Does the cloud have a role in fixing the economy?


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Eurocloud 2012

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  • Use this for the Trust point – there’s a lot of data (about you) in the cloud
  • Does the cloud have a role in fixing the economy?

    1. 1. Does the cloud have a role in fixingthe economy?The railway of the 21st century, or another falsedawn?© CGI GROUP INC. All rights reserved _experience the commitment TM
    2. 2. The internet already is a key part of oureconomy• The internet accounts for 21% GDP growth in mature countries over the last 5 years• Traditional industries, not IT companies, generate 75% of this impact• The internet creates 2.6 new jobs for every job lost• SMEs that use web technology extensively grow and export twice as fast as others• The cloud is the internet’s unfinished business… 2 Confidential
    3. 3. Sounds familiar…? Product Infrastructure Manufacturer supplier Operators • Deliver to markets I couldn’t reach • Affordable: just pay for what I use • Create new value chains Materials • Connected by a common Consumer Supplier technology • Vibrant international marketplace Service Citizen Supplier Governments 3 Confidential
    4. 4. It happened some time ago……and drove growth then… Product Infrastructure Product supplier Operators Manufacturer supplier Manufacturer Materials Materials Supplier Consumer Supplier Consumer Service Service Citizen Supplier Governments Citizen Supplier • Railways let farmers sell their produce to distant places • When it’s easier to do something with someone else than do it yourself, people trade, driving economic growth 4 Confidential
    5. 5. …and it’s happening again Product Infrastructure Product supplier Operators Manufacturer supplier Manufacturer Materials Materials Supplier Consumer Supplier Consumer Service Service Citizen Supplier Governments Citizen Supplier• Amazon Marketplace gives customers better service through wide choice which drives increased activity• It created a platform for growth for all the marketplace 5 Confidential
    6. 6. A cloud story: the big picture lower cost business & for business faster Shared software society growth Shared Shared information computers Cost reduction is Agility is the Far sighted clients taken for granted deciding factor see growth by right now sharing and analysing information CGI Confidential 6
    7. 7. Oil and Gas – preventive maintenance Less or zero downtime due to scheduled maintenance rather than unexpected breakdowns Vibration monitoring pattern detection Specialist maintenance companies
    8. 8. License2Share - improving Oil & Gasindustry JV operating models• Cloud based service that helps joint venture partners ensure they are remaining compliant and maintaining their licenses• CGI + EPIM + Opentext• 32 member firms• 2 million documents• 600 joint ventures• 7500 users• Best practice in information sharing; tested on the Norwegian Continental Shelf 8 Confidential
    9. 9. Streamlining insurance through a communitycloud Fennia Broker retail Broker insurance company Broker• Simplify and shorten the time for case management• Increased customer satisfaction• Increased market differentiation• Improved productivity and cost savings• Rapid deployment and foreseeable cost structure• Agile for market changes 9 Confidential
    10. 10. Engaging society to improve public services I Can Help We’re all paramedics
    11. 11. People download and install ‘I can Help’ ontheir mobile device 11 Confidential
    13. 13. 112 receives call and selects location ofemergency 13 Confidential
    14. 14. ‘I can Help’ in actionIAF selects a radius of 300m IAF shows all App users in range:around the emergency. Trained professional Student of Medicine Other volunteer 14 Confidential
    15. 15. ‘I can Help’ in action • 112 selects which user groups he wants to inform there hase been an emergency. • 112 creates a message with nature and location of emergency. • 112 pushes the message to the selected usergroups. 15 Confidential
    16. 16. The selected volunteers receive themessage... Your help is needed Elderly woman collapsed. Possible heart attack. Location: Corner Dam - Damstraat Navigate to location GovGuard: A future ICT service, based on cloud strategy
    17. 17. ...and directions, emergency and reanimationkits are shown on map Emergency: 260 mtr Reanimation Kit GovGuard: A future ICT service, based on cloud strategy
    18. 18. Of course it takes more than technology...There is a lot that needs to be in place to enable aconnecting technology to lead to economic growth• Common regulation across the whole market• Simple trade tariffs or barriers• Authentication and protection of products• Interoperability between all operators• Protection against a society dividing into digital natives and digitally deprived• Trust – between businesses, customers, citizens, government 18 Confidential
    19. 19. Big data - 98% effective? Your credit card company knows two years beforehand that you’re going to get divorced 19
    20. 20. ... So in the future cloud can give the economya boost to...• Accelerate how companies create new products, services and business models• Wider information sharing and more effective collaboration increases trading, consumer sales, citizen engagement• Serve customers better and spot emerging market and social trends earlier through data analytics• Lower IT costs, releasing capital for products & services• A level IT playing field for even the smallest companies• Reduce the environmental cost of computing• Increase growth for consumers in every day life (facebook, twitter, icloud), Making buying, selling easier• Real opportunity to make business workforce more agile 20 Confidential
    21. 21. Q&A Thank you 22 Confidential