page 205 * 265 Full Page 205 * 265 1/2 Page 205 *140 1/3 Page 205 * 95 1/4 Page 205 * 70 Business Card 50 * 40
  8. 8. Contact us: Brooke Deng Overseas & South China Marketing Team Manager Editor & Journalist of China 21 Century Logistics Times China Freight Consultant & Trainer http://blog.sina.com.cn/brookedeng Direct Line:86 (755)25640949 Mobile 86 13590412463 Email:logisticsmedia@gmail.com MSN: brooke.deng@hotmail.com, Skype: highway.scm Mr. Richard Tsai, MD and Senior Economist President of Zhongying Media Co Ltd Xiamen China Chief Editor of China 21 Century Logistics Times President of Prime International (Xiamen) Co Ltd Vice Chairman of Fujian Logistics Association Vice Chairman of Fujian International Freight Forwarders Association Vice Chairman of Fuzhou Logistics Association Vice Chairman of Xiamen Container Transport Association Website: www.21logistics.com www.highwayfreightconsulting.com Direct Line:86(592)6023286 Mobile 86 13806034369 Email:richard_tsai@21logistics.cn